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Rebirth of Venus - Descent of Mars - Surprise Comet brings Divine Intervention!

Birth of Venus!

Although Venus is still retrograde, she is now visible as a morning star! I saw her above the eastern horizon at 6:24am CST Sunday August 20 as she rose to approach her 2nd of 3 squares to Jupiter.

As she begins her new 9.5 months cycle as a morning star while Sirius is also in heliacal rising phase to mark our new spiritual year, this grants us benevolent new beginnings of prosperity, love, abundance and higher values aligned with the greater good of all.

The beginning always shows the whole. The beginning is the passport, the soul blueprint of the entire cycle ahead. Just like a personal horoscope shows all stars and planets in their particular phases at your birth to give your soul blueprint, each planet when it is born anew after its symbolic death under the rays of the Sun, also has its soul blueprint for the new cycle depending on all that is happening at the moment of its first appearance.

Since Venus is the reflection of our values, our love, our friendships, and our finances, resources and prosperity, we must look to her to see what is in store for us in these areas of life. She is birthed into Cancer, which is bringing brilliant blessings collectively to our homes, our families, our emotional nature, what makes us happy on the inside, our ancestors, our roots.

Venus is birthed squaring Jupiter, the generous, open and opportunistic energy of faith and gratitude. When we lean into cultivating gratitude for our family, our roots, and honoring the simple fact that this is where the spark of life came from, and that we would not have this delicate gift of life without our family, parents, ancestors and the full experience of all human emotions, we will experience growth and evolution in our good fortune, being gifted with greater abundance in love, prosperity and friendship.

This is a time to make changes in how you decide to focus more on gratitude, faith and optimism. This change will help us to uplevel in all areas of life, and will especially bring more good fortune for this entire new Venus cycle and Sirian new year.

Descent of Mars

Women will generally be doing better now that Venus is bright. However, Mars is going down under the rays of the Sun for a longer than usual underworld journey.

In many parts of the world, Mars has already gone invisible in the constellation of Leo. In my sky here in Texas, however, I predict he will descend on August 30 in Virgo, the constellation reflecting our health and our sciences, showing underhanded passive-aggressive attack/war on our health and our sciences.

Since mars has already moved into Virgo and oppose Neptune as he begins his descent, we will begin to see this manipulative attack any day now. The opposition to Neptune may bring an amplification of the deception and corruption that is happening right now all over the planet.

Remembering to be diplomatic and wise will help us the most during this time, as Venus is benevolently aspecting Mars and Neptune to soften his meanness.

"He will stay invisible hidden under the Sun's rays through February here in Texas, and through May in the northern latitudes at least. You can keep a lookout for him disappearing in the evening sunset, and reappearing next year as a morning star.

"Beware of underhanded attacks, manipulation and meanness. This is Nergal, the ancient god of the underworld, sneaking undercover where he is at his most malevolent.

"These attacks can be upon those of rightful leadership, or around August 18 - 21 it can be a deceptive attack on our health and sciences.

"Men especially in business may have more challenges, and women can have problems with men having deceptive secret scandals, or just not stepping up into their healthy masculinity. The shadow side of masculinity will be prevalent, just like the shadow feminine is prevalent when Venus is in the underworld.

"Mars journeys into the underworld every two years, but this shadow cycle is longer than usual."

Surprise Comet Nishimura - Divine Intervention

This comet was sighted by amateur astronomer Nishimura in Japan on August 12, and its path appears from our observation to be projected from the area of the sky of the point of Sirius. It was spotted in the constellation of Gemini and is predicted to travel along the Sun's ecliptic through Cancer, Leo, Virgo and then to disappear.

The constellations on the ecliptic are a direct reflection of the Human Spirit. Nishimura has appeared in the region of the sky representing high vibrational spiritual leadership of humanity and of the benevolent bright green-blue colors.

The ancients would fear comets because they would bring unexpected events and create sudden change. We have experienced much heat, fires and unexpected events that were predicted from observing the points of the New Moon cycles of July and August and from the movements of Venus back and forth in the underworld over the Leo/Cancer transition from extreme polarities of the water/fire elements while in conflict to Uranus, the Great Awakener, in firey Aries.

Nishimura is predicted to be at perihelion, which means he's to be nearest Earth, around September 13-18, where we may see him with naked eye observation. If he makes it to this point without burning up first, he will be at his strongest then, in the constellation of Leo. I see this can bring us a change in leadership.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is now invisible as an evening star, will retrograde in Leo August 23 - September 15, when he will be birthed again as a morning star. During his retrograde, be sure to allow extra time for travel, be articulate with your communications, and allow extra patience with technical devices.

The retrograde periods are simply a time of integration, revision and reflection rather than forward momentum in the areas of life that each planet influences. They are very important stepping stones for our evolutionary processes. In the case for Mercury, it is time for reflection and revision in how our thoughts, communication and technology effect our lives, and to allow extra time with our travels.

Mercury retrogrades very often, and he's invisible most of the time. He is the magician, trickster and comedian, and he is very powerful! If you ever are fortunate enough to see tricky Mercury, he will bring you blessings!

I would love to know how you're experiencing these cycles! I invite you to leave me a comment at the bottom of this blog post.

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Comet Nishimura Images-

Image of comet C/2023 P1 (Nishimura), taken on August 15, 2023, from June Lake, California (USA). Photo: Dan Bartlett


Starwalk map of the path of Nishimura at its first sighting in the Gemini constellation August 12.


Much Love, Joy and Gratitude!



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