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August Full Moon of Power

August 1 the very powerful full moon culminates in the heart of the Capricornus goat-fish, with the Sun in the mystic and foggy nebula of Cancer. The nebula on the belly of the Crab is a cloud, and this metaphor translates quite literally...

The full moon is always a culmination and illumination of the current cycle. The moon is considered fallen in Capricorn, but the 14th degree the moon is in gives optimistic benevolence to help balance out the "fallen moon" aspect. In these degrees of Capricorn we have clairvoyance, but we can also have disturbed sleep over meaningless worry, nervousness and anxiousness due to the fullness of the moon and cloudy aspect of the opposing Sun. So that our clairvoyance isn't clouded by worry or anxiousness, we will want to create balance by connecting with nature and gratitude.

With the waning moon, it's not complimentary to begin any new endeavors or initiatives if you want to see results. Study, sharing knowledge, continued work, organization, healing practices are all favored.

If you feel melancholy during this time, it's helpful to connect with nature in order to harmonize with this Capricorn moon cycle, as the effects of the Capricorn full moon will stay with us until the Moon joins the Sun to mark the change in the lunar cycle on August 16. We can begin any new initiatives after we see the first lunar crescent August 17.

Mercury is opposing Saturn exact August 1 and 2, which can require extra patience and diligence with our communications, understanding and travel. Saturn is asking for discernment, diplomacy and integrity in our communications and to be diligent with our thoughts. Our thoughts are creating. What do you want to create? Is what you're thinking about yourself and others constructive or destructive?

This week we have the three planets in Leo, Venus, Mercury and then Mars, disappearing into the underworld burned out by the Sun. Depending on your latitude, you may have already experienced the disappearance of these three planets. When they journey to meet with the Sun, the king of our Solar System, it is their time to revise and reassess, put to death what no longer serves us in these areas of life ruled by these planets so that something new can be birthed to begin again in new cycles as constructive morning stars.

Mercury, who has influence over our mind, travels so near to the Sun, he's rarely visible. You can read my post about the Venus retrograde and invisibility for a more more in depth prediction here.

Mars will be traveling under the Sun's rays until next year. Mars can be most malefic when he's invisible, especially if you were born when the Sun was above the horizon. He can influence to the surface meanness, fighting, underhandedness, destructive weather, accidents and other malevolence. Be more careful during his underworld journey. Mars has greatest affect over those born when the astronomical constellation of Aries or Scorpio was rising, or if Mars is your almuten. If you would like to know your natal blueprint and what's to come so that you can be diligent with the astrological weather, I invite you to learn more by clicking the link below.

With Jupiter watching from Aries as he forms a harmonious fire trine to the planets in Leo and an opportunistic sextile to Saturn in the air sign of Aquarius, faith, optimism, gratitude and believing in our good fortune is what is helping us the most this week.

Have faith, joy and trust in Life! Remember to believe you are a deserving child of God/good. When we believe in our good fortune and stay faithful and with harmonious and diplomatic intentions, nothing can harm us.

Much Love,



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