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February is the Most Intense Month of 2021!

With a great stellium of planets hidden and weakened in the rays of the Sun during February, we are in for big pivotal changes. Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and retrograde Mercury are joined in an assembly under the Sun, the King of our Solar System, which hasn't been seen in Capricorn in hundreds of years. (Remember, I work with the astronomical zodiac rather than the mainstream Tropical western zodiac.) With so many planets gathered up by the Sun, there is much hidden from us right now happening at the patriarchal levels of our governing systems and structures. There will be big changes being made at the deep governmental, patriarchal, super corporate and structural levels, which will be hidden from us until these new programs, limitations and systems start to be rolled out near the end of the month when Jupiter and Saturn become visible again in the early morning sky.

Saturn the great lord of karma, time, agriculture and earthly matters in his own home sign, is a very important and strong planet, regardless of invisibility, where very serious decisions are being made to affect mankind. This stellium of planets is in a tense square aspect to the only strong visible planet, Mars god of war, ego, will and drive, and with Uranus the great awakener and revolutionary in malevolent degrees of Mar's home in Aries. Mars and Uranus are rebellious and representing the reaction of the people, bringing big clashes between the people and limitations being put upon us, and initiating conflict and war-like events. This will be seen in the reaction of the people wanting change rather than more restrictions. We will initially not like the results of this assembly, and will rise up to resist. With the square from mars being primarily with the sun, representing our higher consciousness, ultimately the war is on our consciousness and how we shine our light in the world.

Pluto, the lord of Universal truth and deep secrecy just entered Capricorn at January's end for a 21 year stay, so we will begin to see truth come out from governing levels, strict systems and patriarchy during this period. Those who are deviating from the truth will begin to suffer, which will give a greater push into more awakenings. All that is happening right now is to facilitate this push into greater awakening on the planet, in order to create greater balance and evolution.

During the first week of February the judge, the wise Libra moon which represents the people and what makes us happy, is conjoined with the beautiful star Gamma of design and beauty exact on February 4, completing a big T-square with the rest of the planets. The star Gamma represents our talents and creativity. There will be events with governmental powers and we will react heavily to create turning points, which is the Divine will. This will feel unpleasant at first, but we do need to look at this positively, since what is ultimately being brought is in order to provoke necessary events so we may respond into a faster paced awakening in the end. The "war" is on our own consciousness and against our awakening, and awakening at a quickened pace now is inevitable.

We will see a time of financial and economic crisis, seeing a sharp and sudden downward slope, but then after it gets worse it will surely get better. Venus goddess of money, beauty, love and business becomes visible again in mid to late April in Aries which is not her favorite place to be, so she will be weakened until she moves into her home of Taurus in May. Also when she reappears she will be with Uranus, bringing about the sudden and unexpected financial changes during this time. Because of this crisis brought upon us from new rules and regulations at the governing levels, we will absolutely have to make changes, and we will see an uplifting of our markets and finances beginning in May, so this downward trend and upheaval will not last long.

This month is not a good time for new beginnings or new financial decisions, including weddings, beauty procedures (unless you want something to disappear), or starting new businesses or contracts. In order to have a good outcome in any new ventures, it is ideal to have the blessings of a bright Venus and Jupiter in the sky, so wait until benevolent morning star Jupiter (near end of February) and evening star Venus (mid to late April) are born again. The planets appear and reappear at differing times, even as much as within a 2 week difference, depending on your latitude on the planet. To be exact you will want to watch the sky and use a star-finding app like Starwalk.

Since these energies affect us on many different levels, both inner and in our outer environment, we can be prone to melancholy and other dark energies if we are not in tune spiritually with the changing energies. The best proven and time tested wisdom over many cultures for any challenges, whether mental, emotion or physical is to watch and welcome the sunrise and have a spiritual practice. This is the time to be diplomatic, intuitive, loving and patient in our activities and relations. This is not a time to worry or fear, as this is simply misguided prayer and will cut off your own intuition. We will be grateful for our personal growth after this time passes.

If you feel you are needing extra support with these changing energies, some essential oils to try during this time are Cardamom massaged over the heart or liver if you are feeling anger or aggressiveness, as this can help you to transform the anger in a healthy way, and you'll feel more objectivity and self-control. Frankincense is the King of oils and can alleviate many challenges, including feelings of darkness, deception, spiritual disconnect and abandonment, leaving you feeling more wise, discerning and spiritually connected when massaged over heart or on the spine. Myrrh is perfect massaged over the belly if you are feeling distrusting, ungrounded or unsafe in the world. It can help you to feel more safe, secure and nurtured. When we use our powerful tools and gifts from the Earth, and in turn become more balanced, we are more capable of attracting what we want rather than what we don't want. I suggest using 1-5 drops of each oil once or twice a day for as long as you feel you need.

Since literally everything vibrates in it's own frequency, we have the power to harness specifically what we want to attune to, which repels what we no longer want to resonate with, including disease and genius ideas that we could never before cancel or create otherwise. The key during times like this is to not give into fear, and stay clear by trusting in the process of Divine timing. Everything is always perfectly in Divine Order.

For more information on frequencies and essential oils, or to begin your own essential oils journey, go to If you would like to know how the sky affects you personally in all areas of your life, you'll want to book a consultation with me from my list of services at

"The Universe is wise and loving." - spoken by the greatest astrologers


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