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Saturn Direct Gives Karmic Justice

Retrograde Saturn is standing still today to turn direct tomorrow, making Saturn in Aquarius the strongest planet in the sky during these first 2 weeks of November, which can feel challenging and heavy at first. It can feel like time has slowed down and things are taking forever to resolve. The key is to stay persistent, patient and in truth and moral integrity. Learn and master these lessons and virtues now and you will be rewarded when he picks up good forward momentum mid-November. We can expect the problems related to truth, integrity, responsibility, discernment and justice to be resolved as he picks up speed. He's fulfilling the karma of humanity on Earth while in Aquarius. He has his full powers in the term of Saturn and with the fixed star Fomalhaut of the spiritual guru, speeding up spiritual karmic lessons and rewards.

Saturn is the Lord of Time, and Kronos for the Greeks and the Titans. He is the Great Judge on the Sky. He is god Ninurta in Babylon who opened the gates for the great karmic flood to wash over humanity. He is the Lord of wisdom, and Saturn of the Romans. He is the densest planet in the sky who gives us boundaries and structure with his rings. Saturn can bring great rewards of growth or great punishment of restrictions, depending on the position of Saturn during your birth and how you choose to embody his virtues.

Aquarius is the constellation of Enki, one of the three main divinities who participated in the great plan of creating and manipulating humanity, according to the ancient manuscripts. The qualities of Enki are magic, nature and spirituality. Aquarius is also the innovative and revolutionary energy of advancements. While we are at the gate of the Age of Aquarius, Saturn is speeding up this influence. Many changes and innovations are speeding up. Which road of change and innovation are you choosing during this new beginning of the Age of Aquarius? Are you choosing to go back to nature, independence and beauty of the human soul? Or are you going towards relying more on the engineered advancement plan?

We have good positions of harmonious communication of a sextile between Saturn with Jupiter and Uranus, and a harmonious trine with the Sun, Mercury and Mars. We will see improvements in situations where we have kept a good balance of faith, optimism, responsibility and integrity, especially when being consistent over time. This aspect will restore the practicality and balance in situations where we have been putting forth consistent effort but are still waiting to see results. We can see this rebalancing happening even more so through December and January. We will see improvements for markets of property and more realistic situations with prices. The directness of Saturn and Jupiter together will bring more continued justice to restore the balance.

Saturn is stationing direct opposite the waning Leo moon, so many can feel suppressed, afraid and worried, unless you remember to keep and grow your faith and remember that you are a powerful co-creator of your reality. When you rest in this knowing and do your best that Saturn asks of you, you will be rewarded and find peace.

He will speed up things related to truth, freedom, social situations, gains, children, and help you speed up fruition of your goals, dreams, wishes and achievements. He will bring financial results and changes in the financial systems. This turn of Saturn in the constellation of Aquarius can bring improvements and rebalance markets, property, and the economy.

Stay consistent, follow through with what you say you will do, embody the virtues of truth, integrity and responsibility, and you will be rewarded. Health and financial issues will resolve themselves if you've been doing the difficult work that it takes and making meaningful sacrifices. If you aren't doing the hard work and embodying these attributes and virtues during his retrograde period, his forward momentum will be very challenging. Saturn is a very karmic planet and you get what you work towards with his energy.

The eclipse energies are still very strong for 3 months and 10 days after their occurrence. With the south node of the moon conjunct the fixed star Spica we can see desecration of holy spiritual laws and that which is related to karmic debt/paying for retributions from the past. With the South Node conjunct Arcturus, a military star who is the warrior defending against the beast/big bear to protect the children there can be greater challenges for those who are defending the helpless. This is for our learning so that karma can be addressed and cleaned up from past events.

Venus is now moved into her debilitation in the constellation of Virgo through November. This can weaken peace, relationships, beauty, and friendship and those who are ruled by Venus. This is a good time to let go of any old people-pleasing habits. It is a good time to purify these parts of your life ruled by her and to intentionally practice better communication, diplomacy and thoughtfulness.

As we see Spica rising from the rays of the Sun reborn in the eastern morning sky around November 6, we will begin to experience more love, understanding, compassion, help and hope. Problems related to children can begin to resolve. This beginning of the second week of November are good days for new spiritual beginnings.

What are you doing to cultivate more patience and to honor your growth?

Leave me a comment below or send me a message. I'd love to hear from you. Much Love, Joy, Gratitude, Courage and Miracles, Tammy

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