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Venus Has Descended Into the Underworld- How to Best Make Use of Her Invisibility and Resurrection

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Venus is literally the energy of Desire and pleasure. Without Venus we would have neither. Desire is literally "from the stars". It is a Divine Gift of being in your beautiful human body, the temple that animates the expression of the soul.

Desire - "await what the stars will bring," from the phrase de sidere "from the stars," from sidus (genitive sideris) "heavenly body, star, constellation"

If you have been looking at the evening Sky, you may have noticed that beautiful radiant Venus is no longer seen above the western horizon. Venus in her retrograde journey has quickly descended into the rays of the Sun to complete her 9 month cycle as Aphrodite goddess of sensual love and pleasure, to become as Persephone - queen of the Underworld, then will rise again to begin a new cycle as the beautiful Athena, morning star of Divine love and wisdom.

Saturday afternoon, January 8, she will be communing at exact conjunction with the Sun to reset into her new cycle during her underworld journey. Of matters concerning the Divine Feminine, love, relationships, resources, finances, beauty, desire and pleasure, this is the time to go within and receive Christed downloads from the Sun, intuitions and messages. Feel in to your desires and relationship mirrors for messages of how to rebalance. This is the time to obtain wisdom and rebalancing in the mission of her underworld quest to take with her into her new cycle. The Venusian messages will be most clear when we tune in to the Temple that is our body, and ask ourselves, "What would someone who loves him/herself do?"

With Venus being in Sagittarius, the focus is on truth and beliefs. How have our beliefs helped or hindered us in our relationships with others and with relationship to our resources? What is the truth when we embody Divine Love? This is the time of purification. This is the purification that comes from uplifting ourselves by the Divine Love from the ashes with the rising phoenix energies.

Next week Venus will rise again from the ashes to be born renewed as the goddess of Wisdom, Divine Love, strategy and loyalty. We can expect to see her in the crown of the sunrise January 12 here in Texas. Nearer to the equator she may appear earlier, and nearer to the Poles she will appear later. I highly recommend greeting the sunrise in welcome of her and always in welcome of the blessings of the Sun's first rays of light. It is very auspicious to greet a planet or star in its renewed heliacal rise to praise and request the blessings of fulfilled right desires from these renewed energies of the fresh cycle upon us.

When she is birthed into her new cycle she will harmoniously aspect Uranus in Aries. We can expect revolutionary changes to the monetary systems of the world. Venus can feel weak in Sagittarius, so our money and relationships can feel weakened by this if we are not intentionally co-creating with these Venusian cycles. When we intend to stay under the influence of Divine love pertaining especially to the lessons we have been learning concerning beliefs and truth that Sagittarius energies bring, this is the resolution.