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Manifest BOLD Desires in Alignment with Heaven & Earth NOW.

As above, so below.  As within, so without.


I wasted years studying astrology, esoteric science and the healing arts.

I'm a Seer of Truth and deception, of what has already occurred and of future occurrences.

Strangers tell me their secrets.  I'm the keeper of secrets.

I see the higher portal and timelines.  I know the remedies.  This has always come easily for me.

But I couldn’t speak of any of it because it was strange and others knew better.  I stayed quiet. 

“I should be a good girl and be responsible instead,” I told myself. 

It was not to discuss with my family.  I was raised deep in the Southern Baptist Church.

I thought I must be the only one who noticed the mis-translations of the ancient manuscripts, so there must be something wrong with me.  

The way I was raised went against diving on my own for secret knowledge through ancient and future portals and timelines.  

I was lost dreaming of Higher Worlds, of Heaven on Earth.  Others knew better.

This deeply satisfying hidden pleasure was a great shameful guilt. ​

I was locked in the dungeon of unworthiness, inauthenticity and chronic illness.

I secretly invested with the best professional astrologers…

I was ghosted by an old friend who had become an astrologer because I was obsessed with speaking this new language.

But my desire was winning this lifelong battle.

In 2019 everything changed when I finally consulted with a Babylonian Astrologer. 

The first words he spoke to me were, “Tammy, you’re an astrologer!  Why are you contacting me?!”

I felt shocked!  “No!  I am not an astrologer!  ...Well, I only dabble a bit…”

“Oh, not yet, huh?” He laughed… “Well, you will be, and you’ll be a great great astrologer!  Because of this, and that, and this, and this over here, and that…”

I could no longer hide.

He shone the Light on the full Masterpiece of who I have been, where I came from, where I'm headed and who I am, my will and God’s will bloomed in full Authentic Beauty… 

My Divine Birthrights turned ON.

I was blown away with validation in remembering all that I had always tried to push aside and hide from myself.

​The chains that held me captive, broken.

​The deepening into responsibility and integrity I had forever desired, Activated.

​My Divine Desires, Liberated.

​I arrived Home.

I hired my teacher of Babylonian Astrology and passionately surrendered deep into the Infinite Sky of Ancient Knowledge.

Life no longer exists as it once did, and neither do I.

Saying YES to your Innate Gifts and Genius that are the intricacies of your Divinity is the first step into the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine Template you were born into. 

This is your God-given Birthright.

Since the Golden Age of pure knowledge, leaders in the most powerful and successful positions in the world have had an astrologer (that no one knows of) as their guide to living and leading their best life and legacy on purpose.

There are maybe 10 of us Babylonian Astrologers on Earth accurately practicing and channeling The Pure Astrology.

The portal to the Royal Chamber of your Birthrights Activated is now open.

I am the Priestess Guide in your Royal Chamber.

Your Mission in this Life is Divinely fulfilled by living Fully Turned On, Authentically and with Integrity.

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A rare intersection of Heaven and Earth results in a precious manifestation of Grace.

Your Soul is a facilitator of sacred union between the spiritual realms and the earthly world.

The Priestess is the one who bridges Heaven and Earth for optimal magnetic attunement.


She intuitively knows when and how to call on Heavenly assistance, and she holds the embodied knowledge, codes and experience with the earthly remedies for efficient integration, rapidly transforming the material world.

Because of this knowledge and ability, she has the responsibility to keep the channels between Heaven and Earth open, healthy, robust, active and stable, not only for herself but for those she nurtures, influences and serves.

She has leveled up her inner and outer worlds through her deep inner alchemy according to the embodied knowledge of her Activated Birthrights and innate gifts.

She is so loved, nourished and magnetic that she pours her magic and contribution from her overflowing cup.

She is the artist, the healer, the shaman, the wayshower and the muse.

The Priestess is devoted to being of service to the Divine.  It is through her sacred connection with Source that she grounds her purpose through her high vitality of creative life force as the authentic embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

The Priestess knows the power she holds and she uses it to nourish and magnetize beauty and prosperity to all of life.

The portal to both Embodied Priestess and Sovereign Priestess is open.


Will you answer the call?

You are the embodiment of all of Creation.


As you activate the codes within, your timelines will expand, your options will expand. The entire sky will open up to you as you stand grounded, rooted, planted, deeply nourished by all of life.

The Sovereign Priestess and the Embodied Priestess are intertwined 90 days portals for the healers, wayshowers, shamans, leaders, mothers and artists who are ready to answer the call to step into higher feminine authority and authentic genius, aligned with your embodiment of more softness, nourishment and higher magnetism, leaving behind the overwork and burnout.

Ancient secret codes from the Priestesses of the Golden Age are activated from deep within to level up entire lineages.

You owe it to your ancestors and descendants to live your most fulfilling life that allows permission from the Heart and changes DNA

When you truly decide, the Universe lines up to support you.

Embodied Priestess is a highly activated Sacred Sisterhood container that will quantum leap as a whole, to hold space to grid the planet with points in bloodlines that begin to change and level up the morphogenetic field of Humanity.

As the Sovereign Priestess, you have me inside your Royal Chamber to hold space for intimate alchemy and direct guidance to map incoming waves of power and opportunities to jump timelines as aligned with the specific intricacies of your divinity.  These are the portals and timelines available that are specific to only you.


We will step through these highly activated portals together for quantum leaps on your evolutionary journey.

I highly recommend joining the Embodied Priestess for high planetary activations that have been passed on from the Priestesses of the Golden Age, and then adding Sovereign Priestess if you desire deep intimate support from me.

Priestess is the next step after you have said YES to HEIRESS - The Birthrights Activation of your innate genius and divine gifts. 


The Priestess is ready and committed to embark on the fully supported journey to lead her life and legacy from the upper levels of her soul's evolution. 


The Priestess is open and committed to receiving sisterly support, guidance and in doing what it takes to embody her greatness.  She is ready to leave behind burn out, depletion and striving like a peasant so that she pours her contribution only from her magnetized overflowing cup.


The Priestess travels the most exquisite path of quantum leaps and embodiment of permanent transformation into the upper levels of all possible timelines.

As within, so without...  Inner alchemy creates her outer alchemy.

This is a deep dive to chart the best course in fulfilling your mission and to remedy karmic challenges, clear away past trauma, and create new pathways to Co-Create the Divine Plan of your life under Grace of Heaven.     When we shift our energy into higher quantum fields of endless possibilities, it permeates everything in our life and all through our bloodline.


Our relationships are set right, we fulfill our mission and purpose, synchronicities line up to assist us, opportunities open up that we didn't see before, we restore balance, harmony and vitality in our body and mind, and so much more. 


When we align the inner world with our innate higher codes, our body and our outer world has no choice but to align.

To find out if the Priestess Path is the right fit for you, reach out to me via Messenger, email or with the chat button at the bottom of this page.

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A portion of every investment goes to supporting Operation Underground Railroad – a non-profit that exists to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Learn more about O.U.R. here.

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