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December Predictions - Epic Celebrations & Incoming Age of Enlightenment

We are blessed to begin December with experiencing more love, peace and harmony that is now available since Venus left her debilitation of Virgo and entered her place of dignity in Libra November 30. She will stay here in a harmonious trine to Saturn and opposition to Jupiter until December 26. We get to experience more stability with softened heart-centered energies, romance and peace inspired by brilliant morning star Venus. Saturn's influence of discernment, responsibility and integrity should help keep us from the overindulgence into the desires and immorality that a Venus oppose Jupiter aspect can influence.

We now have good positions for both Saturn and Jupiter for improving situations with which we have been waiting patiently to see justice and restoration of balance. We will see these developments continue to rebalance through January. You can look back at this prediction here from when Saturn turned direct to bring karmic justice, and now we can experience even more of this forward momentum from this turn of events.

We are now under the influence of a very powerful Mars in Scorpio cycle that began after the first appearance of the November Lunar Crescent and will influence us for 2 years, as you can recall here. The beginning always shows the whole. God Nirgal is Mars invisible who rules the underworld, Scorpio, secrets, sex, transformation, death and the mysteries of hidden/occult knowledge. He is still invisible, so his influence can be felt as more passive-agressive and underhanded. Mars in Scorpio aspects very powerful stars of transformative healing, plant medicines, poisons and leaders of warriors. If you are experiencing those destructive influences of Mars, I recommend purposefully working with the more constructive influences of Mars, and watch balance be restored as you gain more of the empowering virtues. When you take right action with a warrior spirit, you will be rewarded with empowerment and new beginnings. This is a very powerful cycle for those who are ruled by Mars, especially if you were born with the stars of Aries or Scorpio rising, or with the Moon in those positions.

In my incoming prediction for 2024, I will give more of what to expect for Mars next year when he appears bright again after his invisibility. For now I ask you to remember that when there is only one person in the community/family/tribe/world who disciplines himself to pray for peace, it affects that entire population.

We are well under the influence of the lunar nodes in Pisces and Virgo for the next year and a half, shifting the world into different plans and goals that are more empathic and spiritual. This is what the eclipses are bringing us, which I predicted here.

December 2 the Sun conjuncts Antares, one of the 4 royal stars of ancient Persia. Those who were born with the stars of Leo rising will have a more powerful time, greater abilities to overcome difficulties and for greater success. This is an empowerment of the Star of Great Generals/Warriors, so those who hold these positions are always more powerful on this day. Leaders of soldiers are born on this day.

Also on December 2, Mercury will sextile Saturn, which can slow down, inhibit or challenge negotiations, travel and sales. Those who were born with Gemini or Virgo rising or Moon can experience challenges or changes with communication and travel. We can experience more reality-inducing events and pessimism.

December 1 - 3 the Cancer Moon is trine the Sun creating harmony in the home and family, between the heart and mind and between mission/purpose and what makes us happy on the inside. This will help to balance the December 2 Mercury/Saturn aspect.

December 6 Mercury will trine Jupiter. Those people and endeavors ruled by Mercury and Jupiter will have positive events occur. This is good timing for intellectual endeavors and projects, travel, negotiations, business and medical procedures.

December 8 Mars will conjunct Antares, influencing a powerful time for success and increased activity for Martian topics/Martian people, but it can be a destructive day for those not ruled by Mars.

December 12 Mercury is stationing to be retrograde and invisible in the early evening sky at 13 degrees Sagittarius, so it begins that not all is as it seems. Be sure to make extra time and space for travel, communication and back-up technical devices. Important details can be misinterpreted or completely missed, so be sure to double-check over all of the technicalities.

December 12-14 - Moon will be invisible and debilitated in Scorpio, and afflicted conjunct Mars. Make time and space to rest more and honor your sensitivities. Do not begin anything new until you see the first lunar crescent appear after sunset Dec 14. This time is best for completion, reflection, meditation and rest. Make time for extra care with health maintenance and cleansing during these days.

