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Beginning of the Classic Solar-Lunar Calendar: 1 Nissan - Babylonian New Year

After the Sun reached the vernal equinox, the eclipses portended the changes to expect over the next few years, and then the Masterpiece on the Sky was complete once we saw the First Lunar Crescent appear after Sunset on April 9. The picture of the beginning always shows the whole.

Eclipses always bring great fateful changes that can be felt even years later. The April 8 solar eclipse happened for 4.5 minutes which translates to its continued effect for 4.5 years, prominently over its shadow, which we all felt through the portal between eclipses and beyond, especially with the earthquakes, flooding, water catastrophes and storms on its path.

Eclipses are dramatic events that open portals for change of destiny, necessary for our evolution. You can remember where I predicted the experiences we are now having from these eclipse cycles when the north node of the Moon shifted into Pisces in October here.

The eclipses are always a warning for us, as the impulse of Light is blocked and darkness is prevalent. Those who are not aligned with the authenticity of their soul have crisis to help with making changes, and those who are aligned can experience miracles of new destiny portals opened. Either way, visible eclipses portend change especially if they activate certain points and planets in one's Nativity.

Although the eclipse was blocked for me in Texas with clouds and rain, delaying the omens and the full picture of what's to come, and diffusing the malevolent forces, other omens occurred through love, connection and friendship.

Venus is in Pisces in her place of exaltation, where she was both born and rescued with the help of Pisces. Venus in her bright position was watching over the eclipse at Texas and Mexico latitudes, but she is already invisible as Ereshkigal/Gorgon at higher latitudes.

Later I saw in pictures that the blocking of the Light of the Sun caused her to reappear out from under her invisibility period as far north as Maine! This is very benevolent for everyone on the Solar Eclipse path! This portends that love, peace, new birth, nourishment and spiritual protection come easily to help buoy us through the changes, not only for Texas and Mexico where she's still in constant visibility with the Sunrise. This is a huge blessing and reminder that the Power of Love and inner peace is winning.

Read till the end. I have a Beautiful Venusian surprise for you there!

The Heavenly Stories Activated

The Solar eclipse occurred on the outpouring of spiritual waters from the Southern Fish of Pisces, with activations of Cetus, Pegasus and Andromeda. With Venus being exalted here nearing the end of her phase, the stories activated are of her escape with her son Eros with help of the Fish. We can experience this story playing out in our psyche, in our environment and in the stories throughout the world.

Venus escaped the danger by being in her protected place of her home, where she was born from the sea foam as Aphrodite. When we follow our hearts in Pure Spiritual Connection, we are safe and at the right place in the right time with benevolent support. The fears and worries that an eclipse can bring are negated by the Pure True Love of Aphrodite herself.


Ovid, Fasti 2. 458 ff (trans.Boyle) (Roman poetry C1st B.C. to C1st A.D.) : "Piscis (Pisces), heaven's horses. They say that you and your brother--for your stars gleam together--ferried two gods on your backs. Once Dione [Aphrodite], in flight from terrible Typhon [Typhoeus]--when Jupiter [Zeus] armed in heaven's defence--, reached the Euphrates with tiny Cupidos [Eros] in tow and sat by the hem of Palestine's stream. Poplars and reeds dominated the tops of the banks; willows, too, offered hope of concealment. While she hid, the wood roared with wind. She pales with fear, and believes a hostile band approaches. As she clutched son to breast, she cries : ‘To the rescue, Nymphae (Nymphs), and bring help to two divinities.’ No delay; she leapt. Twin fish went underneath them; for which, you see, the present stars are named. Hence timid Syrians think it wrong to serve up this species; they defile no mouths with fish."

Andromeda Lives On

The constellation Pegasus represents the winged horse that was birthed from the neck of Medusa when Perseus beheaded her.

The constellation Cetus represents the sea monster that Poseidon sent upon the Earth to devour Andromeda as she was chained to a rock.

