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Rise of Mars Begins a New 2 Years Cycle on the Head of the Scorpion!

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

If you watch the morning sky before sunrise between now and around December16, you will see the red planet, Mars, appear in the crown of the Sun as the harbinger of a new two year cycle of the manifestation of our will, drive, passion, action and our raw primal energies, and the ending of the last cycle of Mars.

If we look back at what Mars brought us during his last heliacal appearance in October 2019 in Virgo, we can see that the red planet of will, war, division, primal passions, action, ego and pestilence birthed new in Virgo, the sign of health, healing and science brought us a an attack on our health and sciences, whether it was planned or not. He was also square Saturn, and a square is a conflicting 90 degree angle between the energies of the these 2 malefic planets. Saturn represents the systems, rules, restrictions, planning, hard lessons and government. Need I explain more of what we have all experienced and learned from during this time?

Now that he is being birthed on the head of the Scorpion, he will bring us something entirely new. The Scorpion's head represents healing through seeking for hidden knowledge of truth at it's highest expression, and at it's lowest expression represents death and poison, physical, psychological or emotional. Over the next two years we will see and experience loss from manipulation and ignorance. We will also see those who do seek healing through truth and knowledge rise up into right action.

Either way, healing occurs.

Death, whether physical, psychological or spiritual, is a form of being healed from physical and emotional sufferings, and seeking and finding the hidden knowledge paves the way for healing to occur.

Hidden ancient knowledge of what the heliacal cycles of the planets and stars are harbingers of is a great tool to have for those seeking the truth, especially by knowing how the cycles affect you personally. At the moment of your birth, the exact placement of every planet and star gives guidance for your journey in this life as your soul's expression and blueprint.

If you would like to know how the cycles of the sky are affecting you personally in all areas of life, what is upcoming for you for the year ahead, and the best way to work with these energies, I invite you to book a personal consultation with me.

I wish you great blessings, right action, truth, knowledge, and supreme health in purest connection with Source and your innate Genius during these pivotal times.