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Solar Eclipse on the Sting of the Scorpion!

On December 14, 2020 at 10:13am CST the Sun was fully eclipsed by the dark Moon on the stinger of the Scorpion to symbolize transformational change to illuminate our destiny out of the darkness. The eclipse occurred in Tropical Western Sagittarius and Astronomical Scorpio.

Scorpio deals with the world beyond this world, pertaining to transformational healing through death and rebirth, which can be initiated through pain and crisis. The stinger of the Scorpion can also indicate poisons, so we will want to be much more careful of the sting of toxins and poisons especially during the next few months after this eclipse. This is a point that can make the collective feel out of control in a profound way. There will be a major split down the middle pertaining to everyone's beliefs, but this eclipse can begin to bring to Light what we cannot see yet. We are learning that our own beliefs are not the only right way.

With Neptune sitting at the midpoint of the nodes of the moon and Mercury, this eclipse is dealing with deception, deceit, denial, illusion, scandals, and secrets, and then ultimately it can bring Spirituality. Neptune also represents TV, the media and disease. This is another indication of secrets and lies becoming revealed in the months ahead. Not all is what it seems as of now.

With Mars at the end of astronomical Pisces, there will be highs and lows in extreme with finances, aggression and dis-ease.

The December dark moon solar eclipse is also with the star Nehushtan, the brazzen snake (xi serpentis). A solar eclipse on the sting of the Scorpion with this star in Ophiuchus brings us a double negative, which equals a positive in the end. Sickness and death is to be conquered. There will be a height of dis-ease during a dark winter, but then when we are able to see the stars of Ophiuchus in the early Spring and Summer, depending on where you are on the globe, the majority will be healed according to this omen from the stars. However, those who idolize science above Spirit will have the most difficult time from the poisons of the sting (refer back to the Biblical story of when Moses erected the brazzen snake "Nehushtan"). Are you waiting for science to save you, out of fear, or are you listening to your own intuition?

Ultimately Venus is also involved with this eclipse of the Sun, bringing blessings, abundance and Spiritual healing. When we can release fear and trust in the healing process, illumination happens and this is when we can hear our intuition guide us. We are meant to thrive when we learn to surrender to Divine inspiration.