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November Full Moon & Lyra Rising

The November 27 full moon in the constellation of Taurus is the culmination of the lunar cycle that began when we saw the first lunar crescent in Scorpio November 14, and ends December 13, marking the midpoint culmination of a perfect 30 days cycle. You can recall my prediction about this lunar cycle and how to continue to best use these energies through the entirety of it here. The beginning always shows the whole.

This full moon is with the fixed star Mirfak that is the center of the Perseus galaxy. We are influenced with a burst of developments, as Perseus is the warrior who was the one, after much death and destruction, to conquer the Medusa. The Medusa represents fears and addictions, and Perseus had guidance and tools from some of the most powerful divinities to conquer her. Courage along with the right direction, tools and righteous action conquers anything that may appear to be holding us back at this time. Our inner light illuminates to break through any blocks and barriers with patience, focus, determination and PERSE-verance.

With invisible Mars conjunct the Sun and opposite the full Moon, our passion, perseverance and energy can be focused on our goals through determined and persistent action to avoid the irritation, anger and impulsive actions that Mars can influence. As Mars is coming off of a square to Saturn that required intentional actions and responses to anything we have been karmically complete with, the full moon brings the results of this completion to light. Saturn and Mars afflicting the moon indicates frustration and the perception of blocked ambitions. Patience, self-discipline and flexibility are required to avoid reckless behavior, instability and unnecessary conflict.

Mars activated by the full Moon is on the sacred degree of plant medicines at 7 degrees fixed Babylonian Scorpio, activating this point in the sky a final time following the Lunar crescent and bright Mercury at the beginning of this lunar cycle. Plant medicines are especially potent, powerful and coming to the forefront of our attention and saving grace as very important evolutionary tools to assist us to alchemize and transmute old habits, patterns and seemingly stuck/buried trauma so that we may use these triggers as of lately for permanent transformation to fortify us for resiliency and brilliance for changing times now and ahead. It is a gift and blessing to be able to use these beautiful alchemical tools given by the earth when heaven calls for great changes and alchemy.

At this full moon Mercury in transition from water (Scorpio) to fire (Sagittarius) at the Galactic center is square Neptune creating conflict between the mind and higher heart, amplifying illusions, casting clouds of confusion especially if we are out of balance or under a spell of toxicity. Mercury square Neptune can cause confusion, disorientation, misinformation, deception and scheming. Be very clear and concise, and don’t make snap judgments. Seek trusted or professional advice and take time and consideration of the small details if signing contracts or dealing with legal matters. It is easy to fall down rabbit holes of misinformation while doing research, and we can be extra sensitive to any drugs, alcohol or altering substances. The best ways to use this influence includes meditation, visioning a beautiful future, creative writing or journaling, listening to beautiful music and watching movies. Mercury will continue to revisit this Neptune influence with his incoming retrograde journey that begins December 12 and goes into January.

Venus conjuncts the South Node at 28 degrees Virgo with the fixed star Spica, helping us to let go of the culminations from eclipse season. We are letting go of old outdated values in order to make fresh fertile ground for higher incoming beliefs and values that will help lift us to where we next need to go. Venus enters her home of Libra November 30 to journey through this section of diplomacy through Christmas day. We can expect relationship matters, matters of the heart, values and art to receive an upliftment. All of that which is ruled by Venus, generally including women, material wealth, and business concerning luxury and beauty will be in good dignity with more grace, which is a holiday blessing.

The brilliant, radiant sapphire-white star Vega in the Lyra constellation is now rising in the morning sky, beginning a new cycle of healing, love, compassion, calming of the mind and music. This will bless us with more love, compassion, help and health. It gives beneficence, ideality, hopefulness, refinement and changeability, and makes its natives grave, sober, outwardly pretentious and usually lascivious. According to Hermes, Vega is a star of priests and spirituality. The Babylonians called Vega the Star of the Queen of Life. In a good cosmic configuration, Vega can give artistic talents, especially for music and acting, but also a desire for indulgent living which can lead to a debauched life if afflicted. We will see a strengthening of these attributes right now, and always this time of year when Vega is not afflicted. All I have mentioned above is fully available for us at this time.

Now is time to integrate all we have been through and honor how far we have come. Acknowledge for yourself that you have made it this far. You have shifted in many ways recently. Appreciate yourself, be grateful for your perseverance and all things, be proud of yourself for stepping up and making better and better choices. We have had so many shifts happen recently, and now is time to slow down and honor what is of value, beneficial and joyful, such as playfulness, love, connection, authenticitiy and rest as we wind down through the rest of this lunar cycle to integrate and prepare for new beginnings when we see the first lunar crescent again on December 14.

How are you experiencing these changing times? I'd love to see your words of wisdom and answer your questions. Leave me a comment or send me a message. I love hearing from you.

Much Love, Joy, Gratitude, Courage and Miracles,


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