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2024 Predictions & Remedies - A Year of Transformation

In the video, I go into greater details of the big changes upon us this year. Below is a brief overview.

This is a year of spiritual testing and a new wave of spiritual awakening. It is a highly activated year with many changes to occur. If we do not make constructive changes within ourselves to affect the outer world and humanity, the enduring of suffering will cause destructive change. The outer world that we see and experience is always a reflection of the inner world.

It's not a year to sit back and endure the suffering, disconnection and over-stimulation that you have felt powerless to change, because full empowerment is available this year if you simply make the decision. It is the year to make constructive changes or destruction will prevail. This is a year of making choices and taking action.

What we see in our world events, in the politicians that are elected and in the wars and division in our outer world is a reflection of the split that has been happening within each individual.

Humanity is under a lot of pressure, feeling stuck in suffering for too long in a rat race of endless loops and patterns that are constricting, old, outworn and outdated. This year there is a strong desire for destruction due to the lack of desire to maintain a system that doesn't support you. The old model of society isn't working anymore.

Thankfully, we have new cycles of awakening and will have more choices at higher levels than before. High creativity and innovation is available on multiple levels.

This is a collective prediction. If you'd like to know how the changes will effect you personally, there's still limited availability to book your 2024 Consultation.

New Age of Enlightenment and Innovation

Neptune is finally entering his home of Pisces as Jupiter turns direct, all during the first week of January. This begins a new 14 years cycle of positive developments for most of us, depending on where Pisces was at your birth. We begin a new Golden Age of high art, spirituality, compassion, unconditional love, new social uprising from challenges the pure and helpless were suffering from, and assistance for the poor and weak. We will experience new social reforms and suffering will be alleviated as more people are tuning into the high vibration of the heart.

We can recall the last time Neptune was in Pisces during 1859 - 1871 wich influenced the American civil wars against slavery, great high art such as Monet, and the beginning of the historian named "Age of Enlightenment and Innovation".

Early Peak of Solar Cycle 25

A peak in the solar cycle is here earlier than expected. More geomagnetic storms are bringing bigger seismic and volcanic activity, and more revolutionary and fertile times. Solar Cycle 25 was predicted to peak in 2025, however, we are unexpectedly already experiencing heightened Solar activity to peak instead in 2024. Expect to experience this as early as late January and into February through Sept/Oct. The Intense Solar flares always bring revolutionary uprising, and increased fertility so that more benevolent souls are born to contribute to the evolution of our planet. Fertility in all of nature increases.

Events on earth will intensify, such as lack of peace, social unrest, changes in the social system and revolution. Gold prices will rise. Be more careful when solar flares are high. Beware of scandals. Do your spiritual work. Stay extra hydrated. Take extra care of the blood to keep it purified. Sleep may be disrupted, so take charge of your health.

The Polarities of the Dragon

We have 5 eclipses this year, bringing big changes. The last time we had more than 4 eclipses was in 2020 when we had 6. As I predicted in October, the lunar nodes are now on the Pisces/Virgo axis to continue until May 2025. The eclipses bring fated events which are mostly felt through the paths where they're visible.

With the dragon's head in Pisces we are seeing more refugees, collective karma and more poverty. We experience a new wave of spiritual awakening due to malefic events through lack of peace. We see more direct attack on Christian values and religion, since Pisces rules Christianity.

The eclipses are the dragon's portal for fated change. We will see who is good and not - who is human and who is not. The drive towards spirituality is increased.

Due to all of the Neptune and Pisces energies, expect a huge calling to focus on the oceans and our waters. Any actions and protections for oceans are going to be very important and very powerful. If you feel a calling towards the ocean, answer it FAST.

Also research Water Consciousness - Dr Masaru Emoto - and take note of these Universal laws that he explains through his science. Speak good prayers and good affirmations over your children and your loves ones, yourself, and even strangers in passing.

Since we are each mostly water, we are very permeable through the formation from our thoughts, prayers, emotions and affirmations. This is very important to remember this year as the south node (the dragon's tail) and eclipses continue through Virgo and the fruits of the holy mother. We need to take extra nurturance and protection over our children.

Powerful Mars Becomes Visible

Where I am in Texas, I expect to see Mars appearing out from the rays of the Sun as a morning star January 30, but at higher latitudes he can be seen as late as May. Since we are in an epoch ruled by Mars which began December 2019, to last about 180 years, we can expect him to be in full power as he appears in the final degrees of Sagittarius with Mercury and Venus, trine Jupiter in Aries and with a square to the moon and the dragon.

