July 2022 Full Moon in Sagittarius

Updated: Jul 17

July 13 full Moon is the culmination of an inferno of energies, not only with the Moon being in firey Sagittarius, but also with it being in martial degrees opposing the Sun in Gemini with fixed star Pollux which is of the nature of firey Mars.

To add to the fire, we have Mars, Uranus and the North Node of the Moon all coming to culmination of their conjunction at 24 degrees Aries later in July and early August, already communicating with the full moon now to begin the buildup to explosive changes in areas of free will, sovereignty and possibly triggering events that have been known to bring actions of upheaval in different areas of our lives individually and collectively.

These influencial planetary energies are bringing great heat, explosiveness, extremes in weather, emotions and events. It is great fuel for taking aligned action based in truth and higher beliefs or ideals.

With Jupiter in Pisces influencing us to attach to God for faith and clear guidance, we can avoid the less desirable experiences of being too dogmatic, accident prone, addictive, naive, overindulgent or burning out.

Listen to my video below for more of how to harness the energies of this cycle -

I'm praying for the upcoming changes to bring blessings to you all!

With gratitude,


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