Gemini New Moon - Celebrations and Explosions in July!

Updated: Jun 29

When we look up at our Sky on June 29, 2022, we see the first lunar crescent appear at 8:23pm CST. This marks the beginning of the moon cycle, which is the perfect 30 days this time, ending on July 29. The beginning always shows the whole of what to expect of the entirety. As you read through this post I invite you to remember that this cycle is considered perfect, therefore all situations and outcomes are ideal and Divinely timed and directed. We see the moon appear at 24 degrees Gemini, in the heart of the first twin, near the fixed binary star, Castor. This cycle can start off with a bang, with many communications and activity in commerce. According to the ancients it gives whatever we begin now distinction, keen intellect, success in law and travels, sudden fame and honor but may be followed by loss of fortune and disgrace, sickness, trouble and affliction. Its natives are said to be mischievous, clever and prone to violence. Since wise and optimistic Jupiter in his exhaltation of Pisces is watching over this new moon, we can expect to see and experience more of the positive side of the twin energies at play, at least during the first two weeks of this new cycle. The moon then moves through her home of Cancer June 30 - July 2, which brings support to family, home and nurturing. All planets are at home! What I love about this cycle is that all personal planets are coming into their respective home signs, so we are feeling an energy of harmony, flow, a sense of "coming home" and celebrations! This may in fact be the best 2 weeks of the year. We are fully supported in beginning any new endeavors. Firey Mars has already left the waters of Pisces on Tuesday June 28 and moved into his home of Aries where he is strong. For the past 2 months that Mars spent in Pisces we have experienced the will, drive, ego and our, and/or others, actions as most unpredictable and volatile, especially over the past weekend with Mars at the final degrees of moving from water to fire. Now that Mars is in his home of Aries where he is sovereign, free and at his fullest unique expression, we are fully supported in taking willful action and forward momentum in our lives. Even so, the god of war, ego and will have no governance or direction in Aries. When a soldier has no direction, what is he to do when dropped into the middle of a battlefield? It is very important that to make the most harmonious use of this energy, we need to be sure we are directing our inner soldier from a harmonious place within. The Sun is in Gemini near the summer solstice point where he is strongest and in his highest integrity, for the Northern Hemisphere, supporting us to shine our light with strength, integrity and longevity. Venus, goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and wealth is in her home of Taurus near the fixed star of wealth and winning, Aldeberan, contributing to this cycle with the energies of leadership, resourcefulness and creating wealth. While in sync with the Universal flow and from a harmonious place of taking action, we can experience Venus conjunct Aldebaran in our lives most fortunately through this moon cycle. Venus in this space will support us in creating stability in our resources. On July 2, Mercury will move into his home of Gemini to further support the strong Gemini energies of the season. This is a great time for travel, trade, business, writing, speaking, analysis and anything to do with using our skills, intellect and communications. Saturn is retrograding through his home of Capricorn, bringing strength in revisiting and revising any matters related to the part of your life where he governs and where he is transiting, which is different for everyone depending on the planets and points he aspects within your individual horoscope. It is now time to revisit and revise government in general along with the systems, rules, regulations and structures in our lives, individually and collectively. Where have you felt burdened? This is where revision needs to happen. The first two weeks of July are perfect for new beginnings, as whatever we begin during this time will be fully supported with these harmonious energies and can be successful and long lasting. During the last two weeks of July and building up to the explosive point of July 31 - August 1, we will experience Mars conjunct Uranus and the north node of the moon in Aries. These energies together are very unpredictable and volatile, possibly destructive and violent. The last time these three were together near the same degrees in Aries was in 1855, which marked the time of "Bleeding Kansas" which was a catalyst for the civil war due to governmental fraud. These volatile energies are of anger and earthquakes, which we will see over the planet and individually. The best way to use and harmonize with these energies is to take care of yourself with loving boundaries, intend to be diplomatic in relationships, connect to God, Source, Infinite Intelligence and have faith in the Divine Plan. Give thanks for all of your blessings no matter how big or small, and then use the imagining faculty to see and feel the collective as free, harmonized and healed under Grace. See and feel your own life this way and give thanks again and again... Use this time of the waxing moon to begin your endeavors and stabilize your finances to prepare for changes ahead. There is nothing to fear when we have faith. The Universe really is wise and loving, as all is in perfect order. If you would like a personal consultation with me to learn how the Astrology affects your own personal evolution in your lifetime, and to learn to use these energies individually to live the authentic life that your heart desires, I invite you to visit, as I only have a few spaces left for this coming month. Be joyful! Tammy

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