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Venus' Retrograde Journey - Living Deeper in the Heart - July 22 - September 3

Venus is the heart.

She is the deity of love, art, sensual pleasures, fertility, relationships, friendship, and the feminine frequency of prosperity.

Collectively Venus is a reflection of our heart, our beauty, our value, our self worth, our net worth... both inner and outer. She is a reflection of the Divine Feminine aspects within us.

If Venus is your almuten, you are literally a small copy of Venus. Whatever she is doing, so are you. If you have had personal consultations with me, you know which planet is your almuten and how paying attention to just that one and only planet as your mirror can give great insight, deep meaning and connection into your evolutionary journey every step of the way.

Venus in her current evening star phase as Aphrodite in the Greek texts, and Ishtar of Uruk in ancient Egypt and Babylon, has begun her descent through a portal of possibilities and temptations in the areas of life she rules over. She is embarking on the part of her journey which grants her greater wisdom, knowledge and healing in preparation for her new cycle ahead.

The around 40 days retrograde cycle of Venus is reflective of the Biblical story of the temptation of Christ, detailed in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. After being baptized, Jesus was tempted by the devil for 40 days and nights in the Judaean Desert. Jesus refused every deadly sin presented to him, then the devil departed and Jesus returned to Galilee to begin his ministry. During this entire time of spiritual battle, Jesus was fasting.

Venus is asking us to reflect and honestly answer and re-answer the questions from the heart:

Are your values in line with your potentiality and are you a living embodiment of what you desire from your Heart or are you giving in to the emptiness of instant gratification in order to avoid something?

What, in these Venusian areas of life (and your entire being if she is your almuten), needs to be reviewed, integrated, revised and then put into action in the proper seat of evolutionary power?

It is a time when past lovers, friends and other relationships, or relationship issues can come up for review and to integrate their teachings. It is not a time to begin a new relationship or create a new partnership agreement such as a marriage or business contract, if you desire it to be harmonious long-term.

This is also a time to review your finances and business relationships, but take your time, be diplomatic and reasonable, and wait until Venus is visible and direct as a morning star before putting any new plans you've been revising into action.

Be mindful with indulgent spending, buying new art, clothing or any new beauty transformations or trends. You may completely change your mind about such investments when Venus turns direct. It is good timing to find really good deals on items of beauty which are equally as useful as they are beautiful, such as second-hand clothing or furnishings. People will be purging their luxuries and pricing them below their value.

Venus will become invisible descending into the underworld for her journey as Persephone or Ishara, burned out by the rays of the Sun around August 2, before she meets exact conjunct the Sun August 12 to be purified, then begins her ascent to be rebirthed as a morning star. Her purification under the Sun's rays commences her transformation into priestess goddess Isis, initiate of the light, around August 18 here in Texas (You may see her death and rebirth period as later or earlier depending on your latitude.).

When she begins her descent into the underworld rays of the Sun to become queen of the underworld, she will be transitioning back from the fire of Leo and into the nebulous waters of the Cancer nebula, August 2 - 7. This is her second of three transitions from fire to water, and this time while she is stripped down naked upon her descent can feel uncomfortable and very revealing of anything inharmonious that we've been hiding from ourselves or others.

August 9 the goddess of the underworld will square Uranus for the second of three passes. Expect the unexpected on this day. Whatever surprises present themselves can feel unnerving, but ultimately it is for our evolution.

August 12 when Venus is conjunct the Sun to be purified before she begins her ascent as a morning star, pay attention to higher truths revealed and take them to heart as blessings of knowledge and wisdom for the journey ahead.

August 20 -21 as freshly born again Venus, in her form as wisdom priestess Isis, goddess of 10,000 names, slows down to prepare to station direct, she will square Jupiter for the second of three passes. Jupiter is stopped to prepare to turn retrograde at this timing. Venus standing in a square-off to standing Jupiter can mirror gluttonous overindulgences to the detriment of our mental, emotional and physical health. It is important to always keep our Jupiter blessings of faith and optimism, but throwing all sense of reasoning and discernment out the window could result in regrets with this conflicting aspect.

