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March Astrology - Entering the Eclipse Portal

We begin this month with Saturn still in the underworld. He continues his invisibility under the rays of the Sun until at least later this month. We are feeling the effects of his meeting exact with both the Sun and Mercury on February 28 to create a change going forward. This was a day of spiritual tests and work concerning limits, fears, true purpose, true spiritual understanding and the way our thinking influences us. It's best to make changes this month based on these realizations so that when Saturn begins to appear again we have this new knowledge as our compass to navigating in the material world. Saturn is very powerful and will reward us or cause strife based on our consistent morals, values, integrity and discipline. His effects can be permanent. Jupiter is giving opportunity to raise yourself and your life to a higher standard as he's making a sextile, so our faith, gratitude and belief in good fortune will buoy us forward if we decide to use this opportunity.

Mercury becomes visible conjunct Neptune March 7 here in my Texas sky, but later if you're in latitudes further from the equator. You may not see him till March 11 or so at the first lunar crescent depending on your location. In the beginning degrees of Pisces he appears with the fixed star Scheat in the Pegasus constellation, bringing quick advancements, motion and development for transportation, trade, negotiations and communication. Intelligence and bravery are the combined influences, but beware of increased psychological problems amongst those who are intellectuals during this cycle. Whatever shows up during this cycle can be addressed with spiritual work and creativity.

Ocean/water crisis probability is increased due to this combination and with the ongoing eclipses here in this part of the sky. Mercury is benefic here for increasing creativity and the ability and intentions to help those who are suffering. Charity, kindness, compassion and universal love increases. These are attributes to use to balance any psychological problems that may show themselves.

March 8 the moon becomes invisible in the stars of Aquarius conjunct Venus and Saturn. During this invisible moon period is a good time to clear out and wrap up anything that came to culmination at the full moon 2 weeks prior so that you can prepare for a new lunar cycle that begins when we see the first lunar crescent the evening of March 11. This can portend to anything related to spirituality, concerning friendships and community, and anything that hinders your freedom. It's time to clear it out during the dark moon.

March 10 the Moon conjunct Sun marks the end of the13th lunar cycle of the Babylonian solar-lunar year that began in Spring of 2023 when the first lunar crescent appeared after the Sun met the vernal equinox. The Moon meets the Sun to plan this final cycle to wrap up the year, but it's best to wait until March 11 when we see the first lunar crescent appear to begin anything new. This cycle beginning with Mercury in Pisces is good for studies, media work, writing and negotiations when mindful diplomacy is involved.

There are typically 12 lunar cycles in a year, but we're wrapping up an odd year of 13 lunar cycles. It is not a good omen to have 13 lunar cycles in a year. The sacred geometry that can be divisible by more variables creates options and harmony. We are wrapping up with the last lunar cycle of a mathematically inharmonious year.

The Sun/Moon conjunction at 26 Aquarius conjunct Venus and Saturn, sextile Uranus and Jupiter, is a decision point for planning what's to begin when we see the first lunar crescent March 11 with Mercury in Pisces. This can influence a more barren 30 days, even though we still have the height of the solar flares increasing fertility this year to help keep balance. This cycle is a time to shed the old and do our spring cleaning in any area of life that needs it. It's not good timing for beginning anything that requires good fertility. Gratitude, faith and trust in the natural cycles will bless us immensely for the opportunity for change and advancement.

This new lunar cycle is fit for intellectual progress and development, but we can experience more diplomatic problems with tension between oppositions and polarities. Practice good diplomatic skills and use the intellect to create harmony. People pleasing to create harmony will always backfire due to inauthenticity, but cultivating good diplomatic/relationship skills by being a good listener, seeking to understand the other party, and then sticking to your values and energetic boundaries in a non-blaming way will create growth and rewards, especially as Venus is weakening for her invisibility.

In some places Venus is already disappearing now to be invisible until June. In Texas I expect to continue to see Venus bright through most of April, and nearer to the equator has even more visibility of the planets, but for many in latitudes nearer to the poles she will already transform into Ishara of the underworld. When you no longer see Venus in your morning sky it is time for karmic conclusions and rewards in matters of relationships, love, money and business. Whatever you began when Venus appeared last year as a morning star is reaching conclusion when she descends so that you're either reaping rewards or you're experiencing consequences that can bring changes.

Venus invisible phase is a beautiful time to become adorned with all of the greatest mystical wisdom and knowledge, but it is not a good time to get married, begin a new financial development or begin a new business/creative project or partnership. It is perfect timing for deep spiritual transformation, as Venus is blessing and offering protection in the unseen worlds. Diplomacy, harmony, joy and peace in the material world don't come so easily during her invisibility. Venus phases will need an entire focused write-up to dive deeper on this topic, so stay tuned for this.

Invisible planets grant inner wisdom and spiritual qualities, but do not give material results unless it's harvested from past influences.

Jupiter is powerful in fire and influencing a benevolent inspiration and impulse to everything else happening on the sky, bringing grace and protection. He enters the royal degree,19 Aries, the degree of the exaltation of the Sun, only once in12 years. Benevolent leaders will have more to resolve and should be more careful with their health. This indicates better times for those who are rising into royal positions. Those in leadership will have greater spiritual progress and health related issues will come up to be resolved.

March 12 Mars enters the degree of exaltation at 27 Capricorn, protected by his invisibility when he's exalted. Businessmen, military and those ruled by Mars will have better results from their actions.

