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Calling Astrology Back Into Its Rightful Dignity

The only way I could be here today living my most fulfilling mission and purpose as an astrologer is because I finally, after all of my trial and error, found the right astrologer. Even though there were many foundational events, developmental experiences and earth shattering transformations leading up to the final event of meeting with the purest guidance and support, consulting with the right astrologer was the most important experience to clearly set my mission and purpose. I pray for the continued privilege to serve my mission in the highest integrity by doing my part to contribute to the upliftment of Humanity into our highest authenticity, mission and fulfillment of our lives' purposes, and in continued reminder of our own Divinity as Co-Creators.

I am writing this from a place of love, passion and responsibility in connection with my ancestors, and with the intention of triggering my community and fellow astrologers into healing and higher expansion into purest truth and clarity.

I have been noticing there is a lot of distractive noise in the astrological community within this new age of overflowing information technology, and I would like to see more astrologers step up into higher integrity in clear connection with the power of Nature, in purified connection between Mother Earth, the Human, the Cosmos and all of our lineages. It's time for us to take greater responsibility as leaders in our communities in purifying this channel in service to the greatest development of Humanity.

Astrology has been considered the "Royal Art" and the "Queen of all Sciences" based on the first documentation of the ancients and beyond, at least since the time of Sumer, Babylon, Akkad, Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt and even Eden. The stars of the astrologer are in the constellation of Leo, the only constellation on the ecliptic ruled by the Sun, the creative leader, the pure child and the king of the solar system. During ancient times the priests and preistesses were the only astrologers, as it was their mission to keep their channels clear and in high integrity in service to the leaders of kingdoms. Astrology was a highly revered art and science with high integrity, high dignity, purity and power.

Just recently astrology has become dilluted to be considered a mere novelty especially since we've been using 2D computer programs to chart the infinite 3D celestial sphere. It has become too easy for just anyone to dabble behind a screen and then brand themselves as an astrologer. Most computer programs aren't even capable of making the most important astrological calculation of all, which has been widely forgotten in the modern era. Astrology is being used especially in western society in a very limited way, which in turn limits its infinite expansive possibilities to serve as a tool for the soul's highest and most expansive fulfilling evolution.

This time of planetary awakening is ripe to set a higher standard within the astrological community so that humanity has greater access to the fullest and highest potentiality of its purest capabilities.

The Embodiment of the Astrologer - Feet On the Earth, Eyes On the Sky

Astronomers have been making a laughing stock of mainstream modern astrologers for good reason. What makes one an astrologer if they aren't looking at the Sky consistently and for long periods of time? Can simply studying from a book, a program or teachers who aren't deeply studying the ever-changing sky make one an astrologer? It's time to bring the astronomer back into the astrologer in order to restore the purity and integrity of the queen of all sciences.

For one example, if we aren't traveling up into the hills at 4am in expectation of seeing the heliacal rise of a star or planet after it has been hidden under the Sun's rays for sometime, we're missing the whole picture of what the birth of an entire new cycle is bringing us. And how do we even know when to go to the hills to watch the ascent or descent of an evening or morning phase of a star before or after its invisibility? Does the computer program calculate this for you? Very few will attempt this, as accuracy of this calculation is tricky and dependent on many fluctuating considerations. It's become easy to just forget about this most important foundational knowledge and experience of astrology.

If we miss the pure connection of observation, we're missing the most important signs and omens of what's to come for an entire new cycle. If we make all of our predictions based on what the computer program says, we are limited to predicting only in the 2D, but how far can a 2D observation be relevant to our 3D life experience? So how effective can the 2D chart be for us? Using mainly 2D observation is limiting to ourselves and to our clients. What it deeply means and how it deeply feels to be the living embodiment of an astrologer is missing. It is wonderful that we can use the computer program for important calculations, but we cannot operate from our pure zone of genius as an astrologer if we are not downloading the messages directly from the Real Sky. Minimizing the most important tool of an astrologer that is feet on the ground and eyes on the sky is a disservice to Humanity. For example, if we consult our clients with a preferred wedding date while Venus, the goddess of love and partnership, is invisible in the underworld, that would be equal to malpractice in the medical profession.

