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March 2021 - New Awakenings!

While Mars is transiting in Taurus it will conjoin Rahu by March 26th which will activate latent emotions around the world. It seems things have been very quiet. It seems so much has been occurring underground with the New Moon in Aquarius, (March 13th) conjunct Neptune. Neptune always concerns things that cannot be seen. Jupiter and Saturn were also hidden in the rays of the Sun in Capricorn concerning behind the scenes changes and more secrets on the governing and business levels. This is the month many truths will finally surface since the Sun moved on from its assembly with the planets in Capricorn. The New Moon will have Mercury, Venus, Neptune, the Sun, and Moon all in Aquarius.

The sign Aquarius is the symbol of the water bearer, the man pouring out the sacred holy waters of knowledge from the Heavens. But Aquarius is an air sign not a water sign and deals with evolutionary insights. “The meaning of the water bearer for Aquarius is that the star sign can carry the emotions and intuition of others and not be influenced by them. Aquarius has the ability to do this because carrying or transmitting water, which represents our emotions and intuition, happens through language. This has to do with their quest for higher truth.”

We know that everything happens for a Divine reason, and the politicians that are now in place around the world will uncover many of the things we are here to discover. We may not understand why it is happening, but realize the events occurring right now are in Divine order, and what we are about to see could not happen unless the events happened in the way they have.

Everything is leading to great exposure and realization. As newly born again transiting Jupiter begins to transit in Aquarius the truth will definitely come out for everyone. This truth has no sides, but again many will not believe the truth even with facts. This is the turning point that humanity will finally have to awaken to. This is the time the people become empowered, not just the corrupt leaders of countries or the elite. As transiting Jupiter nears and stations on the U.S. natal Moon in the 3rd house of communications, the lies of the media are once and for all uncovered. Free speech and freedom for new ways of thinking and even opportunities for new businesses in the area of communications will begin to open. The media will completely split and change. There will be many new avenues for our communications through the media. The powerful elite will not have control as they always have. The common people become powerful.

There have been many wars occurring in cyberspace and even under the surface and this month much of this will be revealed. There is a threat of physical war as, one way or another, people will be in conflict.

My advice this month is to be open to all opinions and ask questions, but most of all, we must listen to our intuitive guidance in the times when we feel at peace because this is where the real truth originates. There will, of course, be a variety of opposing thoughts from listening to the media. Don’t believe everything you hear and listen to your inner guidance and information that comes from your dreams and in prayer and meditation. Do not look outside yourself for guidance. We are searching for leaders to guide us, but you have the most powerful guidance speaking to you within your heart. Trust your knowingness and question all information you are exposed to. There are always two sides to a coin. One side may be provoking the other side in some way. The media on both sides is constantly fault-finding. This only provokes negativity and discord, not balance and peace, which is what we want and need in order to really be in tune.

The point I want to instill in this message is that the events around the world are happening for a Divine reason. The vast imbalance that is occurring now means the pendulum has swung in a certain direction to help us see what the opposing side can do to bring about peace and healing. As they succeed or fail we will better understand what works and what doesn’t. This will eventually bring balance to the world. This is what the Divine law wants us to see. Once this is clear we can take our power in creating a better place for humanity. But of course, as the deeply hidden truths are revealed during this year, a much better world without all the corruption and deception will unfold. Remember this could not all happen unless the current leaders were not put into play to reveal the truth. Everything happens for a Divine reason.

By the month of April, all the highs we are seeing with the stock market will begin to shift lower as transiting Jupiter shifts into Aquarius on April 5th. The Jupiter and Saturn conjunction predicted this trend but they are about to separate. As well, transiting Saturn will soon conjunct natal Ketu in the chart for the U.S. in the 2nd house of money. Saturn and Ketu in the 2nd house represent losses financially. As transiting Pluto begins to oppose natal Mercury in the U.S. natal chart in the 8th house we will see new developments in the ways we exchange money. In March, watch how the volatility of the stock market changes dramatically.

There is something big brewing as Mars and Rahu come together in Taurus for Donald Trump. The aspects for him this month indicate something he has secretly been working on, which will be revealed. According to the calculations he is an instrument or vehicle that will unravel many truths, even though he may do so accidentally. His plotting may at least somewhat be for personal and egotistical means, but regardless he will uncover unbelievable truths. His chart lights up as transiting Mars and Rahu are in his 10th house of the public and career, while transiting Jupiter creates a grand trine with his natal Sun and Rahu in the 10th house and his natal Jupiter in his 2nd house. At this time he comes forward with his future plans and reveals something that has been hidden. His stance against the mainstream media will involve an explosive event with his plans for the future. No matter how you feel about Trump, you have to see this coming with the astrological aspects to his chart. His push for a new media platform will be a new opportunity for the truth to be revealed. In some way, his power will be restored at this time. But most of all the power needs to be returned to the common people, and actually, the we have never had the power before, and this is the new awakening.


