New Celestial Events of 2022 - Sirius Gateway and New 70,000 Years Cycle

The first moon cycle of 2022 marks a time of completion according to the cyclic effects of the Celestial realms. The first lunar crescent appeared in Capricorn tonight with bright and rare Mercury as Hermes, showing the beginning of a cycle of support of knowledge and understanding. The bright mind is fully illuminated and grounded into a reality check. Searching for knowledge, study, self-expression, trade, writing, ideas, media are all part of what will make us happy within this 30 days lunar cycle, as this is a fully supported energy. With Pluto and Saturn also present with Moon and Mercury in the sign of the goat, what we search for and communicate will have a long lasting and transformative effect, especially in areas of career, systems and governments. These are not new energies upon us, but a culmination or completion of what we have been through in 2021 and 2020.

Change is the name of the game this year and through 2023, while Mars had just begun his new 2 years cycle in Scorpio, on the degrees of the head of the scorpion, bringing us deep transformation/crisis through seeking for hidden knowledge and/or a death/rebirth. A deep healing crisis of what has been hidden is upon us, with the deep dark truth being unearthed, providing more opportunity for further awakening. We need to be mindful of being diplomatic and open-hearted rather than falling into the trap of war/division/egoic narcissism. With Mars being the planet of war, ruling this entire 180 year epoch that began around 2016, we have already seen the beginnings of the war-like energies on our minds, on our media, on our health and on our sciences (Mars birthed in Virgo October 2019). This is the time to simplify our external and internal environments and be open to changing what is no longer working. If we resist the changes under a trap of narcissistic illusion, we will experience crisis. What do you need to change/simplify this year? Even small steps towards changes and simplicity will go a long way this cycle.

Venus, goddess of love, desire, relationships, partnerships, beauty, money, resources, is retrograde still, and Venus is always beautiful, whether in retrograde or forward momentum. We have been seeing past relationships/relationship energies show up to be revised, revisited and wisdom to be acquired in these areas. It is not a time for new endeavors in Venusian areas of life. If you are looking at the Sky, which I hope you do, you will see Venus disappearing into the Sun's rays within the next couple of days to make her underworld journey as Ereshkigal/Persephone. She creates a starpoint descent into the underworld once every 9 months to acquire new wisdom, protection and knowledge to birth into her new cycle. Pay attention to what is revealed during her exact conjunction to the Sun on January 8, and then while seeing her appear in her morning star phase around January 11. While she is conjunct the Sun she will acquire wisdom for the areas of life she rules to be taken with her into the new cycle. What wisdom are you receiving especially pertaining to your beliefs and prejudices (Venus in Sagittarius), whether your reflections are received from your inner or outer world? As within, so without. As above, so below.

Jupiter in Aquarius is conjunct the fixed star Fomalhaut, the priestly star of spirituality, mid-January. This beautiful star of the nature of Mercury and Venus is on the right hand of the Water Bearer, where the holy waters of knowledge are poured onto humankind from Heaven. This is a fully supported time to receive downloads and insights to assist humankind on the planet right now. What are you doing/being/acquiring in order to do your part to help move humankind and your community to where it next needs to go? The Priest/Priestess energy is an energy of simplicity for the love of service to his/her community.

With the nodes of the Moon still on the axis of Taurus/Scorpio, and firey powerful Mars just activated the Scorpio eclipse point of November 2021, we will see further changes to our resources, food, monetary systems, Mother Earth, finances and medicines. The Taurus and Scorpio eclipses have an affect through the Spring at least, and we will see the peak of these accumulated energies during 2022 especially. Remember, the strong Mars/Scorpio energies are bringing up deep, dark truths that we will not want to see during this Age of Pisces/Asleep.

Today, Monday January 3rd we have the Comet Leonard at perihelion- the closest position to the Sun in its 70,000 year journey (YES you read that right- 70K years!). When a planet, asteroid or comet aligns or comes closest to the Sun we have our Star infused with the energy of that body and vice versa. Conjunctions to our Sun start a new synodic cycle with whatever body is involved (Venus on January 8). When looking at a conjunction or closest approach to the Sun the slowest body has increased power. A new 70,000 year cycle is commencing! This is a time of great change, as when the ancients saw a comet especially, this was sure knowledge of great change upon the Planet. With this Comet now in the degrees of Pisces, this great change is coming upon our great illusions/spirituality. There is further awakening pertaining to the sleeping Age of Pisces, which we are nearing the end (Age of Aquarius officially begins in the year 2372). We can see this awakening come about in images, on screens, dream time, in spirituality/spiritual bypassing... all areas of life where we can easily be under the spell of illusion. (image by Michael Jäger and Lukas Demetz).

On Tuesday January 4 Earth moves to perihelion - the closest point the earth comes to the Sun in her yearly cycle. We also have the Sun opposite the fixed star Sirius today - one of the 4 gateways of Sirius that are significant. The other 3 are the Sun/Sirius conjunction on July 5 and the heliacal rise and set of Sirius which varies based on location. Here in Texas, set is May 12 and rise is August 18. To see where it rises and sets in your area, see this amazing heliacal rise/set software here - The Earth and Sun are nearest one another on the same day the Sun is opposite Sirius because Sirius is our parent star and the Spiritual Sun behind our Sun. We are in a binary relationship with Sirius, which the ancients knew. This is an amazing day to tap into Source. Open up, receive messages, deeply listen. Connect with Sirius, the brightest flickering star in our Sky, as she rises in the east after sunset, under Orion's belt. Pay attention to your dreams, intuitions, psychic downloads, answers to prayers and more.

If you would like to know how the Celestial energies are communicating with your personal soul blueprint and assistance with remedies for karmic challenges, I invite you to book a personal consultation with me at

Many blessings to you during this Sirius gateway, and Happy 2022! May you have beautiful new cycles of change and simplicity in connection to Source.

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