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Why Do I Practice Ancient Sidereal Astrology Rather Than Modern Astrology?

This is a common question I hear. Why do I practice ancient astrology as it was done in ancient Sumeria, Mesopotamia and Babylon and why do I not follow the modern tropical zodiac the mainstream astrologers use?

Ever since I can remember, I felt like the stars were my Home. By simply looking at the sky with my eyes, I have felt comforted and extremely homesick all at once. I've felt messages as "reminders" of why I'm here. I've seen ever-changing patterns and messages from the stars from the time I was a small child and felt I could project myself out there just as I was here on earth. The night sky has always felt to me like a place of solace and Love- Divine Love.

I studied astrology in secret and as a hobby for many years, had astrology consultations with professionals, and then one day I had my first consultation with a sidereal astrologer. The first words he spoke to me were, "Tammy, you're an astrologer!" I replied, "Well... I dabble... Actually, I can't stop myself!" He spoke, "Oh! Not yet, huh? Well, you will be. And you will be a great astrologer, not only because of this, but because of this, that and this over here!"

I felt like I finally had permission to be me instead of what society and the church told me was acceptable! I felt joy-full, relieved and had to now live in full responsibility and integrity of my passion and purpose.

I use what astrologers call the sidereal zodiac rather than the tropical zodiac. The difference is, the tropical zodiac used by modern western astrologers is based on a projected image overlay. This 2D image is not what we really see in the 3D celestial sphere. The modern tropical zodiac always places the overlay of 0 degrees Aries on the eastern horizon at the moment of the spring equinox, however, the sky is not fixed. It moves a degree every 72 years from our observation. What we now see rising at the moment of the spring equinox is actually 5 degrees Pisces in our current time. At the official beginning of the age of Aquarius, in the year 2372, we will see the change of the ages at zero degrees Aquarius rising on the eastern horizon at the spring equinox.

The sidereal zodiac is the 3D reality from earth's observation. Astrology would not happen without the participation of the observer, according to quantum entanglement and quantum physics. Astrology is the relationship between the observing human on earth of the 3D celestial sphere. "As above, so below," is the first law of Hermes.

The tropical zodiac was used in ancient times to predict the seasons and for planning farming. In the ancient royal libraries where one could find the diaries of the horoscopes, the real sidereal sky was recorded to guide our soul blueprint, life purposes, innate gifts and talents, karma, remedies and destiny. The observing Priest-Astrologer-Astronomer was the main consultant for royalty then, as they still are today.

Ancient astrology takes into account everything on the sky, rather than only what's happening on the ecliptic to divide the solar year by 12. Everything on the sky is important - all 36 constellations are there for us to see, therefor they all have an affect just as much as those on the ecliptic. One could have a prominent planet or point in Taurus, but there is a big difference between this being with the Pleiades or with Perseus or Orion, or with the fixed star Aldebaran in the eye of the bull or with Capella on the horn.

The ancient doctrines of Hermes Trismegistus have only recently been translated by astrologers within the past 15 years. These manuscripts had been translated from the ancient unspoken languages by scholars, but only an astrologer can translate an astrologer's doctrines accurately. The scholars still did not know what the meaning was, until an astrologer showed up to learn the ancient unspoken languages and translate these records of hidden knowledge. This astrologer is my teacher, Dr. Rumen Kolev. I pride myself in amazement of finding and being able to work closely with the best teachers.

The modern tropical zodiac being used today is accurate at the level of the surface personality and psychological workings. However, we can dive more deeply from this overlayed surface matrix and into the depths of the blueprint of the soul and through the soul's evolutionary path for this lifetime. We can peel off the masks and find the high purpose of this lifetime for each individual and collectively, the perfect expression, karma, challenges, remedies... When we deep dive through the soul blueprint of the individual horoscope, patterns and interactions with the moving sky, we then know thyself and to thine own self can be true. The gift in this level of simplicity is the path of joy of focus as our birthright. The macrocosmos equal the microcosmos and vice versa - As within, so without. As without, so within.. As above, so below, and as below, so above.. Our seemingly far-fetched dreams and desires become our reality by simplifying and decoding the path. We overcome the obstacles and challenges to living true to ourselves in our right work, success, health, wealth, love and in all areas of life.

The time of the first Hermes 5500 BC, the time of the documentation of the real and pure astrology as observed on the real sky over millenia was during the time of the age of Taurus, which was the peak of heightened knowledge on the planet- The Golden Age. It was the age of PLENTY and of RESOURCES. As we have descended down the ages through Aries and then through Pisces, our access to these resources and knowledge has been destroyed by the division of the Aries age and diluted by the waters of our current age of Pisces. Most astrologers today are looking at a 2D fixed image of a projection of the 3D celestial sphere. They are missing too much when not looking up at the real sky with feet on the earth. There is so much that a software replica cannot predict or observe, such as the often unpredictable heliacal rise and set of a planet such as Mars, and the changing brightness and colors of the celestial bodies that have even greater changing influence than retrogrades and transits! Of course, the computer programs that predict and look at the history of the algorithms of the Universe are very valuable for this reason, as this makes the mathematics of the Universe easy to see in record timing. We do need the screens and programs to be able to predict in completeness at the speed of light! Blessed age of Pisces for the results of the ethers!

In a horoscope, the stars of the true astrologer are of the nature of Venus with Saturn- The one who loves and desires to go to the mountains, hills, and with feet on the earth and rocks to find the hidden knowledge of the observation in connection with the sky and the human earthly learning experience. We have no choice than to be looking at the real sky in order to be true to ourselves.

We have only barely begun to see the light begin to dawn from the upcoming age of Aquarius. The Aquarian age is a shocking revolutionary air of awakening upon us from where we have been asleep in the watery depths of the Piscean age. The age of Pisces is a time of deception by illusion. Pisces literally has dominion over the 2D screens and images modern astrologers completely rely on, and what have we been learning of simply trusting an image on a screen? Of course, the age of Pisces has also brought us the gifts from learning to surrender to God Consciousness and Divine Love, where we can receive heightened intuition in this time of surrender of the ego that was prominent during the age of Aries.

Being in this beautiful earth school is quite the journey during these testing times upon us. If you are curious as to how an embodied astrologer, myself, may assist you in living your highest purpose through such pivotal times, I invite you to book a complimentary Visioning Call with me. If you're ready to jump into your natal soul blueprint and receive individual embodied soul guidance for these pivotal times, I invite you to book an Astrology Consultation.

I invite you to take a look at all of my offerings, including Energy Healing and the ViP Day at

The Universe is wise and loving.

Questions or comments? I'd love to hear from you.



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