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Healing with the Color Rays of Light

In many cultures the ancients knew throughout time of the healing effects of simply observing the warm nourishing clarity of the sunrise. It was even written about throughout the Bible to embody the Color Rays of Light and of the sky to facilitate healing and stay tuned up, tapped in and super powered, in body, mind, spirit and emotionally, which has a beautiful ripple effect throughout one's life in all areas of life.

I learned recently to use these color rays from the sunrise every morning to empower my life, and since I've been practicing this for I've experienced profound healing and new inspiration on all levels.

I talk a lot about how we can live a life of destiny and fulfillment by using the gifts of Heaven and Earth and natural healing modalities, rather than living a life of simple fate and reaction. From my experience of paying attention and tuning into the universal energies as an astrologer and healer and being able to have a real birds eye view from both a technical and spiritual perspective, I have seen first hand how many people ride the waves of challenging energies, and how many others are drowned and plummeted by these same energies. In the end, the night and day difference is in how tuned in we keep ourselves. This is why I am continually promoting having a daily practice.

By simply beginning the day by watching the sunrise every morning, watch how your life blossoms and everything falls into place brilliantly, in mental and physical health, emotional health, and so much more. Try it just for a week and see how this can transform your life, and please let me know how it goes! If you'd like to go a little deeper with the harnessing remedies for planetary energies, visualize the respective colors given by each planetary day through the Sunrise listed here, and the purest color variation as seen created in a rainbow or from a crystal prism projected onto a white background. And it's ok if it's rainy, stormy or cloudy. The Color Rays of Light will shower you effectively regardless, for nothing can stop the King of our Solar System.

Monday, day of the Moon, visualize the sunrise showering you with the beautiful green color from the rainbow. Wear silver and green today if you can. Meditate on the following:

Divine Principle of Goodness

Manifestations: soul, abundance, prosperity, freshness, development, renewal, revival

Virtues: spiritual growth, hope, balance, rest, calm, fruitfulness, success, goodness

Keywords: clean, grow, develop, renew

Tuesday, day of Mars we use the color Red and meditate on the Divine Principle of Love.

Manifestations: Life, life force, energy, warmth, movement

Virtues: will power, might, activity, courage, victory, vitality

Keywords: sow, overcome, win

Wednesday, day of Mercury, we shower ourselves with the color Yellow.

Meditate on the Divine Principle of Wisdom

Manifestations: intelligence, knowledge, agreement, discretion, indulgence, compassion

Virtues: awareness, focus, concentration, clarity, good memory, bright mind, confidence, sympathy, mercy, thoughtfulness

Keywords: think, learn, know

Thursday, day of Jupiter we shower ourselves with the Blue Light Rays.

Meditate on the Divine Principle of Truth

Manifestations: beauty, harmony, unity, faith

Virtues: faithfulness, truthfulness, righteousness,

Keywords: give, mature, ripen, expand

Friday is the day of Venus and the Color Rays of Pink/Clear Blue.

The metal is copper.

The Divine Principle of Eternal Life and Eternity.

Manifestations: love, might, victory, overcoming, attunement

Virtues: inner peace, spiritual love, compassion, forgiveness

Keywords: Love, care, kindness

Saturday is the day of Saturn and the Color Ray Violet.

Divine Principle: Power

Manifestations: willpower, light, work, might, devotion

Virtues: inner strength, kindness, respect, generosity, mercy

Keywords: reap, harvest

Sunday is the Day of the Sun and the Color Rays of Orange and Amethyst. The metal is Gold.

Orange is the color ray to use at any time for healing and regeneration.

Divine Principle is Justice

Manifestations: unity, health, regeneration, individualization, new being

Virtues: holiness, dignity, self-respect, joy, happiness

Keywords: Shine, sprout

Amethyst is also used on Sunday and for states of higher consciousness.

Divine Principle of Grace

Manifestations: salvation, solitude, relaxation, prayer, reverence

Virtues: meekness, humbleness, perfection

Keywords: shine, glow

This information was inspired from the following pdf, The Testament of the Color Rays of Light. To go even deeper, feel free to download this as my gift to you to use in your morning ritual of the Color Rays of Light. Reach out to me and let me know how it goes! I love hearing from you. :-)

Download PDF • 306KB


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