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Did you know that the moment you took your first breath, every star and planet in the sky at that very moment was aligned perfectly with the horizon to reflect your soul’s blueprint and purposes to guide you every step of the way?


Since ancient times those in the most powerful and successful positions in society have had an astrologer as their guide to living and leading their best life on purpose. 


And today, we still all deserve this support, as aren't we all of the royal lineage as children of God?

Many of my clients come to me when they're suffering from feeling lost in life and in their purpose so that they can receive support and knowledge in their most fulfilling direction, whether in relationships, business, family, finances, health....


They desire to leave their legacy while living their most joyful life but can feel unsure as to the best path forward.  They're often feeling stuck in old patterns that keep them from consistently feeling fulfilled.

Do you find yourself struggling with feeling unfulfilled with your life and with your work no matter how much you accomplish?  Would you like to feel energized and passionate every day rather than depleted?


If you desire guidance for your soul's highest expression of your most exquisite path and destiny, I invite you to book a consultation with me so we can get together face to face to create your individual evolutionary plan by clicking the button below.


You can have your own unique recipe to living and leading your most fulfilling life while also serving your highest legacy and purpose. 

Zodiac sign horoscope astrology and cons

This is first and foremost for all new clients to help you understand the main purposes for your authentic Soul Blueprint, including your innate talents, blessings and gifts, and main challenging life/ life-area themes and with remedies. 


An introduction to your natal astrology is step one for formulating your basic strategy to get from where you are to where you want to be.  


 You will clearly see the priorities that nourish your soul and body to flourish for your highest, most exquisite potential.  This is step one into dissolving the lower level programming that can keep you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, disrupted and depleted.  You can manifest all healing.

Gain greater clarity from the observation of a birds-eye view.  See the obstacles from a clear perspective and they transform into stepping stones for your evolution.  You'll gain insight and strategy for your next right steps forward into the higher octaves of your life journey.  This is the beginning of the individualized personal development journey to transcend and alchemize your blueprint.

As above, so below.

Natal Astrology is the study and analysis of your birth chart and preparing a personal horoscope that provides information on one’s psychological portrait and character capabilities, professional orientation, personal life, marriage, children, health, finances, fate/destiny and more.

For this reason, the following information is needed:

  1. Your birth date: day/month/year and time

  2. Your place of birth: City, state and country

  3. Your free will for Co-Creation of your most fulfilling reality


Healing modalities may be used as remedies, such as energy healing, specific prayers, and recommendations for strengthening, rebalancing and purifying your body, such as specific movement, essential oils and other plant medicines.

Consultations are conducted either through Skype, Zoom, personally or over the phone.  I highly recommend recording your first consultation, as when you listen again later you'll pick up even more knowledge and wisdom.  This service includes prior to the consultation study and preparation time.

evolutionary alignment.png

This is for you if you have already been primed with an Introductory Consultation and are ready and committed to lead your life and legacy from the upper levels of your soul's evolution.  You are open and committed to receiving support, guidance and in doing what it takes to embody your greatness.  This is the path of leadership in aligning with your soul's mission with courage and integrity.

When your discomfort or your desire is greater than your fear, this is the right timing to commit to yourself and to Life to align gracefully with creating and embodying your legacy.

As within, so without. 

Inner alchemy creates outer alchemy.

You release the blocks and rise into your greatness.

You start birthing your new creations from the highest frequency possible.

This is a deep dive to chart the best course in fulfilling your mission and to remedy karmic challenges, clear away past trauma, and create new pathways to Co-Create the Divine Plan of your life under Grace.   When we make a shift in one area of life, every other area will shift along with it.  When we shift our energy, it permeates everything.  Our relationships are set right, we fulfill our mission and purpose, synchronicities line up to assist us, opportunities open up that we didn't see before, we restore balance, harmony and vitality in our body and mind, and so much more. 


When we change the inner world, our body and our outer world has no choice but to follow.

To find out if the evolutionary alignment path is the right fit for you, reach out to me or book a call to learn more.


A portion of every payment goes to supporting Operation Underground Railroad – a non-profit that exists to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Learn more about O.U.R. here:

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