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Archangel Michael's Lunar Eclipse

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

This marks the beginning of a 3 year Battle of Light and Dark! The November 30, 2020 lunar eclipse is with the star Aldebaran, the pillar of Archangel Michael, who will be opposed by the Sun in the Heart of the Scorpion. This eclipse will last for 3 hours during the morning watch, so the battle of light and dark within and without may be intensified for 3 years and can have a great healing effect collectively. It is said by the ancient astrologers that when the lunar eclipse happens during the third morning watch, the sick will be healed!

Will Michael win over the Dragon? This depends upon where you align your energies! These few days could have doubly more positive or negative effect on your life for the next 3 years. If you have a spiritual practice or begin one now, (meditation, prayer, visualizations for a better future etc) or your actions are aligned with good intent, you can powerfully implant and manifest these positive trends. If you are involved in negative, destructive, harmful or self indulgent thoughts, feelings or action, their effect will also be magnified for worse. Be very mindful! The days of eclipses are when the energies shift powerfully, so you can use this positively to initiate amazing life changes, or you can give in to and allow the destructive low vibrational energies to run your psyche and your life. Because reality becomes more fluid and malleable, you can quickly mold it according to your intentions. During a Lunar eclipse you can commit yourself to ending something unwholesome and/or completing something worthwhile and pivotal.

Archangel Michael’s star Aldebaran’s energy can be called upon and harnessed for cutting cords with the past, protection from darkness, winning over enemies (internal/ external), buoying strength to overcome weaknesses and to complete difficult tasks and situations in life. It is especially beneficial to put at bay dark, scary, worrisome thoughts and feelings and to decrease poverty and helplessness consciousness. Aldebaran is a victory and abundance star, so you can connect consciously through your practice (guided mediation, visualization, journal writing, vision board, prayer, Gratitude list, etc) on these topics! The effects will be way more powerful than most other times! You might be able to see immediate shifts in your internal energy, and as a result your external reality will start quickly changing too!

On the other end of the eclipse is the Sun on the star Antares, the heart of the Scorpion, which can intensify the more destructive tendencies within and around us: obsessions, jealousies, resentments, anger. If you choose to focus on these, they can create a fast downward spiral and quickly attract similar external events!

As above, so below. As within, so without.