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The Most Sacred Day of the Year in the Northern Hemisphere

According to ancient esoteric science, the shortest day of the year, when the external light is most diminished and the earth asleep, is the time the internal light is strongest and the spiritual powers of the earth are amplified.

When we turn within today and consciously intend to connect with the Highest Being and spiritual Inner Sun - Christ, Osiris and among other names within many traditions - which, according to ancient esoteric science is merged with the Earth's aura for the past 2000 years, you can have powerful insights, renewal of the soul's energies and Divine Love.

According to ancient traditions, the Cosmic Mother is now beginning the birthing process of the Divine Sun/Son. Those who are consciously connected to this process believe mothers require rest and not work today in order to do their part in preparing for this spiritual birthing process.

The birth marks the whole. So whatever you want to birth more of in your life is to be done on this day. If you want to eat better, exercise, better your relationships, etc, do something today through Dec 22 that reflects this intention. If you want to do more of the work you love, do a little of that today, as examples.

May the Christed Love be birthed within you! ☀️🌎👑

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