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New Lunar Cycle - Prosperity Portal Invitation - Astrology for the week of August 13

Special Prosperity Portal Opportunity!

I am offering an exclusive sliding scale investment opportunity for my Introductory Astrology Consultation through Venus retrograde or until spaces fill. You can now choose to save almost up to 60% off of the regular investment price.

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Venus Cazimi - Perseids Meteor Shower - Sirius Rising!

Venus retrograde is exact conjunct the Sun today! She is meeting with the king of the solar system to offer up all that no longer serves us in matters of relationships and finances to be burned out by the intense heat and light for transformation for the alchemy required to begin a new cycle of prosperity, love, business and values in her new morning star phase as Athena, goddess of wisdom, friendship and partnership. What are you lovingly no longer tolerating? What new standards are you raising in these Venusian areas of your life?

Today is a day for insight and surrender. What has been coming up for review in areas of relationship and prosperity? Which such Venusian matters are naturally coming to light today? What needs to be surrendered into the alchemical fires of solar transformation? You can read more about the current Venus retrograde cycle here: Venus' Retrograde Journey - Living Deeper in the Heart - July 22 - September 3

A most important astronomical/astrological event of August is the rising of our Mother-Father Star Sirius, a third of the holy trinity, marking the beginning of the Spiritual New Year. Occult empowerment secrets of this star are revealed in my blog post here: Ancient Secrets of the Most Powerful Star and Our Spiritual New Year! -Sirius Rising-

I have already seen the heliacal rise of Sirius in Texas, but the higher your latitude, the later you'll see it. Watch for Sirius in your morning sky for your new cycle omens and to welcome your new year of inner wisdom!

Learn about the Perseids meteor shower and the protection it brings for us now, as it's at its culmination today! Perseids Meteor Shower - Strengthen the Soul - August Astrology

August 16 - Moon Conjunct Sun

The August 16 Moon conjunct the Sun at 29 degrees Cancer square Uranus in Aries marks the change from one lunar cycle into the next. While the moon is dark and hidden under the rays of the Sun, we feel internal changes happening and all that no longer serves us from the previous lunar cycle coming up to be purged or put into new planning for the incoming lunar cycle.

This is a wrapping up of the cycle that began July 17-18 with the New Moon, and culminated with August's Full Moon of Power. It has been a challenging alchemical cycle, with intense heat and explosive fires, which I predicted in Divine Alchemy of the New Moon.

During the dark moon at the final degree of Cancer August 16 - 18 is time to tend to family, home, ancestral and emotional matters. All shadow work is supported during this time, as our shadows are coming up to be healed and integrated.

This is perfect timing for detoxification of the gut, as the sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, which is a reflection of our gut health. Fasting our thoughts for purification with extra mediation, purging of clutter, cleaning and reorganizing the home and being at home with your family are all fully supported during the dark Cancer moon. All that we can do to let go of and integrate what's past to make space for what we want to bring in is supported, especially if there is any old unforgiveness or limiting ancestral beliefs keeping us stagnant.

These days may feel shocking, explosive and turbulent with the sun and moon at the final degrees of Cancer square Uranus in Aries, the Great Revolutionary, but ultimately it is for our evolution and learning.

More intense alchemy of heat, firey explosions and possible earthquakes can be expected as these planets continue to square Uranus in Aries from the turbulent final degrees of Cancer conjunct the fixed stars in the Hyrda, which is another gorgon dragon, similar to the Medusa, which I wrote of in the Perseids Meteor Shower - Strengthen the Soul - August Astrology .

Venus retrograde in the underworld beneath the ocean of Cancer and conjunct the head of the Hydra dragon in a conflicting communication with Uranus, the Great Awakener in the final malefic degrees of Aries, constellation of firey war was exact August 9 during the lunar cycle of the The Alchemical New Moon resulted in the beautiful Venusian Hawaiian island in the Cancer ocean being suddenly and shockingly consumed under disasterous flames.

Let's continue to pray for our beautiful Venusian islands, for grace, recovery, healing and truth under these explosive alchemical transits.

In honor of continuance of more Divine Alchemy, I'm including an excerpt from my blog post on this lunar cycle we are now wrapping up "Divine Alchemy of the New Moon":

Divine alchemy is the art of transmutation, the application of spiritual consciousness to physical form, so profound that an entirely new form evolves. It is irreversible change. It is the coal transformed into the diamond, the lead of sleeping matter, awakened into the radiant gold of consciousness.

Successful alchemical transmutation requires patience, courage and a belief in the power of Infinite Source of Creation that is God/Spirit, above all else. The radical and permanent transformation effected by divine alchemy may seem miraculous to the outsider viewing the changed form; yet the alchemist knows that when spiritual consciousness meets physical matter, the world will never be the same again.

August 17 - 18 - New Lunar Crescent

We see the first lunar crescent appear after sunset August 17 at 18 degrees Leo and with Mercury and Mars phasing into invisiblity conjunct the fixed stars of astrology and occult knowledge. This stelium of 4 spheres in Leo are restricted with a very powerful Saturn opposing them.

Retrograde Saturn, the planet of government and systems is at very powerful position at his acronical rise on the genitals of Aquarius, the sign of humanity and community, opposing the planets in Leo. The government and systems that are in place can have more underhanded secret deceptive actions to keep humanity in a state of fear and codependency that can be challenging to reveal. In order to reveal the truths we will need to be patient, discerning and take our time with putting in extra effort. Only then will we be rewarded with the knowledge we seek.

