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Venus Retrograde Brings Desire for Peace

December 20 - January 27 Venus, goddess of love, money, pleasure, relationships, women, peace and diplomacy will make her inward journey and review, bringing the desire for peace, oneness and Divine inspiration.

Venus makes her retrograde journey about once every 9 months, and when a planet is in retrograde motion its energy is very strongly felt as a very near and backwards pull on our planet. Planets do not move backwards in the sky, but as earth's orbit passes the orbit of a planet, just like we pass a car going the same direction on a multi-lane highway, we observe this planet from a completely different perspective. At the planets stationing in preparation for retrograde motion, and again at stationing to prepare to move direct again we observe it from the perspective of being able to see inside that figurative car on the highway as we pass one another. This creates a deepening of a very strong magnetic pull between our sister planet.

Between December 10 and December 22 Venus makes her first aspect of this retrograde cycle stationed, standing still, with Pluto, god of the underworld, transformation, betrayal, control, manipulation, power, crisis and deep psychological and emotional healing. Deep dark truths that we do not want to see or believe are coming up to surface to be healed during this time.

With Capricorn being the space of governments, systems, commitment, restrictions, rules, regulations, institutions and discipline, we will see deep truths unearthed within this area of the collective consciousness, and in the areas of life that Capricorn, Saturn and Venus govern in your own personal horoscope. We will see deep dark truths unearthed around finances, love and relationships.

We desire through this journey of the goddess of love, money, sensual pleasure and diplomacy, to have peace. In order to attain peace, we must not stuff down or avoid deep dark truths or emotional/psychological wounds that manifest as triggers. Now is the time for deep inner reflection of your relationship to this area of your life. Now is the time for shadow work and inner child work, not a time to blame others. It is a time to surrender to the Divine within, not a time to surrender to the manipulation and control from yourself upon others or other's manipulative and controlling behaviors.

Venus will continue her reflective time through Sagittarius December 27 - January 27 when she finally moves forward again and then leaves Sagittarius on February 27. During this time we will reflect on our relationship with our beliefs and dogmas. This is foreign and uncomfortable territory for the goddess of love and money, and it is important for us to flow with the changes and use use these energies to reflect on how we may be dogmatic or undiplomatic in our relationships. Use this inner reflective time and time to use our mirrors/relationships to take a deeper look into ourselves and see how our beliefs may contribute cultivating more peace and diplomacy in the areas around love, relationships and finances.

During the days of January 6 - 11 Venus will cross through the rays of the Sun, bringing her into the underworld of burned out invisibility, transforming her from Aphrodite, goddess of earthly sensual pleasures... into naked and vulnerable shadow of Persephone, and then born again crowned as Athena the morning star and goddess of wisdom. Pay attention to what transpires during these days and in her rebirth in the areas of love, money, business, relationships, peace and diplomacy, for the entirety of the environment of a birth shows the whole of a new 9 month cycle in the areas of life governed by Venus.

If you would like to know more about how these changing planetary influences affect your personal divine soul blueprint and how to best navigate the areas of life affected, I invite you to book a consultation with me during the month of December while I am offering $100 off as my holiday gift to you and to assist in attaining peace for the collective. As within, so without. As above, so below. May you be blessed during your Venus retrograde journey.


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