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Evolutionary Alignment VIP Day

This is for you if you are ready and committed to receive the support and do the work it takes to powerfully transform into the next level of your soul's evolution.   When your discomfort or your desire is greater than your fear of change, this is the day to align gracefully with your highest potential.

We spend a 6 hour day together to deep dive into 2-4 core areas of life and remedy karmic challenges, clear away past trauma, and create new pathways to speed up the Divine Plan of your life under Grace.   When we make a shift in one area of life, every other area will shift along with it.  When we shift our energy, it permeates everything.

As a bonus, to keep you in alignment, feeling supported and focused, you also receive ongoing weekly 30 minutes sessions for 4 weeks after your initial diamond day activation.

Five important areas of life:

1) Food and movement.

Am I feeding my body things it loves and thrives on and moving it regularly to keep myself connected to good feelings in my beautiful body?

2) Money, money, money.

Do I feel good about the money I am receiving and where and how I’m directing it, with a healthy relationship to the abundance all around me?

3) Love.

Do I feel good about the people in my life? Do I see them and feel seen by them, and experience the types of energy exchanges I truly desire, keeping my love real and current?

4) Life purpose.

Do I know why I get up in the morning and feel confident that the way I expend my vital life force energy each day is in alignment with my dearest values?

5) Self-expression.

Do I know that I am showing up fully as myself, in my appearance and my action? Do I feel the joy of being in my own skin and allowing my body and my words to move as I desire?

Book this powerful revolutionary day for yourself now or book a complimentary call to discover more about breaking through to your own authentic Divine Destiny.

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