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November New Moon - Expect the Unexpected

Powerful energies are upon us as the Sun and Mars travel together, intensifying our passions, desires and actions. We experience startling, shocking and transformative oppositional energies as they oppose Uranus, the Great Awakener, in Aries this weekend with the dark moon in Libra.

It is a time of contrasts becoming bigger and clearer, especially if you can see the push-pull dynamic between your intuition and mind; heart and ego; human needs and soul growth potentials.

The Moon conjuncts the Sun on Nov 13 in the terms of Venus in Libra, so this incoming lunar cycle is super-charged with change, especially in relationships, in artistic endeavors and in matters of justice - possibly three-fold! - as the Sun, Moon, and Mars continue to oppose Uranus in Aries with startling force.

The bigger energy signature is asking us to courageously face fears, own more of our intuitive messages, and be honest with ourselves about how we are ready to power up in some capacity to set ourselves free from any limiting external influences or blocks.

With the moon invisible Nov 12-14, these days are a perfect time for prayer, shadow work, spiritual practice and connecting with nature, for revising and clearing out what not longer serves in order to prepare for a new cycle that begins the evening of November 14 when we see the first lunar crescent appear in the western sky after sunset.

This first lunar crescent in Scorpio can intensify aggressive energies, with the strengthening of invisible Mars. This is the usual lunar cycle for this time of year, but it is intensified by invisible Mars opposite Uranus this time around. This is to aid in our awakening.

The Sun will conjunct Mars exact November 18 as they both move together into the Scorpio constellation, which begins a new Mars cycle. We can see more problems for politicians and rulers, and greater deceptive or under-handed conflicts. These new cycles will be a most challenging time for the Middle East, mainly Syria and Turkey. It will trigger to the surface what needs to be transformed within all of us.

With Mercury leading the way, birthing as a bright evening star to begin a new cycle right now, at 7 degrees Scorpio, which is the sacred degree of plant medicine, we can turn to the most pure and potent medicines of the Earth to help clear the way forward for divine insight, to aid us in releasing blockages and past traumas, and to bring our mind to higher inspiration so that we can form the best strategies for ourselves going forward. Now is also a great time for any research, especially if you've already cleared your path of any fear so that you can see clearly.

And to help harness and direct these energies constructively, I invite you to state this warrior's creed prayer aloud:

"The enemy shall never grip me. I shall not be overcome. I am led and protected by the greatest of all Spirit Warriors who leads love's army. My steps in the world are fierce with compassion and love in action. I waiver not, for I am a conqueror over darkness, spirit born, and empowered by the sacred. I embody the truth for which I fight. I am defended, uplifted and renewed.

"My hands are ever open to the replenishing power of grace. Great Spirit delivers all necessary might.

Divine love's prophecy is read, spoken, enacted in all realms. If love has not yet won, then the battle is not yet over. And so I rise!"

What beautiful pure and potent, transformative Earth medicine tools do you have at your fingertips, to help open you up to be a clear channel for more grace, courage and health in your life?

What old stories are you breaking free from with these awakening and clearing energies?

Right now, this weekend only through Sunday, I'm offering the most potent and pure plant medicines for FREE so that you also have these powerful tools to shift anything holding you back!

Leave me a comment or send me an email. I'm here to support you any way I can. Much Love, Joy, Gratitude, Courage and Miracles, Tammy

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