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The Most Auspicious Event of the Year is in April!

Updated: May 3, 2021

April is the best month of the year with higher shifts for us all! Venus is becoming visible around April 18 - 26 depending on where you are in the world after her invisibility phase that began in February. Love, money, business, relationships have been going through a time of rebalancing and introspection during the past 2 months. As she is being birthed again in the evening sky after sunset, we will feel the blessings of the brightest star in the sky once again! The areas of life that Venus blesses will be in an upward momentum for another nine months.

In this new cycle Venus as an evening star represents the Goddess Aphrodite in Greek and Ishtar in ancient Sumerian texts. She is the Goddess of romantic love, romantic relationship, sensuality and pleasure who we have not seen since Spring of 2020, since her phase before her underworld journey of invisibility was as a morning star.

Even though she will blessings in the areas of life name are returning, she is being birthed with Saturn squaring her, so the next 18 months cycle will require extra work and may feel restrictive regarding love, money, business. Saturn does love Venus, so the blessings are not impossible, and when we do the hard work and take responsibility in these areas of life we will reap long term and stable benefits.

Welcome Venus and admire her in the western evening sky later this month after sunset, and you will feel the auspicious blessings from her even more! This will be very very good for us all to be grateful for the beauty she brings back to our world while seeing her birthed in our evening sky.