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October's Waves of Power - Venus and Mercury in Exaltation - Mars in Detriment

Venus has finally re-entered her position of high dignity in the constellation of Leo after spending a very long summer in the watery emotional Cancer nebula, which you can recall when I wrote about her retrograde journey here. She continues as a brilliant morning star in opposition to retrograde Saturn while in this placement in Leo until November 4.

If we have put extra love and nurturing into our homes, families, and into our ancestral and emotional healing during Venus' long journey through Cancer, we are now reaping rewards as we are being called into higher leadership positions with stronger healthy boundaries, keen discernment, truth and integrity. Venus is very creative in her leadership position in Leo and we can harness this energy by focusing on what brings us joy and moving forward with our best work.

If your almuten is Venus, if your ascendant or midheaven are graced by or ruled by Venus in your horoscope, or if your ascendant is Leo, you are fully supported in your relationships, in areas of beautification, friendship, values and business right now. If you stay in integrity, morality and keep healthy boundaries and discernment in these areas especially during her time in Leo, you can reap permanent rewards.

Mercury is a bright morning star in his high dignity in the earthy Virgo constellation. Now is perfect timing for purification of our thoughts, and for finding and receiving divine insight through writing, communication, expression, meditation, study and research. When we tend and nourish our minds and our thoughts we can receive the beautiful divine inspiration of the light of Apollo himself. Now is perfect timing for any communication, research, purification and insights especially in areas of health, nourishment, spirituality and sciences.

If you were born with Mercury on your ascendant or midheaven, if Mercury is your almuten, or if you were born with the constellation of Virgo on your ascendant, you are supported with new projects, taking action with any ideas and inspiration, communication and in any research and health decisions especially this week.

If you imagine your mind as a beautiful garden, what needs to be weeded, nourished, fertilized, watered? How have you been tending the garden of your mind and thoughts, and in what ways can you be a better gardener of your mind? We can better tend our minds by choosing what to read, watch and listen to, focus on, and with our diligent prayers. When we properly nourish and purify our minds, we are primed for receiving the highest level of inspiration. Our minds/gardens/prayers are connected through the entire Mycelial Network of minds, affecting the entire collective consciousness. When you tend to your own mind, it affects all of the planet. Mercury is very powerful!

Invisible Mars passes through the Libra constellation October 5 through November 17. Upon his entrance into Libra he meets with Ketu, the tail of the dragon, for a final purge before the eclipse points shift away from the Aries/Libra axis after their 18 months journey through here. I will give my prediction incoming for the shifting of the lunar nodes for a new 18 months eclipse cycle that begins at the next new lunar cycle, so stay tuned.

Invisible Mars is very strong and malevolent in the constellation of Libra today through November 17. This part of Mars invisibility journey affects our emotions and shows very strong underhanded, manipulative, passive-aggressive and theatrical war tactics. This points to a deceptive behind the scenes war that will go unnoticed. Beware if this manifesting not only on the world stage, but also in personal relationships, business and through the arts. You can recall I wrote about Mars' very long invisibility cycle that began in the summer and continues until early spring in the northern hemisphere here.

Invisible Mars in Libra will be in harmonious communication with Saturn in Aquarius, supporting us in practicing discernment, supporting us when we trust in the reality of the freedom of our divine humanity and in our prayers for justice. Staying out of fear and cultivating more faith, diplomacy and trust in your righteous freedom is very powerful. You are always supported when you petition the Courts of Heaven for Grace.

If your almuten is Mars, if you were born with Mars on your ascendant or midheaven, or if your ascendant or moon are in the Aries or Scorpio constellations, you want to pay extra attention to being more diplomatic in your relations and practicing awareness and discernment with any self destructive tendencies. Practicing self discipline during this time will instill more strength for you moving forward in all areas of life.

Remember that all is always in perfect divine order for our growth and evolution, and we are co-creators of our own reality. When we do our inner work, our personal development, clean and repattern any unhealthy karmic loops and clean our epigenetics, we experience the higher dignities of the planetary influences and are rewarded greatly. For example, instead of the war-like attacks and destruction of Mars, we can experience the more benevolent passion, inspired action, high energy and creative powers.

How are you using these changing personal energies in your own life? In what ways would you like support? I invite you to leave me a comment or send me a message. I'd love to here from you.

Our emotions affect our health, the workings of our mind, our decisions and our circumstances. If you would like support with this Mars cycle, I invite you to reach out to me for a consultation.

An emotional aromatherapy kit will also support you greatly within these changing cycles. Using safe and highly intelligent plant therapies that have been grown, cultivated and distilled with the highest integrity have a profound effect on a deep cellular level, supporting all systems in the body, mind and emotions.

Much Love, Joy and Peace,

Tammy Anotinette

Ancient Sidereal Astrologer

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