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September New Moon in Virgo - Support in finding Truth and Healing!

The First lunar Crescent of the month of September was seen exact with Mercury September 8, in his phase of rare visibility in the solar plexus of the Virgin, Virgo, who is literally a Goddess with wings, just as Mother Mary and Isis are depicted. What we see in the Sky with the first lunar crescent is the energy of the birth of the new 30 days moon cycle which governs the path of the collective consciousness.

Our mind and what is thought and communicated (Mercury) is illuminated by what makes us happy on the inside (Moon), which is in research of Truth seeking as we find more deeply in our sovereign discernment, especially in the area of science, health and healing (Virgo). Critical sovereign thinking during deep research of the truth is deeply supported at this time.

With Mercury exalted in Virgo our mind and communication can be at its best. Saturn at home in Capricorn is in direct harmonious communication with this beautiful Mercury and New Moon conjunction, creating stable and long lasting results in the Virgo areas of life. What we begin now in areas of communication, research for truth, health, healing, science, discernment while in our sovereign power (solar plexus) will have a beneficial and long lasting effect going forward, as Saturn is the planet of stability and support, and rewards us after our long and committed sustained effort.

We also have two more planets that traveled into new signs at this same time, supporting and influencing new beginnings times three! I say times three rather than four because Jupiter moved retrograde from our perspective, back into Capricorn for one last review and period of remembering before moving forward into Aquarius again. Jupiter is joining Saturn to review and remind us of the happenings and lessons we received in December 2020, as I wrote of in my blog post about The Great Conjunction of 2020. During this last pass, Jupiter is not only weak in Capricorn already, but he is also in the phase of setting as he wanes into an even weaker position.

We can experience more dogma around beliefs which divide us by being in the space of "my way or the highway" and projecting this onto others, if we do not choose the high road. Jupiter with Saturn here will also give more strength and underhanded corruption coming from the government and corporations. We will see systematic control becoming stronger, and as freedoms are intruded upon even more we will see more imbalance leading to more awakening come December as Jupiter will travel again into Aquarius for a long stay. So we will then have influence of more power for community, socializing and freedoms.

As Mars and Venus have shifted into new areas, Venus will bring blessings of beauty, diplomacy and justice as she graces the scales of balance and the stars of the Architect/Artist in Libra. Mars is still in his phase of invisibility as he's moved from Leo into Virgo joining Mercury and the New Moon, focusing our outward primal energies of drive, ego and will inward. This gives more fuel to research and healing while energizing our inner self with the blessing of Sovereignty. Mars is not in his natural state of great outward willpower while invisible or while in Virgo this month. Although as he is still invisible through November, there will be more underhanded and sneaky war-like attacks. Self awareness and awareness of what we are attracting is key through Mar's invisibility, as passive aggressiveness and underhanded maneuvers are at their peak.

With Venus leading the way in Libra and the Sun in Leo following behind the Virgo stellium, as bookends of the Sky's energies, now is time for the Divine Feminine to RISE in Leadership, which causes a domino effect so that the energies of her Lover, Mars, will also rise up into his Divine Masculine place. This is where our blessing is right now. Now is the time to decide to commit to using these energies to honor the Sacred Feminine within us, staying rooted into a space of love, compassion, honoring our desires as sacred co-creative forces of light and life. In turn, we pave the way for the masculine energies to follow, rebalancing and harmonizing ALL.

Now is the time to honor the sacred feminine and divine masculine balance within, and in turn this creates the ripple effect, the butterfly effect, the domin