More foreigners will show up around the southern border of the US in full force, but there will be a softening of the effects with Venus and Jupiter watching. There can be deception around this topic and conflict between the foreigners and those who are rightful owners of the homelands. However, empathy will be available from both sides of the common people.

Babylonian New Year for the Northern Hemisphere

April 9 when we see the first lunar crescent appear after the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere marks 1 Nissan, the ancient Babylonian new year. The beginning of every cycle shows the whole cycle. The moon appears at 14 Aries sextile Mars conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, ruling the Aries moon.

This new year-long cycle further strengthens the Martial energy. This is a year of conflict. We can experience more destructive energy if we are not using our creative energy to make constructive changes. We have a choice, as Mars is our free will action and Aries is the pioneer in us all. We always have a choice how to use these energies.

"Devils Comet" - Pons-Brooks Comet

April-June a new comet similar to Haley's comet in size is expected to make an appearance during the eclipses. We will see it with the naked eye as a magnificent spectacle in the sky, possibly even during the daytime solar eclipse over the USA. We saw this comet just days before the Gaza crisis, as it spontaneously flashed the appearance of horns from its volcanic activity, as it simultaneously appeared to project from the head of the Draco constellation towards the Hercules constellation. I tell the story of Hercules, his children and the dragon in the video and how this influenced the attack on the children.

When this comet appeared in the past, there has been a war involving the USA. The last time we saw it was in 1954 beginning the Vietnam war. 1812 when the comet appeared it brought the war between USA, UK and Canada.

There is a probability of big conflicts in central-Eastern Asia involving the USA. This is a warning to prevent a war with extra prayers because it would be very big if it happens. Comets portend disaster and wars. It will affect everything including the world of finances. It won't be a world war, but it could be big.

Venus Invisible April - June/July

Venus descends into the underworld April 25 at 1 degree Aries. When she becomes invisible she transforms through cycles of meeting with the Sun to become Ereshkigal, Persephone, and the Medusa. This is bad timing for new partnership agreements such as business agreements and marriages. In Eastern Europe those who perform marriages will not do so when the goddess of love is gone missing into the underworld. Make the decision to be more diplomatic and pay attention to knowledge that shows up concerning relationships and agreements.

Venus will be birthed again as an evening star in her Aphrodite phase June 28 at 20 degrees Gemini with fixed star Sirius to bless a new 9 months cycle with higher beauty and benevolent spiritual leadership.

Saturn invisible February 11 - April 12

When the planets become invisible it is their time to assemble with the Sun, the king of the solar system, to plan for their new cycle ahead.

When Saturn is invisible we can see the disappearance of some difficulties and hardships, but the elderly may suffer. Be sure to be extra mindful to care for your elderly family members and neighbors during this time.

April 12 Saturn returns visible at 21 Aquarius, the sacred Hermetic degree of information, higher knowledge, abundance, source of life and sacred holy waters that are poured over humanity. This will bring good news at the gate of the age of Aquarius.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus April 18 at 27 Aries

The end of April will be a very benevolent time for the new modern ways of financial investments, philosophy, higher learning, and innovative pioneering energy. God Anu is Uranus, the Great Awakener who engineered the human race. He is the grandfather of Jupiter, Marduk, who is also Zeus.

Since these planets are friends and family, we will see new high technology, new programs, innovations, strategies of military and police force - we will see the contradictory nature of police and military that we had seen in the recent past as they will use AI to predict and prevent crime rather than using more forced control.

Medical breakthroughs based on the individual human genome will transpire, and more advancements of using frequency medicine will become more prevalent and available.

Jupiter invisible May - June

May 4 Jupiter disappears at 1 degree Taurus on the fixed star Algol, the Medusa. The financial systems and natural foods may suffer, but there also can be the disappearance of some toxicity in the food, such as factory farming or glyphosates. The Algol star can be unpredictable.

Jupiter becomes a morning star June 4 at 8 degrees Taurus and with Perseus, trine Pluto in Capricorn in the to create better environment for financial transformation. You can permanently empower your finances. You are fully supported in making the necessary changes required on an inner level to affect your outer finances. Transformation always happens on an inner level before it can manifest in your outer environment. This gives extra empowerment to transform limiting beliefs that have inhibited finances.

Change is necessary due to the conflicting square aspect from Saturn, but the power for constructive changes to rise above any perceived limitation is available.

Are you going to make innovative and enlightened changes so that you keep up with the inflation and changes in the financial system at this time? Or are you going to be the victim of your own limiting beliefs and perceptions that have been seemingly put upon you from society or from others?

With Jupiter and Pluto in harmony, you are fully empowered when you empower your faith and your gratitude for all the abundance that you already have. This will support you in creating more abundance.