The antidotes to the deadly sin of gluttony are in regularly practicing the habits of gratitude and the cardinal virtue of temperance, sobriety and prudence. To combat the dark forces of gluttony in all its forms, whether hidden or obvious, we can cultivate regular practice and ritual that becomes a habit, such as prayer and gratitude for all you are given and graciously giving to those in need.

If you are a high-achieving woman who would benefit from a high-minded empowering Sisterhood experience as we more intimately journey through the support system of the Cosmos, I invite you to join me in the Astrology for High Achieving Women Sisterhood.

We are cultivating and being supported on this very powerful and alchemical journey so that we can ride these waves of power rather than feeling plumented. Join me, Sister, and rise with your tribe!

If this is a tribe that feels aligned with you, click on the button below to join. Or if someone you know comes to mind who would benefit, I invite you to share this invitation with her.

Saturn in current opposition to Venus at the beginning of this retrograde cycle is asking her to be discerning, be realistic, stick with a plan, use her knowledge, and have integrity to follow through with determination and focus as she faces him head-on and will do so again after she moves forward. Saturn can be stern and strict, but he loves Venus, and when she rises again as a morning star she will be rewarded greatly if she's passed his tests.

Our story of Venus' alchemical descent will bless us with great wisdom, knowledge and power for upright and clear actions moving forward.

What story of alchemy, power and wisdom is up for review? What is your new story that you're rewriting to step into?

Your unique alchemical codes of ascension are in your own ancient astrological blueprint.

The moment you took your first breath, every star and planet were aligned in perfect communication of sacred geometric patterns, above and below the horizon, to reflect your soul's blueprint, expression, path of evolution, alchemy and ascension for your entire lifetime.

Until just recently, the most pure and ancient form of astrology was used strictly by royalty, found documented only in the royal libraries. Since ancient times dated back to 5500bc and still today, powerful and influencial leaders have had a personal astrologer as their most prominent guide.

And still today, aren't we all of the Royal lineage as children of God, and therefore deserving of the evolutionary and alchemical guidance that ancient astrology has to offer?

If you have not booked your Visioning Call with me yet, now is perfect time. Space is filling up fast on my calendar. Let's get together one on one to identify any old patterns that may be holding you back, so that we can create a customized plan to support you in living your highest soul purpose in full expression of your soul's most exquisite gifts, so that you can live within the optimal attunement and fulfillment that is your birthright.

I invite you to book your Complimentary Visioning Call with me by clicking the button below.

I invite you to contribute prayers to begin this cycle of Venus' descent to integrate the inevitable Divine Alchemy -

Thank you God for the healing blessing of divine alchemy. May I be gifted with unassailable faith in the complete healing transformation possible with higher consciousness. May that which has become damaged, be repaired. May the consciousness that has become diminished be revived into unconditional love. May all divine alchemists that serve unconditional love be empowered, supported, sustained, inspired and motivated in their work until they manifest the divine potential seeking to be liberated through their service.

I choose of my own free will, through this and all lifetimes, and through all layers of my entire being, to release any doubt or fear of my ability to know and embody higher consciousness. I choose to place unconditional trust in the loving transformational power of consciousness and cultivate my own awareness daily, aligning it into unconditional love. May the blessing of divine alchemy restore my physical reality into absolute alignment with God's will in unconditional love. May all divine alchemists be so empowered that together, we create Heaven on Earth for all. Through divine grace and perfection of God, so be it.

May divine alchemy prevail and restore all of creation to its authentic shining glory. According to divine compassion and in service to the great divine plan of love unfolding, so be it.

I invite you to finish the healing process with this affirmation, said aloud three times:

Through my surrendered service, divine alchemy heals and transforms me and my world.

...And God knows better.

Babylonian fixed sky chart of evening Venus retrograde at 4 degrees Leo, and evening last starpoint at 1 degree Leo-

Babylonian fixed sky chart of morning first Venus starpoint at 22 degrees Cancer, stationed direct at 18 degrees Cancer-

The pentagram cycle of Venus, artist unknown-

Be joyful!

Much Love,

Tammy Antoinette


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