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Make a Wish! The Spiritual New Year Begins With the First Crescent Moon of February!

Happy Valentine's Day in the USA, and Happy New Year across many more cultures all over the world! The first appearance of the crescent moon on the point of the Spring Equinox before the Sun crosses this point of fresh new beginnings is here! This time between now and the full moon on February 27 is the phase for huge celebration and ritual since ancient times. It is the time for any ritual you wish and feel at home with to call in what you want for this new year, and this is to be in affect all the way up to the full moon, so take your time. It is the perfect time for manifesting and focusing on what you do want to create rather than what you do not want. It is important to focus in this way because whatever you focus on expands, so we do not want to focus on what we don't want. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is. Even though this is still not a time for creating new beginnings in the 3D reality, your wishes cast into the spiritual realm will be supported, especially when you are in a state of prayer, reverence and gratitude for all you are and have now, and with faith that your wishes have already been fulfilled. Everything begins in the invisible realms before it can manifest into the more dense physical world.

This is also perfect timing for charity, giving, compassion and empathy. What you give to others in your thoughts and prayers will reflect back to you a thousand fold. And when your vibration is high from these types of feelings, you will always manifest what is harmonious and good from your personal horoscope, your birth energies and transiting energies, into your life. Happy New Year Blessings to You and may all your highest wishes come true!