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Divine Alchemy of the New Moon - July Prayers and Invitations

Today marks a critical point with the Moon exact conjunct the Sun and the fixed star Pollux. Pollux and Castor are the Gemini twins, and while Castor is of the nature of Mercury and Jupiter, Pollux is of the energy of purely Mars, marking him the "evil twin". With this exact conjunction of the Sun and Moon at the critical degree of Pollux we have a strong malefic Mars influence over the entire incoming moon cycle.

The fixed star Pollux has always been observed to be merciless, full of plunder, against spirituality, wicked and not discerning between good and evil. Pollux also gives good speech and many words, distributing wrongdoings.

The time of the Sun/Moon conjunction always marks a change into a new moon expression for a new cycle ahead before welcoming a new lunar crescent and beginning new actions at the sighting of the crescent moon.

However, this new cycle can be potently marked with the energy of inner and outer earthquakes and fires to influence the following 30 days until the next Sun/Moon conjunction in August, with the culmination of these energies on August 1 with the full moon.

What's seen outside of ourselves, in our world, environment and relationships, is always an expression/mirror of the inner world. And we can experience this firey earthquake energy to be seen within the collective emotions, thoughts and more personal environment.

These potent energies exist to show more clearly what's malevolent so that we take righteous action with sustained passion and effort, first within ourselves in order to create effective change in the reality around us.

Also reaching culmination just after the first lunar crescent appears in the Sky, marking the birth of the new lunar cycle, Mars will oppose Saturn to be exact on Thursday July 20, then the Sun will oppose Pluto Friday July 21, and Pluto is already square the nodes of the moon all month.

This week is teaching us patience and is an evolutionary stepping stone from one way of life into another for us all, coinciding with America's Pluto return, still in the beginning stages of 3 year-long death and rebirth process of permanent transformation, which began earlier this year. This can unearth more dark secrets, fears and manipulative tactics so that we can purge these lower shadows and make space for evolution and shift into higher realities.

On Tuesday July 18 when we see the first lunar crescent appear after sunset, it is time to begin new actions and activities that we had contemplated during the invisibility phase of the moon. Mercury will be in rare phase of visibility in this early evening Sky with the first lunar crescent in Cancer, after the Sun also moves into Cancer, bringing our thoughts and focus to home and family.

The gift and blessing in this new Cancer cycle is with the home, family and motherhood. Remembering to hold family as highest priority especially during this cycle is what will assist with gracefully transmuting any irritating, frustrating, fearful or impatient energies into Gold.

If you're estranged from your family or have disharmonious family karma playing out, spoken prayers of forgiveness, love and gratitude for your family and for the simple fact that your parents gave you Life will more gracefully alchemize and bless this new cycle into it's highest expression for you, your environment and those around you.

Keep reading for special invitations to charge this cycle with our alchemical prayers and intentions, plus a sacred sisterhood ceremony for activation under this potent new lunar crescent...

Divine alchemy is the art of transmutation, the application of spiritual consciousness to physical form, so profound that an entirely new form evolves. It is irreversible change. It is the coal transformed into the diamond, the lead of sleeping matter, awakened into the radiant gold of consciousness.

Successful alchemical transmutation requires patience, courage and a belief in the power of Infinite Source of Creation that is God/Spirit, above all else. The radical and permanent transformation effected by divine alchemy may seem miraculous to the outsider viewing the changed form; yet the alchemist knows that when spiritual consciousness meets physical matter, the world will never be the same again.

For further integrating of these beautiful alchemical energies, I am hosting a New Lunar Crescent Activation to come together with my Sisters in the power and support of community and ceremony. This invitation is for women who are ripe and ready for leaving the shadows behind and coming into the Light to benefit from this circle of beautiful Divine Feminine group energy. If not for you, I invite you to pass this invitation to any woman who can benefit. Learn more and RSVP at the link below.

The time is ripe to be grateful for the blessings of divine alchemy! What needs to be alchemized and healed in your life?

We are being reminded over and over again how powerful we are as Co-Creators. We have the gift of free will, and as we manifest a beautiful new reality the old must be transmuted.

I invite you to contribute prayers to begin this lunar cycle to integrate the inevitable Divine Alchemy -

Thank you God for the healing blessing of divine alchemy. May I be gifted with unassailable faith in the complete healing transformation possible with higher consciousness. May that which has become damaged, be repaired. May the consciousness that has become diminished be revived into unconditional love. May all divine alchemists that serve unconditional love be empowered, supported, sustained, inspired and motivated in their work until they manifest the divine potential seeking to be liberated through their service. Through Divine will and my own free will, so be it.

I invite you to speak aloud -

I choose of my own free will, through this and all lifetimes, and through all layers of my entire being, to release any doubt or fear of my ability to know and embody higher consciousness. I choose to place unconditional trust in the loving transformational power of consciousness and cultivate my own awareness daily, aligning it into unconditional love. May the blessing of divine alchemy restore my physical reality into absolute alignment with God's will in unconditional love. May all divine alchemists be so empowered that together, we create Heaven on Earth for all. Through divine grace and perfection of God, so be it.

May divine alchemy prevail and restore all of creation to its authentic shining glory. According to divine compassion and in service to the great divine plan of love unfolding, so be it.

I invite you to finish the healing process with this affirmation, said aloud three times:

Through my surrendered service, divine alchemy heals and transforms me and my world.

...And God knows better.

Did you know that at the moment you took your first breath, every star and planet were aligned in perfect communication of sacred geometric patterns, above and below the horizon, to reflect your soul's blueprint, expression and destiny for your entire lifetime?

Until just recently, the most pure and ancient form of astrology was used strictly by royalty, found documented only in the royal libraries. Since ancient times dated back to 5500bc and still today, powerful and influencial leaders have had a personal astrologer as their most prominent guide.

And still today, aren't we all of the Royal lineage as children of God, and therefore deserving of the evolutionary and alchemical guidance that ancient astrology has to offer?

I've opened space on my calendar for only a handful of discovery calls to help identify any old patterns that may be holding you back, so that we can create a customized plan to support you in living your highest soul purpose in full expression of your soul's most exquisite gifts, so that you can live within the optimal attunement and fulfillment that is your birthright.

If you feel called, I invite you to book your Complimentary Visioning Call with me by clicking the button below.

Chart of the Sun - Moon Conjunction (modern "new moon") - July 17 at 1:32pm cst

Chart of the New Moon (appearance of First Lunar Crescent) - July 18 after sunset

Be joyful!

Tammy Antoinette


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