March 11: Mercury enters Aquarius

Mercury is the planet of communications and how we connect with each other. Aquarius is the sign of humanity and knowing the truth. As Mercury comes into this sign, there is an opening of information we were never able to know before. As it transits over Neptune on March 30th many unbelievable truths will be revealed.

March 13: New Moon 28 degrees Aquarius

The New Moon is conjunct Neptune meaning many truths are revealed. During this time as the truth surfaces, many opposing beliefs are blasting the airwaves. We must be discerning in our thinking and rely on our inner knowing as the truth is buried under all the defending and confusing information. Neptune still keeps us in the dark as it represents illusion, but this aspect means what is being revealed will heal the long-standing deception in the area of the media.

March 16: Venus enters Pisces

Venus is exalted in Pisces representing extreme power in the areas Venus rules, however in a hidden or invisible way since Venus is invisible in the rays of the Sun. During the time of Venus' invisibility period, mid-February till mid to late April we have and will continue to see cryptocurrencies skyrocket, since Venus also rules money. Remember that during this time of the goddess' underworld journey it is is a wonderful time for healing and behind the scenes advancements in the areas of love, money, relationships, business, and a wonderful time for creating art. It is not however a good time for new beginnings in these areas.

Another important variable is that while Mars transits through Taurus during this time, Mars picks up some strength because Venus is the depositing planet of Mars and because Taurus is ruled by Venus. Relating this to the U.S. chart, Venus is in the 4th house representing possible secret attacks on the homeland. It can even represent earthquakes during the time that invisible Venus transits in Pisces and Mars is in Taurus. On a good note, Mars in the sky is not bright red as he has been during all of 2020 until just recently. He is a faint bluish white color, so this shows us his unpredictable and war-like energies are toned down considerably and geared more towards more awakening energies in our will and ego. There will be many advances in the area of the arts and entertainment, with many new movies and music that will mark this time in history.

March 22: Mars Trine Saturn 16 degrees Taurus/Capricorn

These planets in earth signs Taurus and Capricorn indicate a focus on financial matters worldwide. Taurus ruled by Venus concerns our food supply and farming for which major changes are due to correct many problems. Financial aid will be given to all areas dealing with farming and the food industry.

March 25: Venus cazimi the Sun 12 degrees Pisces and Mercury is at the midpoint of Rahu and Ketu.

Venus cazimi occurs once a year when Venus is exactly conjunct with the Sun. This means the problem of combustion (invisible in the rays of the Sun) is mitigated on this one day and the Sun becomes one with Venus. Use this day to make decisions around finances and money, as Venus rules luxury and money. It is a special day for romance and love as well. But it intensifies the transit of Mars in Taurus again. Many truths and a turn of events that will surprise the world is due at this time.

March 26: Mars Conjunct Rahu 19 degrees Taurus on the head of the Bull

This aspect is a huge indication that the world is going through a major explosive event. This is a turning point globally for money and finances and maybe even for a digital dollar. The truth of the markets and the elite are about to be exposed. Taurus is the sign of money and banks and any corruption concerning banks are due to be exposed. This is an aspect of war, and I suspect there will be many internal as well as external wars occurring.

March 28: Full Moon 14 Virgo

The full Moon brings into fruition the events indicated from the new Moon. The new Moon concerns all deceptions being revealed, so this furthers what we are about to discover. This Full Moon is in Virgo exactly opposed to the Venus and Sun conjunction. Venus involved with this Full Moon gives it brilliance and hope that something good can evolve from all the extremes that are due to happen this month. Virgo is about investigation, analysis, and especially health and service. This means great progress on health and healing of the coronavirus will emerge at this time. This will reveal the working of the secrets concerning the plot of this virus, where it came from, and why. The Full Moon is in the heart of the Virgin, which means major events about science are revealed. The Moon is exceedingly strong in the heart of the goddess and represents a clear intelligence. This helps uncover the truth about health and healing the planet.

March 31: Mercury enters Pisces

Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, meaning it is weaker and gives challenging effects. It activates transiting Jupiter because Jupiter rules Pisces. There will be a bit of confusion with this transit because Jupiter is about to change signs by April 5th. April will have severe weather as planets approach the unpredicatable degrees (28-29 degrees) in Pisces. This means extremes and can represent drowning, figuratively or literally. The end of March is a transition period from the astounding events that are occurring during the time that Mars transits through Taurus with Rahu from February 22 – April 13. The world will never be the same after March to April 2021.


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