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August Super Moon - Sober Integrations

We have a cooling, reality-inducing culmination of energy reflecting from the August 30th full moon. This is a cool sobering of the fires of the alchemical moon cycle that began 2 weeks ago when the first lunar crescent appeared in the Leo constellation after the sun/moon conjunction was in the critical 29th degree of Cancer, which you can recall here.

The full moon is in the body of the constellation of revolutionary Aquarius conjunct the fixed star Deneb, highlighting a priestly spiritual energy glowing over humanity. Saturn is with the moon and conjunct the fixed star Fomalhaut, another star of the priest and one of the four pillars of protection of the archangels, who pours the holy waters of knowledge and healing over humanity. This super moon is lit up by the reflection of the opposing Sun in Leo, the constellation of creative leadership, near the fixed star Zosma, the star of astrology and occult knowledge.

Modern western society would call this a blue moon since it is the second full moon within a calendar month which brings a double culminating energy of events into the month of August. The ancients would place more importance on how long the actual lunar cycle lasts. This will be a perfect 30 days lunar cycle that began with the first appearance of the first lunar crescent and ends on September 15, the last day of the invisible moon. Since it is a perfect 30 days cycle, we can expect to wrap up with a fulfilling sense of completion and closure.

The gravitational pull of the moon is at near maximum at 98% during this super moon, so our bodies, minds and emotions will be more sensitive and triggered than usual after the alchemical events that have been happening collectively. Pay attention to all that is triggered for you during this time leading up to the full moon, as it's what is to be to released, reflected upon, healed and integrated. Have gratitude for whatever is culminating in the light for you and for us all.

This is experienced collectively in areas of community, governing systems, structures, freedom and friendships, and our responsibilities related to these areas. It is a powerful window of closure and for practicing patience with the closure process. It is a time to be the leader and take responsibility for standing up for our own sovereignty, freedom and boundaries.

With planets in retrograde and in stationary position harmoniously communicating with the sun/moon opposition, we are recapitulating and reflecting on where we have been and where we are going. It is not a time of forward momentum and initiating the new, but it is a time to be still, strong and present with ourselves, our temple-bodies and our processes so that we fully integrate the events of alchemy we've been experiencing over the summer.

The energy of sudden evolutionary change, gratitude and faith are strong right now as Uranus and Jupiter are both stationing in Aries and in harmonious aspect to the Sun and invisible Mercury retrograde. These influences are very strongly staged at a standstill. With Mercury invisible and retrograde, it is a time to focus more inward to the hidden parts of our minds and our patterns, and do our research especially in areas of astrology and hidden knowledge. From this inner focus, secrets will be revealed and we will be rewarded with brilliant inspiration from all of our research and truth-seeking when Mercury is birthed into visibility in direct motion mid-September.

After the September new moon it will be a wonderful time for new beginnings, so stay tuned to those incoming transmissions by subscribing to my blog at the top of this page, and making sure you receive my newsletters into your primary inbox.

With Mars invisible in Virgo August 18 - October 3, we experience underhanded, deceptive and passive-aggressive attacks on our health and sciences. We can recall Mars went down into the underworld initially in Leo in early August in the northern latitudes, when there was an underhanded and deceptive attack on righteous and noble leadership. I wrote about this exceptionally long Mars invisibility cycle in my last blog post here.

The attempts of more government control over We the People is highlighted at this full moon. But with Jupiter and Uranus in strong and harmonious aspect, our faith and freedom are fully supported when we stand in our truth and remember that sovereignty is our Divine Birthright above any lower karmic law. Remembering and embodying our faith, gratitude, freedom, individuality, leadership and sovereignty are fully supported at this time. Sovereignty and individuality is our protective boundary and our responsibility. The key is in remembering the truth of our own Divinity so that we can eloquently wield our sword of truth and discernment.

Full moon prayer invitation-

"May Divine Love overcome fear of individuality so that each individual awakens to their spiritual sovereignty and beauty and uses it to serve the truth for the greater good of all. May Divine Will flow freely through every being, according to the infinite Source of Love, Creation and Intelligence. May all beings be happy and free. According to Divine perfection and grace, so be it."

A full moon meditation and embodiment affirmation-

"I am an unique, authentic, radiant child of the Infinite Source of Love, Creation and Intelligence. I am living my true values with commitment and Divine support. I honor who I AM and the Universe honors me."

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I'd love to know what you are experiencing during these alchemical times, and I'm here to answer any questions...

Leave me a comment in the comments section under this blog post or send me a private message. I'd love to hear from you!

Much Love and Joy,


Babylonian Fixed Chart of the August 30 Full Moon-


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