Mars Invisible

Mars has already journeyed into the underworld in much of the world, and is calculated to go invisible in my Texas sky August 30. He will stay invisible hidden under the Sun's rays through February here, and through May in the northern latitudes at least. You can keep a lookout for him disappearing in the evening sunset, and reappearing next year as a morning star.

Beware of underhanded attacks, manipulation and meanness. This is Nirgal, the ancient god of the underworld, sneaking undercover where he is at his most malevolent.

These attacks can be upon those of rightful leadership, or around August 18 - 21 it can be a deceptive attack on our health and sciences.

Men especially in business may have more challenges, and women can have problems with men having deceptive secret scandals, or just not stepping up into their healthy masculinity.

The shadow side of masculinity will be prevalent, just like the shadow feminine is prevalent when Venus is in the underworld. Mars journeys into the underworld every two years, but this shadow cycle is longer than usual.

August 18-20 - Retrograde Venus Rising

A new 9 month cycle begins when we see Venus appear as a morning star above the eastern horizon! What will you be you co-creating with Venus when she births new? The beginning of a cycle shows the whole.

Retrograde Venus is heliacaly rising in most parts of the world as a morning star at 22 Cancer. It will be time to welcome what is beginning to show up to be revised in finances, values and relationships. What have you been learning about these areas of your life since July? What is being integrated? What needs revising and replanning?

It will still not be time for taking new outward actions in areas of finances, beauty, love, relationships and values until after Venus turns direct September 3. I invite you to learn more about this Venus retrograde cycle if you have not already: Venus' Retrograde Journey - Living Deeper in the Heart

There is a portal of prosperity and creativity beginning to open up, but we must take centered and aligned action to become victorious, as Venus is not naturally strong in Cancer. What revisions and changes have you been putting off that can align you with greater abundance? What are you envisioning to create from the heart?

With Venus appearing as a morning star retrograde in Cancer, we are being asked to see, heal, integrate and revise ancestral patterns so that we can step into higher levels of our soul evolution and reap greater rewards as Venus turns direct September 3.

The revisioning of any limiting beliefs that we have inherited from our ancestors, their environments and our childhood environments when it comes to relationships, prosperity and creativity is fully supported by this new Venus phase. When we do this advanced spiritual work of identifying any old stories and patterns that have kept us from living our fullest potential, and revise and rewrite this for ourselves, then new portals of prosperity and potentiality open up. From these Venus retrograde revisions, we move into higher levels to support us in evolving to manifest our new creations and attract from higher octaves. In turn, this mindful repatterning can create new legacies for our lineage, we can birth new projects by embodying this new healthier persepctive, and our relationships and finances receive upgrades for the the new Venus cycle!


Women's Prosperity Portal Invitation - August 18

I invite you to join me for a New Moon Prosperity Portal Activation as a holy trinity is birthed full of radiance to reflect our own potentiality.

Our Mother-Father star, Sirius, the first Lunar Crescent, who is the Queen of Heaven birthed into the star of leadership and occult knowledge in Leo, and Venus, goddess of love, beauty, prosperity and pleasure are all being birthed into their new phases.

We will harness this holy trinity shining down upon us to launch this new prosperity portal for success and fulfillment at higher levels than before. We will recreate new patterns and beliefs to take us out of fear, lack and scarcity, and into more love, optimal attunement and higher potential.

We will literally rewrite the stories of our past that have kept us from gracefully stepping up into our next levels, so that we can be a pure embodiment of the Feminine Frequency of Fortune and flourish into new expanded heights of what's acceptable to us.

It is perfect timing for a completely new paradigm shift as we birth into a fresh new holy trinity cycle.

When we both observe and embody the energies of these cycles from a place of knowledge and wisdom, we transcend our own soul's blueprint we were birthed into. In turn, we can evolve our entire family legacy. Old patterns that have kept us frozen or hidden are cleared. The path towards your highest visions and aspirations is cleared. You are an embodied Creatrix.

Let's initiate this new cycle together, in sacred sisterhood ceremony.

Click the button below to RSVP, and join the Astrology for High Achieving Women Facebook Group where the community magic is happening, and where instructions will be to prepare yourself for an extra-ordinary journey into the upper levels.

Are you ready to accept the greater joy and fulfillment that is your Birthright?...

I invite you to experience the greater joy, fulfillment and the success from experiencing your highest potential that is your birthright by learning to become the living embodiment of your genius.

"Know thyself and to thine own self be true."

Free yourself from the prison of indecision, lack of confidence, fear, limiting beliefs and societal programming.

You can step fully into the high levels of your soul’s evolution using the royal art of ancient Babylonian astrology, the Queen of all sciences, paired with evolutionary energy healing techniques plus very simple 3D remedies for cleaning the karma and clearing and repatterning old habits and traumas that hold you back.

Step into the upper levels that you have envisioned for yourself, your family and your legacy, and live your most exquisite journey.

Ancient astrology has been used by royalty to chart their best strategies since the beginning of documented time.

This is not the astrology modern mainstream society is using. This is based on the actual astronomy, which is reflective of your deep soul blueprint and gifts. We are peeling back the layers from the matrix and getting down to your soul blueprint and highest potentiality.

Contact me or book a consultation at the button below. You are meant to be the living embodiment of your Soul's Genius in full support of Heaven and Earth.


August Moon Conjunct Sun - Babylonian Fixed Sky (astronomical/sidereal)


Chart of Appearance of First Lunar Crescent - Babylonian Fixed (sidereal/astronomical)


Watch the New Moon video and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Much Love, Joy and Gratitude,



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