Four Days of Beauty, Love, Business and Money!

March 25 - 28 Venus will be One with the Sun as they travel together in the sky before Venus moves past the Sun to combust again, which only happens about once a year. These are the only auspicious days during Venus' invisibility period supportive of new Venusian ventures, until Venus becomes visible again mid to late April. This means these are perfect days for beautification, relationships, love, money, art and supportive of business and anything of the sensual nature.

The days Venus meets the Sun are representative of the story of when Persephone finds the beautiful jewels, gemstones and precious metals during her dark underworld journey, finding her power and is crowned Queen of the Underworld. Just the same, this is a time of beautiful and enlightening epiphanies and realizations in/of relationships and the way we do relationship as well as business. We can suddenly see the Light when we are in tune with the Cosmos on our own personal journey. During Venus' invisibility so far we have seen relationships dissolve, healing in relationships, and the "invisible money" that is cryptocurrency skyrocket. We can expect crypo to peak during this time when she's cazimi. We can see more beauty in the world, and it will be a high time for artists, beautification and collection of beautiful things, as Venus and Sun are also gracing the high artistic and spiritual constellation of Pisces the fish, where Venus loves to be. These can be beautiful harmonious days for lovers, as we are learning what we really desire and with the Sun illuminating the full moon in the heart of Virgo our most pure heartfelt desires can be known and celebrated.

What actions will you take with the knowledge of these days' energies? What will you celebrate with this radiant full moon in the heart of the Virgin?

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