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The Liberation of the Purity & Potency of the Golden Age

Babylonian Astrology was locked in the dungeon for thousands of years, and now she has finally been set free.  


She carries the Codes and the stories of our Divine Ancestry, for each and every one of us. 


We each hold these Codes that are the unique fingerprints of our Soul, why we are here and what is our purpose, innate gifts and genius. 


Your Divine Birthrights are waiting to be activated by You in this lifetime.

This is the pure astrology from the Golden Age, the age of pure knowledge, beauty, truth and abundance. 


The Queen of all Sciences and the Royal Art that is ancient Babylonian Astrology has been the highest guidance for royal lineages and great leaders since the beginning, and now she has returned to guide us through the portals and timelines to quicken our evolutionary journey under Grace of Heaven.

Ancient Babylonian Astrology is your Divine Birthright which activates the codes of the intricacies of your Divinity from deep within, so that the programming of the projected image of the matrix can no longer keep us under the spell that has kept Humanity locked in the dungeon for thousands of years.

You have found ancient Babylonian Astrology because you are not a peasant. 


You are a child of Divinity who holds the Royal Codes within that liberates your ancestors and your descendants for many generations. 


You are that single point in the bloodline that is able to quantum leap timelines at the speed of light, alchemizing your family's morphogenetic field.

You have found the tools and knowledge to permanently embody true freedom and r-evolution.

It is my responsibility to do my part to protect this purity and potency of high knowledge and keep her liberated, expanding and gridding the planet for the upliftment of Humanity.


I am the Priestess Guide in your Royal Chamber.

And God knows better.

Tammy Antoinette

The Star Queen of Sirius Ministries

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Tammy Antoinette

Professional Alchemist

Executive Director of Sirius Ministries, a Self-Supported Ministry

​Tammy Antoinette is the Guide for Leaders and Visionaries who are ready to manifest bold desires in alignment with their authentic Soul Blueprint.

​She spent her life immersed into Feminine Energetics in full embodiment as a Creatrix, Visionary, Priestess and Dancer amongst some of the highest level leaders in our communities.

This real life embodiment of the Feminine Arts and Sciences set the stage for her to become the sought after Alchemist and Guide for Visionaries and Leaders. 

This is the type of Alchemy that knows the difference between making a hard earned $500 vs magnetizing a soft and light $50k, all within the same amount of linear time, in the same physical location and amongst the same collaborators. 

Much of the precious gold and gems of knowledge that can only be embodied by living Life fully turned on is why she is highly sought after.  

They want the Priestess Guide in their Royal Chamber who can see all quantum and physical possibilities and timelines to expedite into the upper levels of their soul's evolution, so that they're only pouring from an overflowing cup and all areas of life receive an upgrade. 

She was both privately and institutionally trained and certified by the best leaders, healers, doctors, psychologists and scientists in the world within her areas of expertise for 25+ years. 

Tammy's extensive background, experience and education in areas of psychology, human evolution, holistic health, esoteric science, embodiment practices, anthroposophy, anthropology, feminine energetics, shamanism, plant medicines, bodywork, ceremony, frequency medicine and layers of energy healing and mind repatterning techniques have earned her many titles and certifications.

Those who join her are able to quantum leap timelines and uplift entire legacies and lineages by making simple revolutionary shifts, transforming all areas of life.

Tammy's most passionate, potent and deeply embodied practice which is the blueprint and container for all high level codes and gifts, is Ancient Babylonian Astrology and Astrosophy.

She's studied under the Placidus Research Center since 2019, and because of the profound impact Babylonian Astrology has had on her life and for those she serves, she is fully committed to continue her heart-lead lifelong journey of diving deeply into this entire Sky of Knowledge of the Higher Worlds to benefit Humanity.

There is nothing else like this on the planet.  

Only royalty has had an astrologer trained within these ancient systems (that nobody knows about) on their side, so that they easily attune to their innate genius and access flow states, dodge literal bullets and never miss a miraculous opportunity.​

There are only maybe 10 astrologers on the planet practicing at this high level today and no one other than her with the gifts and expertise to weave such high level miracles.

Some of Tammy's innate gifts are of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience and she is a finely tuned intuitive, Oracle and Priestess.

She’s a master of spiritual protection, energy and entity clearing and transmutation.

Tammy has experience with completely alchemizing chronic illnesses, marriages, divorces, finances, businesses, court cases, fertility challenges and more.

She has experienced the fullness of the spectrum of life, literal death and beyond that one woman could possibly have.​ 

Tammy is fully committed to supporting Leaders and Visionaries to create a life and legacy that is a highly aligned FULL BODY YES.

Those she guides know there is a better way than what society has taught them, and they’re fully committed to magnetizing their best life from the highest expression of their innate genius. 

Your journey into your Upper Levels of your Vision and Purpose begins with The Birthrights Activation.

Home: Welcome
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A portion of every investment goes to supporting Operation Underground Railroad – a non-profit that exists to rescue children from sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Learn more about O.U.R. here:

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