New Lunar Cycle Begins - Beauty & Success for Art & Love!

December 14 the first lunar crescent will appear in Sagittarius above the western horizon after sunset. Moon will be conjunct the fixed star Gamma of the Corona Borealis, The Northern Crown. This moon cycle will give success for artists, love and new beginnings related. This can begin a good cycle for traveling, especially when the Moon trines Mercury December 22-23.

December 22 mercury will conjunct the Sun in the Galactic Center at 5 Sagittarius. This is a day for positive and enlightening experiences for those ruled by Mercury, such as those who were born when the stars of Gemini or Virgo were rising on the eastern horizon. The Sun and Mercury with the Galactic Center can also give unexpected destructive influences, so be careful while traveling. This is perfect timing for creative and therapeutic writing, visioning and for gaining deeper insight and understanding.

December 26 Venus enters Scorpio, while Mars and Mercury begin transition from water to fire, all during the full moon. Women and those who are ruled by Venus will need to be extra careful. This begins good timing for shadow work, intentional plant medicine therapy and other types of intentionally transformative healing. Be mindful to create more harmony, balance and diplomacy on this day. Venus will travel through her debilitation of Scorpio until January 19.

December 27 Mercury will conjunct Mars, which can be a dangerous day for travel, communication, attacks, conflict and accidents. Try not to travel on this day and be sure to speak extra powerful prayers. This is especially for for those ruled by Mercury and Mars.

December 27 - 28 Mercury and Mars will square Neptune, creating conflict between the mind, compulsions and higher heart, amplifying illusions, casting clouds of confusion especially if we are out of balance or under a spell of toxicity. Mercury and Mars square Neptune can cause confusion, disorientation, misinformation, deception and scheming. Be very clear and concise, and don’t make snap judgments. Seek trusted or professional advice and take time and consideration of the small details if signing contracts or dealing with legal matters. It is easy to fall down rabbit holes of misinformation while doing research, and we can be extra sensitive to any drugs, alcohol or altering substances. The best ways to use this influence includes meditation, visioning a beautiful future, creative writing or journaling, listening to beautiful music and watching movies.

Epic New Year Celebrations!

January 1 Jupiter turns direct. We will experience an abundance of positivity, gratitude, optimism and joyfulness, just in time time for New Year's celebrations. Jupiter will also give this influence for Christmas, as this build up of this energy begins December 23.

The Sun in Sagittarius trine the Moon in Leo creates a Grand Fire Trine with Jupiter in Aries. This will be one of the greatest New Years Eve celebrations probably in 20 years! There's no need to overindulge, as this energy will be epic and joyful all on its own!

Age of Enlightenment Begins

We are entering a New Age of Inventions and Enlightenment over the next 14 years. We will feel this shift begin December 6 when Neptune stations direct, and will strengthen on December 13 when he picks up momentum, but his Grand Entrance into this realm of more exquisite developments officially begins January 4, at the same time as the new phase of Jupiter's forward momentum. This can give positive developments for everyone for the next 14 years, depending on where Pisces is in your personal birth chart. We will begin another golden age of art and beauty with higher spirituality, compassion, help for the poor, the weak and the helpless. Social reforms will begin from the place of the higher heart and suffering will be alleviated.

The last time Neptune traveled through Pisces was 1859 - 1871, which helped to bring us the American civil wars against slavery. The planet experienced more unconditional love, high forms of art such as Monet, and new social uprising from the problems the innocent and helpless were suffering from. This was the time of the historian-named "Age of Enlightenment". The previous time Neptune was in Pisces, entering in 1694, brought us the invention of the steam engine.

Even though there may be ups and downs through December, the new year will begin on a beautiful upright note so we can embody a higher position for the Great Changes incoming during 2024. Subscribe here to stay tuned in for my 2024 prediction for next year, and be the first to know about transformative offers and events.

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Wishing you much Love, Joy and Gratitude,


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