June 18 Uranus enters Taurus to join Jupiter

A new 7 years cycle begins to transform an entire section of life for each of us. It will create changes in art, beauty and money into something strange that we may not like at first, but as it continues to create change in this area of the sky, eventually, at the end of the 7 years cycle, we can evolve it into something better, more advanced and more supportive.

There will be a revolution of 3D printing of clothes, factory farming will take a hit, animal welfare will stop the barbaric cruelty of farm animals, and we will see more landslides on the earth.

The energetic pollution will cause greater destabilization on earth. The remedy is to expand the toroidal field of the heart and stay grounded in this new frequency. We are being spiritually tested.

Jupiter square Saturn August 19 - December 4

We will see drastic changes to the financial system. This will create conflict and a strong battle between the old traditional conservative system and the new ways being put upon us.

This is an energy of loss, as markets will be down during this time.

Every change of social systems happens through conflict. Spiritual awakening is necessary and fully supported during this time to help prevent humanity from falling under more control of the old draconian agendas.

June - December Uranus Sextile Neptune

This will benefit humanity for more enlightenment and evolution of spirituality.

Uranus Trine Pluto - Square Saturn

This will bring about big powerful evolutionary and revolutionary transformations for the collective on a subconscious level that will contribute to powerful innovations in the outer world of form.

Comet Tsuchinsan-ATLAS

A new comet that was detected in 2023 will reach its brightest October 12, in constellation Virgo near Arcturus. It is expected to become as bright as the most luminous stars. Comets always have portended some war or conflict and destructive influence, and since this is visiting the Virgo section of the sky and the star Arcturus with the tail of the dragon, we can expect some men of nobility, fruits of our labors and the fruits of the earth to have problems. Take extra care and protection with your prayers and faith, and you will rise above.

The emphasis this year is of Aquarius to focus us on our spirituality awakening and for higher minded community. We have strong Pisces energy for increase in the karma of the collective, and the Aries energies, bringing more pioneering, conflict and greater will-power.


Remain very strong in faith. Do not give in to any fears or worries and do not violate traditional morals. We are being tested in 2024.

Will you choose to fall into traps of fears, worries and anxiety or will you trust with powerful faith in our prayers and innocence? This is how we change our reality. It only takes one person with strong prayers and faith in order to transform the collective karma. Our faith, spirituality and morals are being tested. This is the time for making a choice.

Humanity will elect to support those leaders who promise to make the biggest changes, which reflects the big shadow of endurism of suffering, which is the flip side of escapism. The endurism response is due to the false perception of powerlessness.

Instead, follow the path of least resistance. Make the decisions to prioritize according to your values and your joy rather than remaining frozen in enduring suffering.

This is a year for discernment, responsibility and decisions... important decisions. Rather than passively waiting for something to happen on its own to change, we must decide and take immediate action. This is when the Universe will move in our favor.

If in our heart we are in conflict, the wars happen in the outer world too. The outer world is always a reflection of the inner world. This is Universal Law. Being caught up in destruction and suffering always causes war, and it begins within ourselves. The thoughts we choose to focus on always grow more powerful.

We are being called to deeply know our values, and become as aware as possible of the possible outcomes of each possible decision. Make discerning decisions based on the visions of what life will look like even after you die. What type of legacy are you leaving behind after your death for future generations? This is how to know our deepest values and best decisions, and then take action based on these decisions.

We are being called to remind each other to not lose sight of goodness. Remind one another of the magic of life on Earth to restore faith in Humanity.

A good question to ask yourself this year, in any situation is, "How can I highlight the best?"

Make conscious choices to change the trajectory of humanity.

This is the year to step up and make powerful decisions based on your highest values rather than falling into desire for destruction or enduring any suffering.

Here are 4 Steps to Transform Suffering

  1. Accept what is.

  2. Use what is to define what is wanted.

  3. See with your words, thoughts, actions what you can do to take steps in the direction of what you do want.

  4. When there is nothing left to do or when you confront resistance, release the resistance by simply intending to do so.

As above, so below,

As below, so above.

As within, so without.

As with the Universe, so it is with the soul.

And God knows better.

Have a beautiful and powerful year full of joy, love, gratitude, health and abundance.


I will be hosting a prayer workshop Saturday January 6. Come learn or refresh yourself with the powerful knowledge of how to co-create a better world with your prayers. It is ripe timing to pray at higher levels with greatest potency and power so that you can most effortlessly affect greatest change for yourself, your family, your loved ones and your community. Learn to how to most simply have greatest impact of your authentic beauty and innate genius on the planet, influencing the trajectory of our reality. This will be online via Zoom. RSVP here.


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