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Zodiac sign horoscope astrology and cons

This is first and foremost for all new clients to help you understand your very specific and important Soul Blueprint, including your innate talents, blessings and gifts, and main challenging life/ life-area themes and with remedies.

Natal Astrology is the study and analysis of your birth chart and preparing a personal horoscope that provides information on one’s psychological portrait and character capabilities, professional orientation, personal life, marriage, children, health, finances, fate/destiny and more.

For this reason, the following information is needed:

  1. Your birth date: day/month/year and time

  2. Your place of birth: place and country

Consultations are conducted either through Skype, Zoom, personally or over the phone. This service includes prior to the consultation study and preparation time.

Zodiac Chart

This is a detailed consultation that can include any questions such as annual horoscope and specific questions related to any personal matter.

This reading is advisable after you have already had a full Natal Chart Consultation with a detailed forecast of future important events with Tammy.

For this consultation your birth time, place and date are no longer needed as they are saved in the database from the previous reading.

Consultations are conducted either through Skype, Zoom, personally or over the phone. This service includes prior to the consultation study and preparation time.


This is the art of relationship astrology. It is a very reliable analysis on the each individual chart first and foremost to find how each partner shows up in relationship, and then how two people interact with each other and how compatible they are.

Synastry can be made for love relationships, family, friendships, business and other people interactions.

This method involves individual analysis and comparative analysis of the charts of both persons involved using the methods of the astrology of Mesopotamia as our study is based on the knowledge from the Arabic and Latin translations of the secret doctrine of Hermes Trismegistus (5000 years BC).

For synastry the following information is needed
The birth dates of both persons involved: day/month/year and time
The places of birth of both persons involved: place and country

Synastry consultations are conducted either through Skype, Zoom, personally or over the phone. This service includes prior to the consultation study and preparation time of multiple charts.

flower of life on the golden background

Heal your past, present and future.

As we journey through our lives, the flow of energy can become restricted or limited. From the energy of physical problems to matters such as relationships and emotional traumas, this unique healing work helps clear out energy that is stagnant, troubling, or just no longer useful.

As an Energy Therapist, I am given the opportunity to help you heal your mind, body, and soul by taking one of the oldest forms of medicine and putting it to use on the many forms of challenging energy surrounding us and our whole universe.

Simply by releasing, re-framing, healing the memories, and self-forgiveness- a balanced energy field can begin expanding you into wholeness.

And in turn, life can be lived to its fullest.

Enjoy the peace that energy work has given me and others.

As a new client, you will be welcomed with what’s called an aura clearing to offer a clean energetic slate, similar to wiping a computer of excess files and browser history. It also balances and opens up the chakras. A big part of this process is “letting go of that which does not serve you.” This means that this will assist you to let go of negative thought patterns, habits, old stagnant energies from worn out or toxic relationships, and pretty much anything that is hindering your present life.

Energy Therapy can also increase your creativity, release fear, increase energy, improve sleep, soothe digestion, heighten intuition, and offer support for substance abuse and addiction recovery.

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Evolutionary Alignment VIP Day

This is for you if you are ready and committed to receive the support and do the work it takes to powerfully transform into the next level of your soul's evolution.   When your discomfort or your desire is greater than your fear of change, this is the day to align gracefully with your highest potential.

We spend a 6 hour day together to deep dive into 2-4 areas of life and remedy karmic challenges, clear away past trauma, and create new pathways to speed up the Divine Plan of your life under Grace.   When we make a shift in one area of life, every other area will shift along with it.  When we shift our energy, it permeates everything.


A portion of every payment goes to supporting Operation Underground Railroad – a non-profit that exists to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Learn more about O.U.R. here:

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