March 17 Mars enters Aquarius to meet Saturn to conjunct exact in April. This can heighten conflict in the world, as Aquarius is the constellation representing the human form - the angel of the 4 animals of the Bible. Mars contributing here can influence greater conflicts amongst people, communities, humanity, freedom and friendships. Be more careful and diplomatic concerning friends, friendships and connection with others. Searching and striving for freedom can be more difficult. This can especially affect Ukraine, Brazil and Canada. People will be more aggressively fighting for rights and freedom but Saturn can bring heavy obstacles and challenges. Mars is an enemy to Saturn, but Saturn is neutral to Mars. Saturn will overcome the challenges. Traditional beliefs and understandings will be stronger than aggression with this position.

March 17 the Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. This day increases our sensitivity, intuition, and empathy. Being more affected by the thoughts and feelings of others and the environment can be a positive or negative experience. Care, compassion and kindness are increase and boundaries are dissolved, so be mindful who you surround yourself with. March 15 - 19 are not good timing for negotiations. Spiritual sensitivity is stimulated, but beware of being susceptible to false prophets and delusions.

Setting healthy energetic boundaries will allow you to enjoy a sense of togetherness with loved ones. Environmental, charity, social or community contribution and groups will be of benefit. Spiritual or occult subjects like astrology can be better understood under this high-awareness transit.

At a more mundane level, this is a good time to go to the movies or escape from reality through a fantasy novel. Although this transit does sublimate the ego, you may still improve your self-esteem with mirrors and cameras. We can use our heightened imagination and charity to benefit ourselves, others and the environment.

March 18 Saturn enters the degrees representing the holy waters of life and knowledge for humanity. This can influence danger of pollution for the waters. Be more mindful of the water - drinking water, oceans, rivers. Saturn will be here for 2-3 weeks and can influence through April with tests to bring greater order to overcome ignorance. Saturn in Aquarius will give good results but can give greater tests, tribulations and loss of time for spiritual people.

March 19 Mercury conjuncts the North Node in Pisces causing disruptions particularly for ocean trade. Some will have profits and some will have losses. Be careful if you're ruled by Mercury not to fall victim of desires. This is not a good day for travel and this can bring sudden changes in the financial markets.

March 21-22 Venus meets invisible Saturn as the moon crosses the threshold from water to fire. This marks an ending and a beginning. Many will reap karmic rewards relating to friendship, community and freedom, but in many parts of the world Venus is already disappearing here. Any karmic endings will be attributed to morals and past actions. This is a beautiful time for studying secret knowledge such as astrology and esoteric sciences especially for the benefit of experiencing more freedom for you and your community.

March 25 begins the seasonal eclipse portal with the full lunar eclipse in Virgo, completing with the Solar eclipse April 8. The nodes of the moon moved into the Virgo - Pisces axis in the Fall of 2023 which you can recall here. This eclipse is happening high in the sky over North America bringing direct influence for this line of sight. This is creating endings and humanitarian changes influencing health and science.

The most important event for March is this eclipse at 11 Virgo/Isis, the degree related to people who have important rulership positions in society.

This eclipse is with the star Zaniah, a star of sexual powers on the southern wing of Virgo. Those practicing scandalous or unhealthy sexuality and immoral affairs will face great problems and will need to be more careful with their health. They can feel these effects with the consequences of depletion of their creative life force energy. Those with healthy sexual boundaries and morals can be rewarded with increased health.

The effects of sexual actions for each individual are not only personal, but have great effect on the entire human genome and through entire lineages for many generations, regardless of whether or not children are birthed from the co-creation. Now is a time for changes, purification and reclaiming of life force energy. We need to be mindful to be good responsible Gatekeepers of DNA. Stay tuned for my incoming e-book for reclaiming life force energy for women to influence high creative power.

The eclipses can have a delayed effect for many months after the occurrence and will drastically further change of the social system which can create crisis attributing to this revolutionary year.

March 27 Saturn will become visible at my Texas latitude as a morning star in the holy waters of knowledge being poured onto humanity. This can be beneficial for those ruled by Saturn. New commitments will bring long term effects with this very strong position. Saturn is the Lord of Karma, Father Time, and the Lord of Tears. He is the most powerful in the hierarchy of all the planets. He is the strongest planet in this position now and his effects will be great especially for long term and permanent rewards. He will bring new structures, systems and governance especially over people and communities. He will reward high morals, responsibility, discernment, energetic boundaries and discipline.

Wherever planets are positioned in your personal horoscope and in your location is where they will effect you in your life. Only maybe 10 astrologers on Earth are practicing this pure astrology from the Golden Age of pure knowledge, beauty and abundance that is Babylonian Astrology, the only astrology that harnesses the full power of the true sky and all of Heavenly influence.

This high level of support has been pivotal and even life saving for those who have been in leadership positions for thousands of years. It is high guidance for those on their evolutionary path of growth and development who desire to level up their lineage with their own personal development. You can book your personal consultation here.

As an astrologer, it is my responsibility to have the most potent and pure remedies and solutions for any challenges, and always honor and petition the hierarchy of Heaven and the most powerful influence of the Infinite Source of Love, Creation and Intelligence that can lift us to grace rather than keeping trapped in lower karmic law. Learn more about this responsibility and discernment of pure knowledge in Calling Astrology to Its Rightful Dignity.

And God knows better.

I love hearing from you and how you're experiencing the impulses through your evolution. Please feel free to leave me a comment or message me directly at

Much Love and Truth,



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