Of highest importance for the boundlessness of an astrologer are the embodied omens of Nature, such as color fluctuations of the first appearance of a star, of what else is happening in the Sky and environment at the moment of the star's birth, such as the wind direction or stillness, if there are clouds or shooting stars, and if the star or planet births into phase later than expected. These embodiment experiences that are meant to be experienced fully through all 6 senses are of utmost importance. How can one really call himself an astrologer by simply looking at a computer screen or paper, and going outside only at random when feeling up to it?

As astrologers analysing natal horoscopes based on the moment of a birth, we know that the beginning always shows the whole. We are all taught this as the law of the Cosmos. The entire picture and experience of the heliacal birth of a star or planet always shows the whole of the particular divinity's new cycle and is the purest way to accurately predict the big picture of what the star is bringing us.

The Calendar of Creation - Respect of the Hierarchy

Our ancestors made it a point that we, as astrologers, put into utmost importance The Calendar of Creation. In simplicity, this is the remembrance of the fact that the planets in our solar system that most western astrologers I see focusing solely upon is simply a lower level karmic system.

The outer sphere beyond the planets is the actual fixed stars which are much, much more powerful than the planets. If we are focused on solely using the tropical system, we may be projecting an image over the actual astronomical fixed stars and thus disregarding their hierarchy and power altogether. When we realize the workings of quantum mechanics, we realize the observer who is co-creating the prophecies may have a disillusioned perspective which may cloud the most expansive possibilities.

The sphere more powerful than the fixed stars encompasses the Time Lords, which are the 36 Overseers, according to the first known astrologer, Hermes Trismegistus. These Time Lords are translated into the 72 names of God, as they each take turns overseeing the planet twice in each 24 hours cycle. This is how we observe the Infinite creating Itself into form.

And the Most High of all Hierarchy is the Infinite, The Infinite Source of All Creation. The Infinity is beyond the outer circle and has no bounds. The Creator has no boundaries and no limits. This is the field of limitless possibilities! If we forget this by placing such high importance on the smaller sphere of the solar system, we are easily fooled and get stuck in the lower limiting realms.

The Infinite contains, protects and supports all spheres of the World within Its crystalline sphere.

When we remember we are each the embodiment of the entire Universe in Its individual moments of Greatest Expressions, and we remember this as our ancestors showed us, we won't easily get stuck looping in the lower level karmic system. We realize when we look beyond into the Infinite and petition these Higher Courts of Heaven with our prayers, we remember our innocence as children of God and our inheritance of the Royal Lineage. We are reconnected with our Infinite potential and limitless possibilities. We are miraculously put under Grace rather than karmic law and we evolve and transcend our karmic blueprint moment by moment as Infinite Co-Creators, simply with this awareness of the Hierarchy. We can then, as astrologers, be the best guides and support for our clients and listeners within the ever-changing perfect cycles of this beautiful Earth school.

When we emphasize these important laws and foundations of Nature, we keep our intention, focus and channels clear as astrologers, and we stay out of fear and duality consciousness. We can then see how to create divine alchemy, evolving and transcending our natal blueprints that we call "the horoscope". We can embody Infinite perception. Our predictions expand, as we are then able to see farther than imagined when giving our consultations. The whole Sky opens up to endless possibilities. We can use astrology as a tool for extraordinary evolution and fulfillment for all who wish to live their highest destiny.

In this way we become exquisite and powerful Co-Creators rather than simply speaking time-based prophecies from a limited perspective that can keep Humanity from fully Living.

I hope more of our community will ask good questions of astrologers, questioning these basic principles, so that we cultivate proper discernment towards which of the many prophesies, predictions or guidance are available. Be careful which prophesies you allow to be spoken over you from the many different lenses of astrological predictions or other types of readings. All predictions are based on the clarity and quality of the lens of the observer, and we are always manifesting our reality with our free will as Co-Creators with one another and with the Universe.

...And God knows better.

If you have any questions or anything to share, please leave me a comment or send me a message. I'd love to hear from you.

Much Love, Joy and Peace,

Tammy Antoinette

Ancient Sidereal Astrologer and continued student of Babylonian Astrosophy

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