Andromeda is a legendary princess whose story continues to be told because her permanent place in the sky allows us to always remember her. While her beauty was her downfall, it was also her saving grace.

She was facing an impending death from the sea monster Cetus up until the point when she was noticed by a passing-by Perseus. Because of her beauty, Perseus took exceptional notice and vowed to save her from the Cetus and the chains in which she was bound.

Andromeda would marry Perseus and become Queen of Mycenae and have many children. Perseus would be known as the ancestors of the Persians, with their many descendants continuing to have control over Mycenae.

The Solar Eclipse was in the degrees of the wake of the outpouring waters of the Southern Fish representing flooding of pure heavenly knowledge in Poseidon's domain, surrounded by Pegasus, Andromeda and Cetus. Venus was seen watching over the eclipse, even surprising us from the parts of the world where she is already invisible. She twinkled bright watching over the eclipse, and there was no sight of the comet as many predicted.

The story continues....

April 20, Jupiter will conjunct Uranus exact with the fixed star Algol, activating and expanding on the Medusa, while at this same time Venus will begin to go invisible direct into her phase as the Gorgon/Ereshkigal.

At Texas' latitude Venus' disappearance is expected April 25. This will be a wrapping up and conclusion of what we began in early September when she was birthed as a morning star from her retrograde phase as Isis and then direct as Athena. We reap rewards, experience deepening and/or karmic conclusion in areas of love, relationship, partnership, business and money at the end of her visibility cycle.

When she's invisible we can access great esoteric knowledge and wisdom with protection. This is a beautiful time for inner work, ending karmic cycles and making changes based on our upgrading of values. Venus' invisibility is not a good time for new business or partnership agreements such as marriage. We need to wait until we see Venus appear again with the Sunset to begin anything new pertaining to love and money if we want to see good results, although in her invisibility period we can experience a deepening in matters of the heart for those relationships that are already meant to be.

Later in June Jupiter will be birthed new, after his invisibility phase, in the constellation of Perseus with Taurus to complete the ancient story of the beheading of the Medusa, so that Perseus wins again. Courage, Love and resourcefulness that the stories of Perseus remind us of is what rescues us from any captivity or from the destruction of what's healthy and right.

The diverse stories in the Sky are the literal translations activated for us on Earth so that we can navigate our way most eloquently, like a beautiful GPS adventure reflected deep in our psyche and mirrored by others and our environment. Which parts are you playing out?

Eclipse Cycles reminder as continued from March:

The March and April eclipses are a continuation of the eclipse cycle that began in October when the nodes of the Moon moved to the Virgo/Pisces axis, so we are continuing the same theme through May 2025. Eclipses always happen in pairs of both Solar and Lunar. The March - April eclipses are continued from the effects of the lunar eclipse first, which I wrote about in my March prediction here.

Pons-Brooks Comet

I didn't see any news of the appearance of the green 'devil' comet at the eclipse. Even so, Jupiter is watching in strong position in the placement of the comet as it is in Aries. Jupiter has a very protective influence with the impulse for increased faith, higher knowledge, optimism and joy, watching over our entire year ahead. The support of these impulses can overcome any lower vibrations. Stay attached to God and request faith to be buoyed if needed.

Perihelion, its closest approach to the Sun, is on April 21, 2024. The closest approach to Earth is on June 2, 2024, at the same time when Jupiter appears with Perseus to conquer the Gorgon!

Comets cause inordinate heat, pestilence, sterility of the Earth, wars and changes in kingdoms, winds, earthquakes and floods, and are assigned to the frequencies of the planets according to their colors. Green corresponds to Mercury, the death of kings, nobles, literary people and youths, and wars.

The appearance of comets heralded disturbances in Humanity, animals, farming and the weather. They also often heralded the rise of an agent. This can be a war leader but can also be a religious leader, reformer, or great trader.

The omens are not delivered until the comet makes its closest approach to the Sun. The omen changes trade and political arrangements and forms alliances into new patterns – it creates new connections.

