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Empowered Wellness Tools

Super Power Your Wellness with Natural Solutions

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The Most Pure Potent Unadulterated Gifts of the Earth
CPTG Essential Oils

Health and Joy are your Birthright.  Where there is an ailment, the remedy is always simple and nearby.


This absolutely still carries true today as it did in ancient times.

I have helped hundreds of families just like you implement an Essential Oils Lifestyle for optimal attunement with ease.

What are Essential Oils?


Aromatic compounds from the plants' roots, stems, flowers, bark, skin and seeds.

Essential Oils are amazing and powerful gifts of the earth. I can honestly say they have changed my life and countless others in so many different wonderful ways.

We use oils for everything.

  • kids health

  • emotions

  • non-toxic cleaning

  • weight loss - metabolic

  • a non - toxic home environment

  • potent non-toxic luxury skin care

  • optimal immune support

  • digestive support

  • respiratory health

  • hormone support

  • detoxification

  • mental focus, and so much more


You will discover how you can use the most potent and pure plant medicine for your very specific wellness goals.  I am here to guide you and your family to optimal attunement, every step of the way.

Book a free consultation with me, message me or choose a kit to begin your natural solutions lifestyle.



Mobile AO Scanner

The Mobile AO Scanner pre-diagnostic tool is the new personal healing technology which is a noninvasive bioresonance device that uses a system of alternative medicine based on radionics to detect and balance energetic abnormalities throughout the body.

This device is perfect for those who feel fatigued, sick or have other symptoms that linger despite their best efforts to find relief. Many people spend thousands of dollars and countless hours searching for answers, but the best medical tests fail to identify the root cause of their symptoms or recommend the right treatments. Radionics may be the answer to this dilemma.

During a scan, signals are transmitted to and from the brain/nervous system via a pair of small transducers placed in the front of each ear. The system scans and evaluates the body’s magnetic field to detect abnormalities in the frequencies of cells, tissues, organs and emotions. Disturbances in these frequencies are often a key indicator of distress and dis-ease.

The second step is a frequency optimization which creates custom frequencies based on feedback from the body. The device returns these frequencies back to the body to correct imbalances detected during the initial scan.

Once the frequency optimization is complete, a 24-page report is produced. This report divides 650-plus areas of health into 47 categories such as inflammation, bone and mineral density, emotional balance, bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites, heavy metals, hormones and more.

Based on information gleaned during the scan, the final step is to create a customized nutritional and lifestyle protocol to ensure the body has the proper support for detoxification, healing and repair.

The Mobile AO Scan represents a safe, noninvasive technology designed to assist the body’s natural capacity for healing and repair and is based on the works of Nikola Tesla, Dr. Royal Rife, Albert Einstein and others who theorize that everything physical at its most fundamental level is energetic frequency.

Email me for more information, or order here and enter my name, Tammy Mikeska when prompted.


A portion of every payment goes to supporting Operation Underground Railroad – a non-profit that exists to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Learn more about O.U.R. here:

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