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Final Lunar Eclipse in Aries: Justice Prevails

October 28 the partial lunar eclipse will be seen over Africa, Europe and most of Asia. This is the culmination of the lunar cycle that began after the solar eclipse when the moon appeared in the sacred Hermetic degrees of Scorpio.

This has been a month of heightened emotional energy for us all with the moon bringing extra sensitivity since its appearance in Scorpio after the solar eclipse, which has been bringing up injustices, dark truths that are hard to look at, and karmic debts to the surface so that what's wrong can be seen, brought to justice and healed.

This lunar eclipse begins at 9 degrees Aries and ends at 10 degrees Aries, which is associated with Israel, Afganistan and Western Europe, especially Germany, France and Brittan. These locations and the areas where the eclipse can be seen can experience more challenges, dangers, and war can intensify. There can be drought, heat and plague, sudden deaths and destruction of cattle/sheep. However, Jupiter in Aries will bring justice, show truth and restore balance. These challenges will be resolved.

With a fast moon at perigee, we have experienced amplification and heightening of emotional sensitivity even more so. This has been contributing to greater anxiety, fear and desire all over the planet. This lunar cycle that's now in culmination has not been good timing for new beginnings, but it is a very good time for healing the shadows that have been presenting themselves, and for communing with nature for healing and restoring equilibrium.

The times around the eclipses are not to be feared, but it is the time to be more careful, especially with travel and with making new decisions. This is a very fated time of change. Be diligent with your spiritual practices to bring greater harmony and to stay in the calm eye of the storm so that challenges are faced with grace and fearlessness. This way you'll make right decisions quickly to restore balance.

October 29 invisible Mercury and Mars are conjunct opposite Jupiter, which is also active during the October 28 lunar eclipse. Moral conflicts can be prominent. Wealthy, high position people can encounter danger, but this will reveal higher truth. This weekend be extra careful while traveling, and be sure to watch over your children with extra love, protection and care.

Update of solar energies: we are entering a peak time of solar activity within the solar cycle we are in that began December 2019 and culminates early 2024. Fertility on the planet will be increased, many more souls will be born who harness good solar energy of rightful leadership, and the height of the solar activity has always brought revolutionary war all through history, to be expected in 2024 and 2025 and with a change to the monetary system. With this being said, this peak of the solar cycle that began in December 2019 with the plandemic can bring more justice and balance back to the planet. We also expect another comet to appear next year, which I will write about soon.

These times of great change are not to be feared. These are simply the natural cycles that are here for our learning, to bring truth and to restore balance. When you commit to keeping up your spiritual practice and stay in a state of gratitude, compassion and with an open heart and positive expectations, that is exactly what you will create for yourself. Whatever you focus on grows and expands. This is how you stay protected.

And just in time, we have the only pure blue Lotus essential oil now available, redeemed gloriously from the deep dark transformative muddy abysse untouched, untainted and pure in these pivotal times. This is literally the oil of the Great Awakening which decalcifies the pineal gland. Every other blue lotus oil on the market up until now has been tested to be synthetic and toxic. This marks the time of setting a higher standard for us all. You can learn more about this revolutionary new pure plant medicine here.

If you saw my predictions about the Eclipse Portal Opening and October’s Waves of Power, you have the knowledge and foresight to deal with the changes, as it is just a part of the cycles for our learning. What we decide to do with our free will and where we decide to focus our thoughts and prayers is what makes a ride through sudden unknown changes beautiful and graceful, or fearful, stressful and with suffering. Choosing to be very diligent, courageous and discerning towards what we read, watch, listen to, think, pray and believe is what makes the difference in where we are headed, especially in such profoundly pivotal times. Are you using these pivotal times for personal development, to cultivate greater courage, gratitude and to stay open to miracles and opportunities, so you can rise above and co-create a more beautiful world? Or are you turning on the projected illusive, deceptive images on screens and reading the news so that what is happening way out there causes a major disruption and fight or flight fear response, contributing to constriction, limits and suffering? This is how the darkness gains much strength and power. By projecting the images and stories out into the collective for us all to see, feel and then embody, the dark powers are amplified greatly. We have a choice. We can decide to become the courageous warrior and focus on what's right, or we become the victim of projected fear by focusing on what's wrong. It is your decision which way you contribute to the story. We are very powerful co-creators. What we decide to focus on in times like this is what creates the future of the planet. Where you put your focus is what grows stronger. This is Universal Law. As within, so without. What are you focusing on to courageously co-create a more beautiful world of miracles for all of us? Which polarity are you choosing to shift into with your thoughts and prayers? I’d love to know what you are choosing to powerfully amplify to contribute to the direction of our world changes. Leave me a comment below or send me a message. I'd love to hear from you. Much Love, Joy, Gratitude, Courage and Miracles, Tammy

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