With Jupiter watching the comet with Uranus, as well as the Mars-Saturn conjunction we can be protected from its ill effects with expansion of and heightened awareness of the Self and our connectedness to everything. Jupiter with Uranus opens us up to new possibilities and innovative developments.

Appearance of the Classical New Year of Our Ancestors

On April 9 in the evening at the first appearance of the Lunar Crescent at Sunset the First Lunar Day began according to the classic Solar-Lunar Calendar, which has been called First Nissan since ancient times. On this day many omens occur to show the picture of the year ahead. This applies globally as well as at a personal level.

On April 9 clouds covered my Sky. On April 10 I first saw the Silver Crescent Moon while out for a walk with my daughter. I felt the lightness, sweetness and True Love of Venus and the protective, jovial and fun impulse of Jupiter, then I saw Jupiter appear next to the Moon, and then Sirius appeared as the first fixed star in a sextile, to remind us to embrace the opportunities and have faith in our Innate Spiritual Leadership by staying connected to those Benevolent Universal Forces.

These are the most potent omens to continue to remember to let go of the illusions and deceptions caused by the limited thinking and warnings from those who are in other stages and experiences of learning from their own lessons of fear that cloud their perception. Stay connected to God and have Faith. The Universe is Wise and Loving through all cycles. This is our Protection for the entire year ahead.

A few hours after the end of Nissan 1, the exact conjunction of Mars and Saturn began their two-year cycle. The sextile of opportunity from Jupiter brings great hopes and support coming from the Spiritual World, which is a blessing because Mars-Saturn, a comet and an eclipse shows great war tension. In this situation the Divine is actively working to eliminate any lower level intrigues and conspiracies.

Support from the Spiritual World is robust with the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus elevating knowledge of the Universe to a new higher level, ushering Humanity into a new stage of Cosmic Development, both at the level of consciousness and at the level of technology. This happens because Intuition and Faith are merged into one.

This same picture on the Sky indicates religious revolution, major drastic religious changes and possibly surprising events associated with religious leaders or entire spiritual traditions. Possible scenarios in this direction are the official announcement of the beginning of construction activities of the 3rd Temple in Israel. Serious conspiracies and military tension can be involved.

On a personal level, the beginning of the Solar-Lunar calendar shows intense experiences and activity for creative plans. Humanity has the opportunity to advance spiritually and psychologically, especially when you use conscious will and direct action (Mars) in the direction of fulfilling your mission, in whatever area of life this is coming up for you, with integrity, high morals and commitment (Saturn). In this case the Divine will clear the way and remove any unnatural influences coming from the external environment.

If you don't make an effort to advance and expand your consciousness and allow these Higher Powers, then unreasonable actions can cause serious karma and stirring up of some social mess, making it possible to become bound by a more serious state with heavy long-term karmic effects.

Two of the described choices that can affect the impulses from the Saturn-Mars conjunction participate in positive configurations that indicate in which direction the constructive energy will be realized on a personal level.

The stories and pictures of this entire prediction are the stories and pictures for the Classical Year ahead, until the First Lunar Crescent appears after the Sun reaches the Spring Equinox on the Northern Hemisphere again in 2025.

This will affect all of Humanity, as 75% of us are on the Northern Hemisphere. However, I will give a Spring Equinox prediction later for those of you who are on the Southern Hemisphere. Be sure you're subscribed so that you don't miss it. I also invite you to go outside and look at your Sky and remember the Ancestral stories for your own personal omens.

To activate into the higher levels of the cosmic influences quickly and with least resistance and for greatest outcome in all areas of life, I have 4 spaces available on my calendar for the Babylonian New Year Activation. Reach out to me directly for a discount code of $100 if you want to book this and have recently had your Birthrights Activation. Those who work with me on a consistent plan with a commitment to their personal growth as Leaders and Visionaries are able to receive massive ROI in all areas of life and legacy by making small simple shifts according to the map of the cosmos given to us by God.

And God knows better.

Much Love,



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