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January New Moon for Blessed Beginnings

On January 11 the moon conjuncts the sun at 26 Sagittarius and conjunct Mars and Mercury, all in the Sagittarius constellation, in a harmonious trine to Uranus and Jupiter in Aries, in an opportunistic sextile to Saturn in Aquarius and in a conflicting square to the nodal points of the moon where the eclipses occur.

During the dark moon time, when the moon and sun meet, they are deciding on the changes to come for the new incoming lunar cycle.

We feel a restless influence with the underlying Mars in his last part if invisibility this month, depending on your latitude.

During the days of the dark of the moon is a time for rest and reflection, cleansing, purging, prayer and reset.

It is not time to take action on anything new until you see the first lunar crescent appear on the western horizon after sunset.

Jan 12 we begin the new lunar cycle when we observe the first Lunar crescent appear at 18 Capricorn with Pluto, square Jupiter and Uranus in Aries and sextile Venus in Scorpio.

The ancient Babylonian astrology name this day 1 Shabat for the first day of the 11th Lunar month of the Solar-Lunar year. This first lunar crescent shows up on the night of Mars and during the hour of Mars.

This translates into a restless energy with these martial influences, while Mars is still invisible. We feel the drive to seriously forge ahead with our new endeavors, but the influence of Saturn and Capricorn says we must first put the new and innovative systems and structures into place that will ground and measure our goals and actions in the real world and in real time, so that we can have more freedom to partake in the incoming opportunities of growth and expansion of Jupiter and Uranus.

I'm personally looking forward to activating this new cycle with powerful and potent intentions and prayers within the amplified energy of Sacred Sisterhood.

Friday with this new moon energy incoming I'm hosting the online event, Potent Powerful Prayers for Miracles to help co-create a beautiful year ahead.

This is for women leaders who would like to accomplish more from your most powerful position of your soft, inviting feminine embodiment instead of with the over-achieving and striving that causes overwhelm and burn-out. Will you join me for this powerful activation?

This month the astronomers are talking about the harmonious parade of planets in a row in the southeastern evening sky. They talk about being able to see Mars in this parade too, but we can't actually see Mars as he's still under the rays of the Sun. No matter, this "parade" in the sky of the planets that are visible is bringing more joy and harmony.

Mercury is visible most of this month for a longer than usual period as a morning star. When Mercury became visible on the tail of the Scorpion, we saw dark truths coming to light with the list of those involved in the Epstein scandal. The tail of Scorpio is in the Hermetic degrees of secrecy and disturbing truth.

We are in a Mercury cycle of enlightenment through research, teaching and studying ancient knowledge, healing, homeopathy and truth that also provides revealing and healing for finances, especially with Venus here providing spiritual knowledge of higher truths with beautiful and blessed artistry. You can have epiphanies that will set you free of something you've been suffering from.

January 17 Mercury will sextile Saturn for a third time, since he scrubbed this area of the sky with his retrograde during December. This is creating an opportunity to check our thinking and communication by creating a delay or reality shift in perspective so that we can be free of what thinking or communication held us back last year. Pay attention to where you have felt stuck, as this is an opportunity for evolution through what you have learned to make sure you are in alignment in integrity, responsibility and moral aptitude in your speaking, research and communications going forward.

January 19 Venus moves into the degrees of Sagittarius square Neptune, and the Sun conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. We will feel more expansive with matters of the heart, art, money and what brings pleasure, which is great after Venus was very sensitive traveling through Scorpio, and then had to go through the alchemical water to fire in order to cross this boundary. However, with the square to Neptune we need to beware of any beautiful illusion casting a spell of confusion for women, money and love.

With the Sun conjunct Pluto on this same day, any hidden obsessive-compulsive or power imbalances can come to light. Observe what comes up for you and what is reflected back to you from others, but wait a few days at least to act on these observations. Dark or powerful truths can be revealed but there can be some confusion.

Until January 24, even though Venus is in the degrees of Sagittarius now, she still has to pass through the stinger of the Scorpion and the Galactic Center, making this time still sensitive for all Venusian matters such as love, money and what brings us pleasure. Anyone ruled by Venus needs to continue to be more careful during this time and not fall into any traps or scandals. It is a good time to continue to heal any deep trauma and for shadow work, especially around relationships and finances.

January 26 Mercury conjuncts Mars. Be careful with traveling, communication and use your prayers and higher will to transform any thoughts or words that are destructive to yourself or other or feel like an attack. You can completely transform your destructive thinking into more constructive and creative thinking, but you have to guard your mind and take action.

January 29 Mars will become visible in Sagittarius at my Texas latitude, but it will still be hidden till as late as May in some latitudes further away from the equator. When we see Mars again in the morning sky with Venus and Mercury, this begins a new 2 years cycle of Mars. We will have more passion and creative action, will and drive available. This will be a become a more productive time for men and business in general, and for the pursuant masculine energy of men. This will also become a more productive time for love relationships and expansive communication in love and creativity.

With the birth of a new Mars cycle, we will see the waning gibbous moon high in the sky on the throat chakra of Virgo. This gives us the drive and energy to continue our work and endeavors this year, but we need to be careful of over exerting ourselves and causing burn-out with the moon square to Mars. We can feel conflicted in matters of pure expression and communication if we don't pause, rest and make sure we are honoring and protecting our purity and maintaining our health. It can be a busy cycle of travel, exploration and gaining higher knowledge.

Mars can be very unpredictable, so I will give more information about his new two years cycle ahead once I see him appear in the sky later this month, so be sure you're subscribed so you don't miss a thing. If you are also waiting to welcome his appearance, you'll want to get up before the dawn and look closely at the eastern sky. He is unpredictable and can bring surprises.

In my 2024 Predictions I mentioned that we are entering the peak of solar cycle 25, which is the height of solar activity which happens about every 11 years. This begins late January, early February.

We will experience more solar flares bringing seismic activity and any events will intensify. This can ignite extreme events financially, but good fertility of land and agriculture will balance this out.

The Sun brings the Divine Spark of inspiration, creativity and intensity to influence faster evolution. This intensity is increased so that we create change. More births due to greater fertility will bring more evolutionary souls to the planet.

The Sun sends waves of higher consciousness and higher vibration so that we are ignited with the spiritual impulse of growth for humanity. No one can dim the truth of the Sun, no matter how hard they try. The intense heat and fire from the Sun penetrates all illusions, smoke and mirrors.

...And God knows better.

If you'd like to know what this year ahead brings for you personally, there is still time to book your 2024 Consultation. But don't wait! My schedule is nearly full for this offering.

Much Love, Joy, Miracles and Evolution,



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