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New Awakening & Advancements - Uranus Eclipsed from the Storming Sun

Today's Uranus Eclipse from the Sun as the extreme G6 solar storms are delivered to Earth represents an extremely powerful focus of Uranus Astrological energies on the Earth and Humanity. The Storming Sun literally replaces the planet Uranus and includes the Supreme Divine Uranium energies, redirecting them to all Sentient Souls on Earth. Today is a very important beginning to show the next 10 years of advancements ahead.

May 13, 2024 is the beginning of a 10-year cycle of Uranium Eclipses, occurring once a year during 2024 - 2033. Quite rarely does the Universe give us such significant and key changes for the development of all of Humanity.

When these 10-year cycles are traced in the stories throughout history, within each of them, Humanity acquires significant revolutionary technological and spiritual impulses that forever change the course of our civilization.

Stories from our History:

1. One day before the Uranium Eclipse of the Sun on 12.18.1903 (8th in a cycle of 10), the Wright Brothers made their first successful aircraft flight on 12.17.1903 allowing us to fly aircraft across the Earth today.

2. 21 days after the Uranus Eclipse on May 30, 1944 (4th in a row in the cycle of 9) the first flight of the V-2 rocket was launched, which reached the discovered Cosmos. Because of this, the story was told that Werner Von Braun managed to send at least 12 people to the Moon. Within this same cycle of eclipses of 1941-1949, the code of the Enigma Encryption Machine was cracked by Alan Turing's computer machine.

3. Five months after the first of a cycle of 10 eclipses of Uranus from the Sun, which took place on 04.12.1980, launched the First Flight of the Space Shuttle, becoming successful on 12.04.1981. During this same period, the Voyager 2 spacecraft passed successively past Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, as 55 days after the eclipse of Uranus from the Sun on 12.10.1985. Namely on 01.24.1986, Humankind successfully observed Uranus closely through the Voyager 2 spacecraft (the song of Valya Balkanska - 'I came out Delu Haidutin' flies precisely on the gold plates of the Voyager devices).

The spiritual impulse for the cosmic unfolding of Humanity was given by Carl Sagan's Great scientific-popular masterpiece - the film series 'Cosmos', which was voiced by the ingenious composer Vangelis. The first episode of the movie was broadcast on 1.10.1980 - 48 days before the First Uranus Eclipse of the 1980-89 cycle. It was this movie, the gold records of music from all areas of the Earth and the Great Music of Evangelis that united all of Humanity, changing and elevating the consciousness of millions of people on the face of the Earth.

4. This same cycle of eclipses during the period of 1980-1989, realized an eclipse on 12.02.1983, which gave impetus to the production, advertising campaign (December 1983) and commercial realization of Apple's McIntosh PC, which on 01.22.1984 (50 days after the eclipse) became world famous through the masterpiece of advertising known as '1984'. PCs have totally changed Humanity, realizing an evolutionary leap in the work of information and accumulated knowledge, enabling Humanity to accelerate its technological development exponentially.

In three of these stories from history were revolutionary developments of space flight and space-reaching technologies, which is typical of the semantic significance of the planet Uranus. In two of the stories, significant advancements in computer technology were made, another important branch of Uranus' semantic values. Within one of the stories was a Planetary elevation of Humanity's consciousness through higher science, music, astrophysics and cosmology, which is the highest manifestation of Uranus.

All three areas will most likely be key in the new 10-year cycle of annual Uranium eclipses of the Sun. We can expect to reach a new stage of space mastery, most likely by creating a reusable spacecraft, which will lead to the resumption of flights to the Moon and Mars. We can also expect, in the coming years, the exponential development of Artificial Intelligence that will most likely lead to the emergence of Universal Artificial Intelligence (GAI).

The Christ Light, the Light of Apollo, as told by our ancestors, that is within the Consciousness of the Sun - the most advanced and evolved Spiritual Being in our Solar System, has the special function of purifying and elevating Astrological influences of the planets and stars especially when eclipsed from the perspective of the people of the Earth.

These Sun-elevated energies of the planet Uranus will affect our Earth in this new 10-year cycle of Uranus Solar eclipses. This will lead to incredible Spiritual development of humans who consciously work within themselves and for the whole to experience and realize the Second Coming of Christ in their Inner World and Social World. This will give an incredible leap in the development of new forms of Archetypal and Cosmic Consciousness in Humans, which will of course give an even greater boost in the development of Astrology as a Sacred Science, resulting in the unfolding of Cosmic Consciousness in Humanity.

This provokes the need for Collective Prayer for the Divine Realization of the Astrological Processes of the Universe and the Planet Uranus in the Life of Humanity. To consciously experience this sacred moment of the development of Humanity, and to have greater conscious influence for the Evolutionary Development of our Planet, we want to be sure to have Good Prayers from the Heart in the direction of achieving the highest octaves of the manifestations of this beautiful Cosmic Sign.

Yesterday I sent out a newsletter about the G6 category Solar Flares that are being delivered to us on Earth today and how to attune yourself so that you have the best experience with these intense energies combined with Its transit to Uranus. You can see this important newsletter with solar flare remedies here if you missed it.


Think of the Greatness of God and the Spiritual Base of the Cosmos as delivering this Sacred Experience of the Conscious Student Soul precisely when the Sun beams and focuses the highest octaves and influences of the planet Uranus on the Earth, which makes its cycle 7 times every 12 years, forming the Zodiac Regions of the Solar System.

The Uranium eclipse from the Sun as the extreme Solar flares are delivered today also has a strong impact on your personal life.

When you are aligned with the map of your Soul given at birth, your authentic Star Map, your journey on this Earth becomes an eloquent adventure, miracles occur every day and it has been proven over and over again that literal bullets are dodged.


This is the Magic of the Birthrights Activation...Saying YES to your Innate Gifts and Genius that are the intricacies of your Divinity is the first step into manifesting your boldest desires now.

Since the Golden Age of pure knowledge, leaders in the most powerful and successful positions in the world have had an astrologer (that no one knows of) as their guide to living and leading their best life and legacy on purpose.

There are maybe 10 of us Babylonian Astrologers on Earth accurately practicing and channeling The Pure Astrology.

This is not for everyone.

This is the liberation from all societal constructs that have been conditioned through lifetimes, that have kept us playing small in al matters of Life, work, health, family, home, love, money and more...

Your Mission in this Life is Divinely fulfilled by living Fully Activated within the liberation of your Authentic Soul Genius, with Integrity.

If you've already had your Birthrights Activation with me recently, we can go even deeper into your personal Soul Blueprint as it's being touched by the changing influences and opportunities from the Cosmos when you work with me ongoing.

Health, Risk, Creativity, Business, Finances, Relationships and Spiritual Development that is very unique to you can be massively upgraded with small shifts that feel soft, simple and highly aligned when consciously aligned with these Cosmic Forces.

I this feels like a YES, I invite you to meet with me to create a plan for ongoing support. I have powerful 3 months - 12 months 1:1 plans available for Visionaries and Leaders who are ready to be supported in manifesting their boldest desires now.

I also have incoming openings into the Embodied Priestess 12 week sisterhood program where women have been manifesting their boldest desires from a place of feminine magnetism rather than over-work and burnout.

But don't wait. I have limited space available for this high level support.

And God knows better.


I love hearing from you and knowing what my community is experiencing. Send me a comment below, click the chat button on this page or get in touch on social media.

Please share this post with anyone who may benefit.


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