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Ancient Secrets of the Most Powerful Star and Our Spiritual New Year! -Sirius Rising-

The most sacred moment of the year occurs with the heliacal rising of the fixed star Sirius.

We are celebrating the Divine New Year in August as we observe with reverence in our being the benevolent blue-white rainbow flickering brilliance of Sirius freshly birthing as a morning star.

Recognized and honored by every ancient culture all over the world, Sirius A is the white blue binary star of our Sun, is the star of Divine Spiritual Leadership and 20x brighter than the Sun.

For roughly 13,000 years our Sun and Sirius move away from each other, and then complete their symbiotic orbit moving towards each other for another 13,000 years. Their orbit marks the Great Platonic Year (25,800 years) which creates the precession of the equinoxes. In this relationship it is the Father/Mother to our Sun.

It has been documented that as we move towards Sirius, as we are now, we are on a path of evolution and see our Mother-Father star as primarily brilliant blue-white. The white-blue brilliance is purely benevolent and predicts/reflects our spiritual evolution and purification happening for our solar system. When we are fallen into the darker ages, we are moving away from Sirius and see it as red color.

Sirius is in the heart of Canis Major and projected into approximately 19 degrees Gemini in the fixed Babylonian zodiac, which is astronomical (sidereal). It has magnitude of -1.5 which is about as bright as Venus. It is the brightest star in the sky, and the fixed stars always are more powerful and have hierarchy over the orbiting planets.

The ancients referred to Sirius as the Arrow of Saturn, Ninurta, the diety of agriculture, war, high level leadership and in even earlier times, healing. Ninurta was the first depicted with the double-headed eagle.

It is a star of spiritual leadership, rulership, abundance and power. It is referred to in America as the dog star, ominous for the dog-days of summer when Sirius' appearance in the morning sky coincides with the drought season of intense heat and light.

The divinely inspired forefathers of America chose the day the Sun was conjunct Sirius, July 4, for the day to birth America with the signing of the declaration of independence and while Aldebaran, the Star of wealth and winning in the eye of the celestial bull (Taurus) was rising heliacaly. America is influenced by Sirius, a divinely protected country.

Thousands of people in the Balkans go into the mountains to watch for the rising of Sirius every year to celebrate the spiritual new year with festivities, prayers and dancing, and to see the omens for the new year.

Hermes says Sirius is the star of nobility, power, kingship, leadership and wealth. The observation of Sirius rising gives a push towards awakening to the most high vibrations. Those with this star unafflicted on certain key positions in their horoscope have protection from even the most powerful dark forces and this star is giving them luck, leadership and abundance.

It is believed by many that Jesus Christ and many benevolent spiritual masters came from Sirius.

The ancients arranged their entire civilizations in accordance with the stars, the affairs of State, agriculture and so forth. The genius of the dog-star is the one who indicates the inundations of the Nile. The flooding of the Nile commences when Sirius appears heliacaly rising. It has always been known as a powerful time of rebirth, abundance, spiritual advancement and a shift into a higher state of consciousness.

I invite you to rise early and welcome the rising of Sirius and pray for our world for Divine Spiritual Liberation and awakening, a smooth transition into the upper levels of evolution and for the destruction of the final throws of evil.

To find Sirius in your area, I recommend an astronomical app such as Starwalk that works with your phone's compass. There are many apps to help you find the stars. Sirius will rise before the sun, now in Texas and later with the higher latitudes. Watch for the colors and brilliance and flicker, pay attention to what your six senses pick up in the environment when you first see Sirius appear for the birth omens of your spiritual new year.

While the exact heliacal rising of Sirius ultimately depends on the latitude of your location, August 8 is a well known power day due to the honoring of opening of the portal with the numerology of 88, which is synonymous to the manifesting energy of our infinite potential.

We also have the timing of the Perseids meteor shower with good visibility through August and peaking August 12 - 13, so keep a lookout in the sky. Meteor showers are very powerful to observe!

Hermes wrote about the fixed star Sirius,

"And if you find, in the nativity of someone, this fixed star of the nature of Jupiter and Mars, in the ascendant or in the MC, he will be a master of soldiers and will be great in his actions and famous in far-away countries.

"He will be receiving lands, cities and gold and until these are in his possession he will distribute them as he wants and everyone will obey him and he will make all people rich, will be gentlemen, praised by all, strong in his rule, wise in his contracts, someone who loves people and trusts everyone, he will not like the belicose, he will have success in everything he wants, intelligent, rich with lot of money.

"He likes when he is praised and he likes when people talk good about him and will die a good death and will be handsome and God knows better"

-Hermes Trismegistus ON THE FIXED STARS

“What is the most beautiful moment in the 24 hours of the day? The most beautiful moment is the rising and setting of the Sun. The second beautiful moment is the rising and setting of Venus. A third beautiful moment is the rising and setting of Sirius. These are the three most important moments in a person’s life. The sun represents the Divine life, which constantly rises in the human soul. Venus represents the Divine Love, which seeks a way to penetrate the human heart. Sirius symbolizes God’s Wisdom. Whoever thinks that he can acquire the Divine life without observing the rising of the Sun, he deceives himself; whoever thinks that he can experience the Love of God without observing the rising of Venus, he deceives himself; and finally, whoever thinks he can become a scholar or acquire bright, poetic thoughts without watching the rising of Sirius, and he deceives himself. By observing the Sun, Venus and Sirius, you will reach the beautiful side in them.”

“I recommended you to get up in the morning when Sirius rises or when the Venus the Morning Star rises. If you want to bring something good into your soul, get up in the morning and look at the Morning Star when it rises. Get up 40-50 times for this and you will see what a transformation you will have in your soul. Get up in the morning not to look at the Sun as usual, but see something special. See the first ray and then you may not even wait for the Sun. You can leave before sunrise. The first ray of the Sun is like a small star. Once the Sun rises, no star is visible.”

"All the planets have their purpose. On them live advanced beings. They are more advanced in age and in wisdom than us, because they have emerged from God much earlier than us. Their wisdom is so great that the culture of the modern world, in comparison with the culture of Sirius is in its infancy. One day, when our solar system will finish its development, it will go the way of Sirius and then we will have completely different conceptions of things.... Often go out to watch Sirius. In August it rises in the east some time before the sunrise. And anyone who is sensitive, he will feel that in starts trembling a quiet joy. This joy is presentiment of that great happiness that awaits man when he goes to live on Sirius. In Sirius there is a harder life than in the solar system because it is more advanced as a system. In the distant future, you will leave this system to go to Sirius."

-Beinsa Douno

Binary Star System Path of Sirius and our Sun-

8:00 am CST August 8, 2023 - "Lion's Gate 888 Portal" - Regulus Rising (The Royal star in the Heart of Leo) - Sun moving from claw of Cancer and into the mouth of Leo - Sirius rising before the Sun!-

If you are feeling stuck, indecisive, have questions or desire guidance about your divinely inspired purpose in leadership in your life, and how the map of your soul blueprint based on the moment you took your first breath of life can help guide you to your most exquisite path of your authentic highest destiny and evolution, I invite you book a consultation with me by clicking on the button below.

You were given the map of your destiny upon entrance into this life based on the positions of every celestial body at your birth. The ancient royal art of astrology is available for whomever chooses this knowledge.

Much Love and Joy for the Sirius New Year,


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