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Earth's Evolutionary Path

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Within the heart of Canis Major is the "Dog Star", Sirius, at 19'20" Astronomical Gemini and 13'44" Tropical Cancer, expected to heliacally rise in the morning sky before the sun today or within the next day or two. Every year at this time, for thousands of years in many cultures across the globe, thousands of people gather in the mountains to welcome and celebrate the morning rise of Sirius after it's long journey into the underworld burned out by the Sun's rays, as this marks the birth of the Spiritual New Year.

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. With a visual apparent magnitude of -1.46, it is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the next brightest star. The beautiful blue and white colors you see when you look at Sirius have recently only been apparent for about the last 2000 years. During the 12,000 years before this, Sirius has been documented to be red in color. Astronomically this change in color is because of our Sun's path in the sky in relation to Sirius. For a 24,000 year cycle, our sun is traveling on a path towards and away from Sirius. The last time we were as closest to Sirius as our path takes us, was at the height of the reign of Atlantis and Lemuria. When we began moving away from Sirius again and as it turned from blue to red was at the sudden fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Where are we right now in our path of evolution? About 2026 years ago when Jesus Christ arrived on the planet was the time we began our evolution towards Sirius into it's blue-white brilliance again. We are still around 10,000 years away from the peak of our planetary evolution of this current cycle. The good news is, we are evolving! This means we are in upward trend of being nearer to God Consciousness, more telepathy, better intuition and clairvoyance, and becoming in higher knowledge. Lower vibrational energies and beings won't be able to survive on the planet any longer as we become nearer to Sirius again. They will have to transform into higher energies or become obsolete to our planet. Right now we are seeing these destructive energies destroy themselves, and they can't harmonize with the bigger creative forces. Enjoy the process as a blessing to be on this planet at such pivotal times.

"And if you find, in the nativity of someone, this fixed star of the nature of Jupiter and Mars, in the ascendanct or in the midheaven, he will be a master of soldiers and will be great in his actions and famous in far-away countries. He will be receiving lands, cities and gold and until these are in his possession he will distribute them as he wants and everyone will obey him and he will make all people rich, will be gentleman, praised by all, strong in his rule, wise in his contracts (negociis), someone who loves people and who trusts everyone, he will not like the belicose, he will have success in everything he wants, intelligent, rich with a lot of money. He likes when he is praised and he likes when people talk good about him and he will die a good death and will be handsome and God knows better." -Hermes Trismegistus on the Fixed Stars De Stellis Fixis, translated for the first time from the Manuscript Codex Vindobonensis Latinus 3124 by astrologer Rumen Kolev, Varna 2013